Curtains have been an integral part of the interiors for many years. But when it comes to cover your windows in style, short curtain designs are the perfect option. Available in several types of materials and designs, short curtains enhance the beauty of your room instead of overwhelming with too much information. Read on for a pictorial guide of some of the best short curtain designs you can look into before making a final choice.

Latest Short Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern short curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Short Bedroom Curtains:

Black is not a standard colour you find in curtains, but this colour stands, in contrast, elevating the space when used according to your room’s interiors. The unique white and black stars on the curtains not only give your room a sense of style but stand as a symbol of the night sky, making them perfect short bedroom curtains. This is a perfect option if you have a house with a subtle coloured palette around your home.

2. Short Curtain Styles for Living Room:

The living room is a place where you can present your unique perspective in the form of your interiors. These dark-coloured short living room curtains not only block the unnecessary light coming your way but beautify the space giving it an elegant finish. The bright colours for curtains are a perfect option if you have a light-colour palette.

3. Short Bathroom Curtain Designs:

If you think the bathroom may not need curtains, you are wrong. The light aqua blue colour of the short bathroom curtains go hand in hand with the wash area’s ambience. Since these curtains cover only the below half of the curtain, it lets in enough light into the wash area, brightening the space instantly.

4. Short Kitchen Curtains:

Using short kitchen curtains is the best way to enhance the beauty of the place where many of us spend more time preparing delicious meals for our families. The simple white-coloured curtains with beautiful floral patterns give your kitchen a fresh feel. The binds in the centre of these curtains let you hold them whenever necessary.

5. Short Blackout Curtains:

If you are looking for a stylish way to block sunlight from your windows, short blackout curtains are the best option. The thick material used in these curtains doesn’t let sunlight inside the room, giving you as much privacy as you need. But the advantage with these curtains is that you can slide them along the rod that brings out the flush of sunlight.

6. Short Window Curtains Ikea:

We all are familiar with the IKEA store, aren’t we? There are several home utility stuff available in the store, along with curtains. These short curtains from IKEA come in a striking silver colour that is unique and stand out in the décor of any room. The sleek finish of these curtains makes you want to go for them without second thoughts.

7. Short Sheer Curtains:

Short sheer curtains are a unique and best way to add style and functionality to your windows. The see-through fabric doesn’t completely block out light but softens it to a great extent. These lightweight fabrics not only cover your windows but add style infusion into your interiors. These sheer curtains create a layered window treatment in addition to a measure of privacy.

8. Short Linen Curtain Design:

If you are a person who wants to invest in eco-friendly products for your interiors, short linen curtains are the best way to add comfort and elegance to your home. The material drapes beautifully that lasts for an extended period. You can pick bright colours in combination with this material making any room pop out with beauty.

9. Short Lace Curtains:

Short lace curtains are a perfect way to make your windows pop out with style. Depending upon your taste, you can add elegance to your modern home with lace curtains. Manufactured with either cotton, polyester, or sometimes a combination of them is on the delicate side of the material and needs extra care to handle them.

10. Short Valance Curtains:

Short valance curtains are a perfect option for people who don’t want to completely cover up their windows. Valance curtains cover the uppermost area of your windows and help you conceal the hardware involved in drapery. You can either use them alone or combine it with other curtains or blinds, depending upon your choice.

11. Kids Short Curtain Design:

When you are decorating your children’s room, it is necessary to keep in mind their personal choice and taste. These kids’ short curtains are a perfect option if your kid is into all the fairy style stuff. The white curtain with subtle grey triangles elevates the unicorns, giving the room a child-friendly feel. These curtains go hand in hand with the grey coloured walls of the room.

12. Short Beaded Curtains:

Beaded curtains are generally used to embellish the beauty of the room all around. The short beaded curtains are used in multiple ways. You can either use them to decorate windows or place them in the archways of any room, creating an elegant finish. Crystal is one of the standard materials used in manufacturing the beads that give beautiful and unique patterns on the room walls.

13. Short Cotton Curtain Styles:

If you are a person who loves an all-white theme around your house, then these short cotton curtains will be a perfect choice. When combined with the comfortable cotton material, the white-coloured curtains with beautiful natural patterns will give your room a cosy feel. These curtains blend in with an all-white colour scheme of your house.

14. Short Farmhouse Curtains:

The use of subtle undertones of colours is one of the prominent features of the farmhouse style décor. The beige-coloured short farmhouse curtains go hand in hand with the sophisticated interiors of the space efficiently. These drapes’ neutral colour scheme helps you feel comfortable and relaxed, adding to the room’s modern touch.

15. Short Floral Curtain Design:

Design patterns on curtains are a unique way to improve the décor of any room. Short floral curtains with vibrant colours add a beautiful charm to space and serve to cover your windows. Unlike the simple and straightforward curtains many of us use, these floral window curtains add a delicate feminine touch to your room.

Short curtain designs come in different styles and materials that can be used for every room of your house. The elegance they bring by hanging from the windows giving your home a classy finish. We hope the list we provided will help you, making a choice much more comfortable. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!

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