Young girls are always on the go and have no time for elaborate hairdos. While braids and buns are constant favourites, sporting them on busy college days is highly impractical. The best solution? Chop off your locks? Well, yes! But, not like you ever imagined. These cute short hairstyles for girls are sure to inspire you to get a haircut, like now!

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From bobs to pixie cuts and layered crops to buzz cuts, there are myriad of options to choose from, depending on your hair type and face shape. If you are ready to make the bold move, then check out these 25 latest hairstyles for girls with short hair, before the stylist goes “Snap snap” with the scissors!

30 Best Short Haircuts for Girls That are Trending:

Scroll down to explore some of the most popular hairstyles for young girls with short hair.

1. Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts:

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Here is a perfectly unique and contemporary choice to check out. Amongst the various newday haircuts, this asymmetrical bob with short hair is the perfect short haircut for girls at a young age. This best look is low maintenance, sleek, chic and classy. Moreover, it delivers a striking, vibrant look, and the asymmetrical cut further adds to the glam quotient.

2. Short Punk Haircut:

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This punk haircut will catch your eye if you have an eye for creative fashion. The beautiful and unique look is a perfect choice for teenage girls. This is among the trendy new-day short haircuts in the fashion globe that comes with the comfort of easy and quick styling and oozing out bold and contemporary fashion.

3. Pixie Mohawk Haircut:

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This new-age haircut definitely deserves all our attention. The bold and stunning pixie mohawk short haircut for women is a perfect choice for those who prefer a spicier and edgy look. The style is ultra-modern and sophisticated and seamlessly gives elite looks. It is suitable for women with oval and diamond face shapes.

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4. Short Haircut with Fade:

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Here is another range of new-day short haircuts for women. This cute look features a deep fade that catches the eye and gives all attention to the onlookers. It sure will make the heads turn and give you a fashionista look with a seamless and instant glam quotient. Young girls and women can try out this look.

5. Buzz Cut for Women:

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Here is Cara Delevingne sporting the bold and modern buzz cut that can make your day. The beauty gives out the spicy and hot bold glam quotient with her mesmerizing and strong looks. The stunning short haircut requires bold tastes to try out and is perfect for women across any age group. What do you think of this look? Can you dare to try it out?

6. Side Bob Cut:

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Give your sweetie pie a cute makeover with this adorable haircut. Unlike the regular bobs done on little white girls, the hairstyle for your 1 yr old maintains the length of the strands and keeps them neck-level. The side swept hair gently falls on the forehead of your baby, as if caressing her pretty face. What more? You can style her hair with clips or even tie a cute fountain pony on the crown.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Best for chubby and fat girls with round Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: All Round the Year this style is suitable.
  • Ideal Age Group: Baby and toddler Girls aged between 6 months to 2 years.

7. Classic Bob Trim:

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If you are looking for a low-maintenance haircut for your baby doll, try this easy peasy bob trim. The classic shortcut is suitable for straight and wavy hair types and is ideal for school going girls. The cut is done by partitioning the hair into two sections and then chopping the locks into layers. For special occasions like birthday parties or weddings, you can add a shiny clip or two to make her look stylish!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Small Round and Oval Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Best for summers and spring.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 4-6 years.

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8. Short Boy Cut:

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Give your girl this no-nonsense haircut and enjoy a little peace of time in the mornings. You can practically send her “bed-headed” to school, as it requires almost no combing or styling. The boyish cut is done by cutting the hair in layers and adjusting the length in the front and back. It is a clever short haircut for girls with thin hair to cover up the scalp.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round, Oval and Square Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Best for hot and humid summers.
  • Ideal Age Group: Can be done on girls aged between 3-6 years.

9. Basic Pixie Cut:

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This short pixie haircut for girls is a mess-free style that falls in between a boy cut and a girlie cut. Here, the hair is cut in layers but maintains the length at the same time. Once done, you can notice a bouncy cut that springs in the air like your girl’s active spirit. The back of the head is also done well to create a smooth, rounded edge, much like a pixie bob!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval and Square Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: This short hairstyle for girl is best for all weathers.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try it on girls aged between 5-8 years.

