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9 Trendy and Cute Short Hairstyles for Girls

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Short hair for girls looks is very popular these days. These keep the back sweat free and are low on maintenance. , and if you do not like the look, you can always grow out your hair. The best part about these books is that they require minimum hair products and minimum use of equipment. Therefore these are very popular among busy women and busy college students who are always on the run and have little time for the maintenance of their long luscious locks. Buckle up to know more about haircuts for girls with short hair.

Short Hairstyles for Girls Main

Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair in 2019:

Here are the 9 simple and different short haircuts for girls that any person with a liking for low maintenance hairstyles should try out. These hairstyles can consider as boons for those girls with short hair.

1. Edgy Short Haircut for Young Girls:

Edgy Short Haircut for Young Girls

This is an uneven edgy messed look. This look is one of the recommended short hair for girls. This unique, two-toned coloured bob looks quite edgy and is more on the creative side without coming off as a tacky look. It has darker bangs which tend to draw more attention to your features, while its lighter ends add cheerful style. Using a flat iron on a lower heat setting, you can easily tame your hair. You can also add a small amount of lightweight product to smooth fly-away and boost shine without weighing down your hair. It’s one of the hot short hairstyles for girls.

  • This hairstyle is most recommends for girls who like to sport boyish looks.
  • It can sport with casual attire, and there is no special occasion required to wear this look.
  • This look is perfect with all attires, and with the ideal hair accessories, they can be made to suit any occasion.
  • Summer seasons are good for this style.

2. Back Pleated Short Look for Girls:

short hairstyles for girls2

It’s a stylish party hairstyle which makes for short haircut girls. To recreate this, sections from the sides takes from the sides, and then the sections are clips at the back with a pleasing pattern. The rest of the hair can make into rolls or curls by using a curling iron and then these can cut with suitable hair accessories. Any form of hairspray or hair creams recommends for this kind of look at those products will be helpful to keep the style maintained till your next wash. It’s one of the must-try short hairstyles for young girls.

  • Flowy dresses are the suitable for this hairstyle.
  • The recommended occasions for this look are dates and friend meet-ups.
  • Summer or spring seasons are general supports this hairstyle.
  • It’s a great haircut for girls for short hair.

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3. Frontal Boyish Look Haircut for Girls:

short haircuts for girls

Frontal Boyish look is a favourite look for many people who do not like to maintain or sport long hair. This style has a cropped back, and the frontal fringes shift to a side with the help of appropriate products and hair equipment. This style is quite a stylish look at the sport and can be easily maintained without much stress or emphasised care. It looks sport along with colour sections in the hair, and an enhances the overall look and create a classy look, and consider as one of the prime short haircuts for girls.

  • The perfect occasions are discos, parties, formal meetings and client meetups.
  • These type of hairstyles are Suitable for summers to keep the back off the heat.
  • Preferable dresses are formal attire or some casual t-shirts and shorts.
  • An epitome of all casual looks and is considered one of the cute short haircuts for girls.

4. Bumped up Pony Style Hair:

short hairstyles for girls4

Hived looks are very popular these days. This hairstyle has always been an all-time favourite of many women and girls alike. These create using padding insertions after taking parts out from the back of the head. The separate parts clips together to increase the volume of the hair and create a puff. The suitablepadding styling products try for both hair and face. Remaining sections of the hair shifts back and clips over the padding foam, and also leads to an increase in volume.

  • Girls are a suitable age group for this short haircut.
  • Preferred face types for this hairstyle is round and square face shapes.
  • The summertime as it is comfortable to wear and a sweat-free look.
  • You can try this hairstyle for all variety of sports occasions, with the right accessories.

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5. Back to Front Edgy Look Haircut:

short hairstyles for girls5

To try this chopped looks, women should have shorter than shoulder length hair. This look is shorter at the back and then ascends to a more edgy longer section at the sides. This hairstyle shifts to a side of comfortability. A popular option among the different hairstyles for girls with short hair.

  • The regular clothes and also with traditional wears are suitable for modern women.
  • summer and autumn seasons are suitable for this hairstyle.
  • There is no specific event for this hairstyle, and it goes well with all forms of occasions.
  • It’s one of the cool hairstyles for girls with short hair.

6. The Crunched Down Bun Style:

short hairstyles for girls6

This is a party look which you can recreate at your home with rollers and some hairspray to hold the look. Small clips and some pins with floral tips can be used as hair accessories for the back as they not only add support to the complete structure but also provide an aesthetic look to the entire hairstyle. Artificial flowers can also be used with this hairstyle to add the style element to the hairstyle. The pleat made from the side easy do, and then the same can be crunched at the back. A must try trendy short haircuts for girls.

  • This hairstyle look is quite easy to carry out and also can be a girly thing for college girls.
  • The attire recommended for this hairstyle is flowy clothes preferably with patterns made with natural elements such as leaves and insects and flowers.
  • To this particular hairstyle is one of the easiest to carry out for those girls who have short hair.
  • All kinds of the season are perfect for this hairstyle.

