9 Best and Easy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

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Natural curls add a good texture to the hair and can be styled in more ways when compared to straight hair. These create a bounce and volume that makes any hairstyle look more attractive. The styles stay up much better even if the weather is haywire rains or snow or anything, curly hair better houses the hard work the hairdresser has put in, as compared to slinky straight hair which begins coming undone in wind or rain. Here are some trendy short curly hairstyles and we are showing you ways to style curly hair, making it look amazing!

short curly hairstyles

Short Curly Haircuts for Women 2019:

Hey you! Curly-haired girl with the lovely, bouncy, voluminous and fantastic hair! Oh, yes – you are all of this, and more!! Before you get grumpy for your natural curls, read on:

1. Short Tight Curls Hair:

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Tight curls are challenging to manage in a particular cut. It is an excellent way to style tightly curled hair where it is kept short from all sides. The cut inevitably gets its look from the incredible texture that the curls give. Use of right hair colours also adds a lot of depth to the overall look. Such hair is great when you are looking for short hairstyles for thick curly hair.

  • This style suits almost all the face shapes and soft or tight curls too.
  • It is a reasonably casual style, so wear it on hikes, trips or just simple evenings with friends.
  • This suits casual attire like jeans and tees, Kurtis and plain dresses and is best for teenage girls and can work in all seasons.

2. Tumble Down Short Curls:

Tumbledown curls are those where the hair is straighter near the crown but gives a wavy texture to the lower part of the hair. It is applicable for any length of hair. The look is very different where the bangs are maintained short of giving a fuller look and straight texture, while the hair at the crown is kept short and is comparatively wavier. It is one of the best short curly hairstyles for women.

  • This hairstyle is a perfect party hairstyle and is even great for formal outings.
  • It would be the ideal hairstyle for a young woman! This one is an all-season appropriate hairstyle.
  • This hairstyle should look great on the round or oval-shaped face, wear it with clean-cut dresses and Anarkalis for a chic look.

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3. Short Curly Bob:

Bob cut has been in fashion for a long time and will continue to remain so. This A-line cut with wavy curls makes the hair look very voluminous and never goes out of place for any occasion. It’s one of the best short curly hairstyles and brings the best of both worlds together – the evergreen bob and the ever-stylish curl.

  • Wear this hairstyle in winters with a smart pant-suit for work, a glittery dress for a party or even a small wedding function.
  • Ideal for women of all ages, this kind of hair will look great for square or heart-shaped face and look better for semi curly or wavy hair.

4. Short Blunts Style for Curly Hair:

There are different hairstyles for short curly hair, but none is this stylish or versatile! Blunts usually make one’s face look thinner, but when done for curly hair, can make a slim face look fuller. It is well suited for ladies of all age groups and is very easy to maintain too. This style has been the ladies’ favourite and adds a lot of volume to short hair.

  • Wear this for any occasion and any season, be it winter, summer or rainy.
  • The short curly blunt works well for elliptical or oval-shaped faces as it balances the thinness of the cheeks well.
  • It looks best with western formals and dresses and works wonders for older women, while also being appropriate to young women and even teens.

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5. Thinner by The End:

Hair that is voluminous and curly at the same time is quite impossible to maintain and can be a cause of trouble on more than one events. This style is a real saviour and the haircut in a way to show a lot of volume at the crown but is chopped neatly and unevenly keeping the volume low by the end. This style can easily be one of the most sought after short curly hairstyles for girls!

  • Ideal for thick curly hair of any length, this cut should be good for the summers because it reduces the volume and hence more comfortable.
  • This one is a good cut for women of all ages and face shapes, looks cute with both Indian and Western wear and should go well for parties, outings and even work.

6. Short Curly Layers with Bangs:

This is one of the cutest short girly hairstyles with bangs! Layers make curly hair look more voluminous and add to the bounce. These teamed with bangs give a softer and more sophisticated look. This hairstyle suits all face shapes and is very easy to maintain too.

  • Wear it to college, to work, for a party and on dates.
  • Best for all face shapes and short curls, and teens and young women can wear this style in any season.
  • The perfect outfit for this hair would be shorts teamed with a cute top, or skirts and sneakers, sundresses, lounge outfits or even little dresses.

7. Naturally Curly Hair Look:

hairstyles for short curly hair

Maintaining a low-key style and profile can be great too! This cut is one of the best for curly hair. It keeps your crown fuller, and the length is kept quite short. It is a very tricky cut, as it might not suit all face shapes and sizes and is a no-no for those with scanty hair.

  • It’s fine for any season but suitable for winters for an organic look.
  • This style can be worn anywhere causal or formal and goes best with plain yet statement-making clothes and accessories.
  • Ideal for those with heavy curls and thin or square-shaped face, this is the cut for the millennial woman, i.e., young teens and girls.

8. Short Curly Haircut with Spikes:

When talking about the latest short curly hairstyles, this hairstyle definitely gets special attention! Spikes do not work for very curly hair but can give a very different look for wavy hair with soft curls. The cut is maintained short and styled with gel to provide uneven spikes in all directions.

  • Ideal attire would be the latest western wear and well defined smart Indian formals. This hair is good to go for any season.
  • This look is made solely for young and smart women with wavy hair and slim, oval or elliptical faces and goes well for parties and high-fashion events.
  • Want to do something adventurous with your hair? Look at this style which speaks nothing but sass – though this look is not for everyone, it is a stylish and fashionable style.

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9. Funky Side Locks:

The look is like that of a rock star. Hair is styled mostly on one side, and the length is limited until the nape. This style is for those who love experimenting and will be better suited for those with voluminous hair on the crown.

  • It can be a good summer or winter hairstyle.
  • Go for this look if your hair is voluminous and your face is oval or round.
  • Ideal for teens and young women, this hairstyle looks cute with casual Indian and western wear and can be worn on occasions like parties with friends or beach trips and the like.

Additional Tips:

  1. Curly hair does not need to clean as frequently as straight hair. Do not shampoo daily if you have curly hair.
  2. Never rub or scrub or wash curls like a tangle of all the hair. Section and rinse so that the kinks can wash gently, remain tangle-free and don’t break a lot during drying and brushing. Rub in the shampoo from scalp to hair tips section by section for a gentle yet thorough wash.
  3. Stay off the harsh heat: straightening irons and blow dryers can lead to damage and frizz and ultimately breakage. Stay gentle and use a lot of deep conditioners to maintain a smooth texture.

Curly hair simply rocks, isn’t it? We love short, tight curls as much as you do and have tried to collate the best hairstyles for short curly hair here, got you the most happening looks trending right now and we hope you like the article and the inspiration it provides. Do let us know how useful you found it! In the meantime, stay classy and sassy, keep up the glam-diva quotient and keep experimenting with your lovely short curls.