10. Asymmetric Bob Cut:

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For slightly older kids who love to experiment with looks, this asymmetrical bob haircut is a must-try. The short and trendy hairstyle features a trimmed side and a heavy flip on the other side. You can keep the strands up to the length of your nose or the neck and have them cut diagonally. It is best for girls with straight hair and medium volume to add some fun!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Square and diamond.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Great for summer and spring.
  • Ideal Age Group: Suits girls aged between 8 to 15 years.

11. Textured Pixie Cut:

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This ultra-chic pixie cut can give a flattering appearance to any young girl. The side-swept style is done in layers to add volume to the crown and make it look bouncy. The nape of the neck features an undercut to highlight the front portion. You can go for totally short or even buzz cut depending on your choice. You can add a touch of glamour by inserting tiny stone pins or a statement clip for special occasions.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Diamond, Oblong and oval faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Welcome the summer with this cut.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best for teenagers and girls in early 20’s.

12. Messy Pixie Cut:

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The shaggy trendy is still vogue and will continue to stay for long! The irregular, messy look perfectly reflects the rebellious attitude of the younger generation. The back of the head is cut very short, almost to a boyish length. The front hair is chopped irregularly to create a high-low pattern that falls on your face. Try this for your next college outing and get ready to create the hype!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Diamond, Oval and Long face.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Suits hotter months of the year.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged above 18 years can try this trend.

13. UndercutPixie with Neon Color:

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Check out this crazy haircut that only a few can dare to flaunt! The short pixie features an androgynous style with the undercut on the sides. It is the bold hair colour choice that separates you from the rest of the crowd! The platinum bleached hair is dyed with a bright violet to bring in those neon vibes. So, young girls! Ready for it?

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Diamond, Oval and Oblong face.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Best Snowy winters and dull weathers.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 18-25 can try this cut.

14. Long Bob Haircut:

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This sleek, long bob hairstyle can make your girl look prettier than ever! This style is comparatively easy to achieve, as it involves no layers or other techniques. You need to shape the ends after choosing the desired length and make some bangs in the front. Depending on the occasion, you can try a variety of hairstyles like small braids to look exceptionally beautiful!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval and Diamond face.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Summer and Spring to keep it short and sweet.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 8-12 years.

15. Wavy Bob Cut:

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If you thought bob cuts are exclusive for straight or silky hair, you are so wrong! Take a look at this vintage-inspired curly bob, which features luscious curls, cut into short-length. Just go with a side partition and cut the locks to a suitable length. Girls with straight hair can also try this, by using a curler wand and creating those perfect beach waves!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Heart and Diamond faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Reserve it for autumn and winter.
  • Ideal Age Group: Go for this cut if you are aged between 16-25 years.

16. Long Pixie Cut With Side Curls:

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Show your sassiness with this ultra-modern short pixie cut. The edgy hairstyle is taken to the next level with the aquamarine blue dye on the blonde hair. The roots are touched up with black for a shadow look and to create the illusion of volume. Keep the ends razor-sharp and flip the hair to one side. Curl them up and let those locks dance on your beautiful face!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart, Oblong and Diamond faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Wait for snowy winters to flaunt this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 20-25 can experiment with this look.

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17. Short Hipster Haircut:

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Show off your boyish side, with this hipster inspired haircut. The fashionable style features a raised layer on the front and an undercut on the sides. To make it truly millennial, the highlights are done in a neon violet, which reflects under the light. To rock this trend, sport a leather jacket and your biker gear togova-va-voom! You can even extend this to the mohawk style by growing the length to a few more inches.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Square and Oblong.
  • Best Seasons To Try: You can sport it in all weathers, as it is very short.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try this if you aged between 20-23 years.

