Style and fashion sense should be followed by matching one’s personality and likes. If you are someone who loves being experimental, funky and rocks the street with your appearances, then you must not budge away from trying bold looks such as short funky hairstyles.

These funky hairstyles for short hair can be easily carried, maintained, and effortlessly styled. All the self-confident women out there with bold and strong looks must try these haircuts, and you are good to go. Your bold nature, personality, and fashion sense can be visible through these funky short haircuts for women.

10 Best Short Funky Hairstyles for Women in 2023:

These 10 popular short funky hairstyles are for those bold and trendy women who want to take down the street with their style.

1. Funky Short Blonde Hairstyles:

Women with naturally blonde hair will cut their hair short for this look. A lot of women crave for this hairstyle as a model wearing it in the Mercedes Fashion Week. You don’t need much time to style this one, but your stylist will. Cutting the hair is the real deal. The hair should be cut properly to frame your face and make you look alluring. This is among wanted cute funky short hairstyles.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Those with oval and elongated face shape can try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s are best for this funky haircut.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear this style with blazers and jumpsuits to look great.
  • Best Occasion to Try: One can attend sweet music parties and dance events in this look.
  • Perfect Season: Summer season is a good time to work on this short funky pixie hairstyle.

2. Mohawk Look Funky Short Hair:

This short funky hairstyles for fine hair is for those women who are huge fans of Miley Cyrus. She inspires this hairstyle, and most of us have already begun carrying this away. It is quite different and unique from several hairstyles. If you have fine and thick hair, then you can keep the crown part hair voluminous and dense to look great. These are good funky short hairstyles for round faces.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Round face and square face women can best fit in this style.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear this style with a sleek dress or shorts to look good.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in the 30s and 40s can look radiant and youthful here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this style for women during parties only.
  • Perfect Season: Summers and monsoons are a good time to try this style out.

3. The Spiky Short Look:

This is one of the best ways to look funky these days. In this haircut, the hair looks gelled. Women with long or round faces will be most beneficial from this look. It’s also one of the best punk hairstyles for short hair. It makes you look attractive and opposing at the same time. This is among funky spiky short hairstyles one must not miss.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval, elongated and rectangular faces can try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s and 30s can both wear this for the best looks.
  • Suitable Outfit: Western casual or formal outfits can both go well in this look.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Office casual outings or daily outings are good for this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season: Summer and monsoon seasons are a good time to try this look.

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4. Unisex Funky Hairstyle:

Judging by the name, you can understand that this hairstyle is suitable for men as well as women. Here the hair is cut in such a manner that it will take a spiky turn to make your face look a bit longer than it usually is. You can carry this look almost anywhere. A suitable colour will increase the beauty of this look. This is a good short hairstyle for thick hair.

  • Preferable Face Shape: All face shapes can try this lookout.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in the 40s age group can look much radiant in this style.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear sleek dresses or skirts here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Wear this for night parties or dinner events.
  • Perfect Season: Winters are good to look into this style.

5. Short Funky Black Hairstyle:

There is also a funky look for black hair women which will make them look amazing. In the picture below the hair is supported with a gel providing a firm hold. This messy hairstyle will make you look different from all the people in the crowd and help you get considerable social recognition. If you have thin hair or curly hair, this is among good funky short hairstyles for thin hair.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Rectangular and square face shapes can try this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s are best for this look, and their late 20s can also try this out.
  • Suitable Outfit: Casual shirts and jeans or shorts are good to go in here.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Dinners and lunches with friends can be a good idea to try out this one.
  • Perfect Season: Summer and winter seasons are suitable for this style.

6. Hairstyle with Eye-Popping Colors:

This is quite a quirky look for confident, bold women. If you are a sucker for hair colours in blonde and purple look, well this is definitely for you. Women who love to experiment with hair colours can totally like this style, given the nature of appearance and looks it delivers. It is outstanding and edgy.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval and oblong faces can try this best lookout.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women under 40 can try this look, and any age group can be bold enough to experiment with this one.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear this for the sleek, edgy dress only with western outfits.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Dinners and parties are a good time to try this one.
  • Perfect Season: Wear this style for winters only.