7. The Messy Bun Hairstyle for Girls:

short hairstyles for girls7

This hairstyle is easy to wear, and its uses as a regular look that can be sported at your normal class or office. The sections from the front can be easily brushed, and these clips at the back. This can be done with gentle usage of hairsprays and heat from rollers can also be used to make this hairstyle puffier. Style this hairstyle in just a few minutes with the help of a blow dryer and smoothing spray. You can use the round brush and blow dryer to create rounded waves and loose curls in front. Comb smoothing sprays through your hair with your fingers to relax your waves, tame flyaways, and add instant shine.

  • The usual casual Dresses are fitting for this look.
  • The regular day-to-day business is the only event at which this look should supports.
  • This is one of the simple hairstyles for girls with short hair.
  • Perfect for this hairstyle is all seasons.

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8. Wavy Look Haircut for Short  Hair:

short hairstyles for girls8

This look is very popular among those girls who have cut their hair in the unsymmetrical Wavy sections can be created using various styling equipment’s. These locks can also be done using socks without the application of any form of heat. This can be set with a paddle brush and with sprays. Set these wavy curls with texturising spray instead of hairspray to give your hair a relaxed finish. Using a round brush, blow dry your hair straight to achieve the polished look. It’s a fantastic and easy hairstyle for girls with short hair.

  • Any type of attire is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • With the perfect hair accessories, the look can be made to suit all kinds of occasions.
  • All seasons are perfect for this hairstyle.
  • This hairstyle is one of the trendy short haircuts for girls.

9. Short Fringed Pixie Haircut for Girls:

short haircuts for girls

This is a very popular hair look and can be sported by girls in college and those who like to keep shorter looks. This looks quite stylish when worn with t-shirts or buttoned up shirt, and it’s also low maintenance and style with minimal use of hair products and specific hair equipment.

  • This can be teamed up with traditional outfits, too.
  • Supportable for during all seasons.
  • This look is quite quirky and adds a playful side to the person sporting it.
  • It’s one of the different hairstyles for girls with short hair.

Additional Tips:

  1. Sometimes applying products to your hair might give you a better look.
  2. Taking professional advice before styling your hair on your own is recommended.
  3. Hair must be shampooed and perfectly dried before applying any hair product or heat to the hair.
  4. Pieces of equipment must always be tested before applying to hair. Similarly, a straightener should not use on wet hair.
  5. Styling hair can prove to be a time-consuming process. In such cases, going to a professional is more comfortable and can be treated as a learning experience.
  6. Organic hair products including the shampoo and conditioner regularly used is recommended as it helps the hair to repair the damage caused by the heat.
  7. Conditioners must be used regularly after shampooing your hair, preferably organic conditioners.
  8. Oiling hair with supplements like Vitamin E and lemon juice is a good habit as it nourishes and protects hair from external damage.

Any hairstyle is predominantly decided by the personality and the cut of the face of the person sporting the look. If you are ever in doubt before chopping off your hair, you can try out the various apps available where a haircut is placed on your face, and you can judge the look. When you are styling your hair, you must take care of not applying extra heat as that might give you a great look but the damage caused would be greater. We hope that after going through these pretty hairstyles, you are ready to chop off your hair and turn yourself into a new person with these great new hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does short hair suit everyone? Will I be able to style my short hair now properly?

Ans: Yes, short hair suits everyone. There is a short hairstyle suitable for all face types and the hair colour that is going to be applied to the hair. While cutting your hair, your stylist will tell you about the hairstyles that will suit you and the ones that you should try out. Short hair can be styled into some styles. There are innumerable options for styling short hair, and the variations comprise slicked back look, curled look, braided look and much more. There are various types of short haircuts for girls.

2. I have always sported long hair. Why should I try out the short hair look?

Ans: Short hair enhances your overall look and has many surprising advantages. Read on to know more about this:

  • Easy styling of your hair allows you to sleep for a few more minutes. If you want to style it, the minimal effort can create some amazing looks.
  • Washing and Drying take up minimal time. Time wasted on drying out long hair and brushing it further will be reduced.
  • Make-up becomes the prime focus of your face, and with the perfect make-up and styled hair, you are bound to turn heads.
  • Shorter hair is healthy hair. No more split ends and no more concerns over colouring your hair. When hair is more robust, hair becomes thicker, and if you want to grow it, you will be able to grow thicker hair.
  • Sweating through your hair is the most common problem for girls with long hair. Bid farewell to such issues with short hair.

3. Can I do absolutely nothing for my hair except co-washing it? Is it healthy for my hair?

Ans: No, this is not a healthy practice. Along with co-washing your hair, you must apply certain products to your hair. If you do not want to ask any product, you can use pure water to smoothen your curls once in a while. A volumising gel or a curly custard for curly hair can also be used to smoothen hair and save your look on bad hair days.

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