18. Curly Bob Haircut:

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Get your unruly self out with this super curly short bob. Unlike the regular bobs, this style allows you to play with your curls and create a textured effect on the face. By choosing the side flip, you can style it easily without having to deal with the bushy nature of your hair. Use a curl defining gel to smoothen out your locks and go for a buzz cut on the sides and nape.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Oblong.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Autumn and Spring.
  • Ideal Age Group: Suits girls in their late teens.

19. Layered Short Bob with Inward Curls:

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Get the retro heroine look with this fashionable curly bob. The flipped back curls are cut into layers for adding texture to your mane and make it look voluminous. Girls with thin and sleek hair can try this idea. Also, adding light-coloured highlights on your strands creates a fashionable appearance and makes you look like a diva! Try this in the next party season to earn tons of compliments without spending a lot of time.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Diamond, Heart Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Summers and Spring.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best for girls aged below 25 years.

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20. Pixie Cut With Shaved Side:

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This Punk culture-inspired short haircut is for girls who are a bit sweet and have a bit of spice! From one side, you can notice a girlie kind of pixie cut, with layers of hair falling on your face. Turn your face to reveal a contrasting undercut, which leaves your admirers in a state of shock. Keep your dressing choice to the point by sporting the roadster or hippie look.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Diamond and Heart Shapes.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Hot months of the year to stay cool and comfortable.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 18-25 years.

21. Front Textured Boy Cut:

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Get the comfort of a boy cut with the style of a front puff in this edgy haircut. This look is ideal for girls who are go-getters and always in a state of rush. You can go for a bleached blonde look to bring out the fashionista in you. Just leave the front hair long and puff it up using heat, while keeping the back hair short and sweet.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: All through the year.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls aged between 16-20 years.

22. Red Choppy Bob Cut:

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The Choppy bob haircut is a must-try haircut if you have very straight hair. The ends are chopped in uneven layers to give a razor-cut appearance. The sharp, but defined ends add a futuristic look to your face and put you under the spotlight. If you want to go that extra mile, then pick a deep red or auburn shade to colour the upper layer.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Dull weathers like monsoon or autumn.
  • Ideal Age Group: Young women aged between 20-25 years.

23. Punk Pixie Cut With Blonde Highlights:

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This punk pixie cut is for daring and dashing girls, who are not afraid of the world! The eccentric haircut lies somewhere between extreme and mainstream. It is ideal for college going girls to look street-smart, both inside and out! The irregular cut features an uneven cut on the front and spiky edges on the back. Adding golden blonde highlights takes this style to the next level!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Works quite well in summer.
  • Ideal Age Group: Young women and girls aged between 20-25 years.

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24. Half Shaved Blonde Pixie:

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This is another version of the shaved pixie cut, but instead of the buzz cut, you can go for an undercut to maintain some length of the hair. The lengthy one side is complemented well with the shaved look on the other side. You can choose to highlight the flipped side with honey blonde and keep the rest in the dark brown colour.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Heart and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Suits all seasons.
  • Ideal Age Group: Girls who are aged between 18-25 years.

25. Snowhite Layered Pixie Cut:

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Give yourself a glamorous makeover with this glossy layered pixie cut. The celebrity inspired trend is creating waves in street fashion. Just grow your hair to a decent length and get a medium length pixie. Layer the edges on the front in an uneven manner. The snow-white hair goes very well with edgy evening gowns to look like a walking, talking pixie!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Heart and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Autumn and Winters.
  • Ideal Age Group: Suits girls between 20-25 years.

26. Curly Asymmetric Bob:

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Have curly hair? Not sure what cut to go with? Then, try out this easy hairstyle which doesn’t veer too much from your natural texture. The curly locks are cut asymmetrically to make the mane look more “angled”. This way, it becomes easy to manage the unruliness of your hair. This style goes very well with boyfriend shirts, jackets and crop tops!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: All Seasons of the year.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best for girls between 18-25 years.