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7. Edgy Old Look:

We can agree, old is truly gold! Just look at the woman flaunting her funky style with white hair?! In case you have soft curly hair, then this one must not be missed. This is among those women who do not think age matters and that, and age is just a number. This truly applies to them, and hence one can reinvent new styles and fashion sense.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shape can best try this.
  • Ideal Age Group: This look is an amazing funky short hairstyle for over 50 women.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear the only casual western outfit with this bold style.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Outings with family and parties are a good time to flaunt in this short funky undercut hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season: Summers are ideal for keeping yourself in comfort and looking at the same time.

8. Pixie Short Funky Cut:

This look is for those women who love having short haircuts with blonde hair. In case you love someone who tries out bold looks, and a gorgeous appearance, then you must definitely take this inspiration and carry it forward with such style and elegance. This woman has shown in the picture above truly shows us some amazing fashion ideas and sense.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Those with any face shape can try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in their 40s in case of this variant of side pixie.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear western sleek dresses or skirts to look good.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Corporate parties are a good occasion to try this look.
  • Perfect Season: Summer is the perfect time to work around these short funky grey hairstyles.

9. Short Funky Red Style with Bangs:

As we always tell and believe, bangs never go out of fashion. And now that the red and maroonish pink trend is all set in why not blend them both ideas well and try it out as style?! In case you are a sucker for having bangs and highlighted hair, do not even hesitate now that you know the gorgeous result which can appear right before you. It is among the boldest and hot funky hairstyles in lighter red highlights.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Women with an oval face can try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the late 20s and 30s only.
  • Suitable Outfit: Those with sleek dresses or gowns can look into this idea well.
  • Best Occasion to Try: Parties and events are good ideas to try this short funky bob hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season: Any season is good to go for this hairstyle.

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10. The Funky Undercut Style:

The next highlighted hair comes with an undercut variant. This look is for those women who love to keep it gorgeous on them as always. This cut comes in the form of a long pixie on the side crown and goes as an undercut beneath the near bottom. This is new in fashion and is for those who want and love only bold looks! If you love good hairdos, then this funky hairstyle look is a must-try!

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shape only go good in here.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their 20s can be a perfect fit for this look.
  • Suitable Outfit: Wear casual western clothes as the hair is quite bold!
  • Best Occasion to Try: Dinner dates or parties can be a good idea in this style.
  • Perfect Season: Winters are perfect and apt to fit in this look.

Additional Tips:

  1. Funky styles are for those who have bold looks and confident personalities. Hence make sure to think before you do.
  2. Try it out only with the professional hairdresser to get in the way you like and prefer.
  3. Make sure you take good hair of hair if you colour-treated it. Make sure to use damaged hair shampoo and colour-treated shampoo in particular.
  4. Always condition hair thoroughly to make sure the texture is soft and smooth.
  5. Never miss out on hair care routine and oil in order to make sure hair receives enough moisture and hydration.

These short funky hairstyles are for those women who love to flaunt in their bold and confident personalities. Women who believe they have wings have! This is quite true in this case and hence try out the one you love the most, to begin with. Be confident and go strong in flaunting the style!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to take care of a colour-treated funky hairstyle?

Ans: Do not shampoo immediately after colouring your hair. Make sure you use only sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and condition hair after washing very well. Add dye to the conditioner if possible. Further, do not shampoo with too hot water as it may damage hair. Leave in treatments to protect colour hair should be done once a while and use the shampoo which moisturizes hair well.

Q2. How often is it good to have hair wash with colour hair?

Ans: In case you use colour-treated special hair shampoo, you can do the routine as many times as required. Make sure you have good hydration and nourishment to your hair as it tends to dry out the hair a lot.

Q3. Is it good to do hair spas more than twice a month?

Ans: Natural and oil-based hair spas can be done numerous times as they are natural. If they are chemically treated hair spas, make sure you do not overdo any procedure.


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