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27. Blunt Bob Cut for Curly Hair:

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Check out this hairstyle for naturally thick and curly hair. The attractive hairstyle is specially created for girls who have a tough time managing the heaviness of their mane. The locks are neatly chopped at the ends in an even manner, and the ends are left blunt. So, the end result looks like a neat blob on your head. Use a styling gel to control the frizz and achieve the desired shape.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart, Oval and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Summers or humid weather.
  • Ideal Age Group: Good to go with girls between 16-25 years.

28. Bright Red Short Pixie:

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If you love getting your hair coloured, then try this red shade next time! The short hairdo features a neat boy cut on the back and flat, uneven layers on the front. It works exceptionally well for those who have natural waves and want to try out a sleek haircut. To avoid the glare from the red pigment of your dye, try it in dull climates like monsoon and autumn.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Autumn and Winter.
  • Ideal Age Group: Best for girls between 20-25 years.

29. The Angled Pixie for Platinum Blondes:

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The wispy layers of this angled pixie look oh-so-Millenial friendly! The nape is smoothened out by trimming the locks just above the ear. The front angled part has a lifted feel to give the illusion of a thicker mane. You can rock this bedhead look by just running your fingers through the strands and using a styling cream to prepare your hair for special events like a party at the pubs!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Heart and Diamond Faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Suits all seasons of the year.
  • Ideal Age Group: This style is suitable for girls between 15-25 years.

30. Short Spiky Pixie With Undercut:

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If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then this spiky hairstyle is what you need to go for! The short, yet sophisticated haircut is ideal for women with an androgynous dressing taste. The sides are shaved, and as you move up, the length keeps increasing. On the front, multiple spiky layers are cut, with the ends highlighted in golden blonde.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart, Triangle, Rectangle and small faces.
  • Best Seasons To Try: Best in summer and spring.
  • Ideal Age Group: Good to go with for girls between 20-25 years.

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Additional Tips to Maintain Short Hairstyles:

Just because you cut your hair short, doesn’t mean you don’t care for it! Short hair does require a bit of maintenance to keep it healthy and lively. Here are some expert tips to follow to achieve a flaunt-worthy mane:

  1. Wash your hair with a mild cleanser at least two to three times a week and follow it up with a good conditioner.
  2. Avoid using too many styling products as they can damage the structure of your hair.
  3. Don’t comb or brush your hair too often. This can lead to frizz and dry ends.
  4. If you have flyaways that you find difficult to tame, use a little bit of serum on wet hair and brush as usual.
  5. For special occasions, use texture and hold products to keep your hairstyle in shape.
  6. Keep getting a hair trim for every three to four weeks to remove the dry and dead ends.

So, how did you find our collection of short hairstyles for girls? Love them? Then, go ahead and give a style makeover to your little girl or even yourself. Short haircuts are easy to maintain and practical for busy mornings. You can simply brush your hair and head out to your school, college or office and show your swag with ease! Which hairstyle did you love the most? Do let us know in the comments!

Q1. I love to colour my hair. What is the best colour to try for short hair?

Ans: It all depends on your skin tone and the type of your hair. If you have a wheat or brown skin tone, then go for brown highlights, to begin with. For slightly bolder options, you can try blue or red shades. For fair skin tones, platinum blonde, caramel brown etc.l ook amazing. Experiment with different techniques like lowlights, swaying or ombre to create different looks.

Q2. How do I know which short haircut suits me?

Ans: To know this, speak to a hairstylist about your requirements. If it is a cut that involves only a few inches lesser than your current hair length, then you can very well go ahead with the plan. For drastically short cuts from very long hair, use smartphone apps which can give you a visual image of how you might look with the cut. You can take a call depending on that.

Q3. Is it possible to grow out of a short hairstyle?

Ans: Yes! But the process may take a long time and involves some bad hair days! Especially when you have an undercut or pixie that is way too short, the newly grown hair can ruin the existing shape. However, if long hair is your dream, then you need not bother about this temporary problem. Invest in some clips or hair extensions for the time being if you have some parties to attend!


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