25 Latest Short Hairstyles for Men with Images

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Short hairstyles are suited for a man for all seasons. Whether they are styled or completely natural, short haircuts never fail to make a statement.

Short Hairstyles For Men

Whether you’re the guy who loves ‘em and leaves ‘em alone or the family man, you’ll never fail to look incredible every day with these signature hairstyles.

Outstanding Short Haircuts For Men 2018:

Below we given the list different short hairstyles for men with short hair that never falls down and keeps you always trendy and out of crowd.

1. Slick It Like Beckham:

Slick It Like Beckham

With harsher climatic changes, men tend to look for versatile hairstyles. Well, Beckham cracked it and so can you! Have the hair on your sides cut shorter than the rest of it. Work some styling gel through your hair. Now, comb back all of the hair in the middle, slightly lifting your comb from your scalp when you reach the middle, adding more volume.

2. Points of Authority:

Points Of Authority

This hairstyle is easier to pull off than it looks and lets you sport a mature yet in-keeping-with-the-times look. Have your hair cut short and work styling gel through your hair, using your fingers to form it into thin, short spikes all over. Have your spikes facing upwards and outwards.

3. One Faux Hawk Short Hairstyles for Men:

Short hairstyles for men - One Faux Hawk

Whether you hate or love Lucas Scott, you can’t deny the fact that he has gorgeous, versatile hair. Now, you too can sport his short hair look with a little bit of gel and an even less amount of time. Work styling gel through your hair, forming it into a faux hawk, but this time, have it slightly to one side, offsetting the symmetry of it and adding a lot of interesting angles.

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4. Moves Like Adam Short Hairstyles:

Moves Like Adam

Who doesn’t like Adam Levine’s perfectly tousled short hairstyle? An ingenious blend of simplicity and class, this one in particular is bound to make heads turn. So, tousle away, my friends! Tousle away one more time.

5. “A Bottle Of O-Negative, Please.”:

A Bottle of O Negative Please

Remember that dialogue from the first episode? Remember Stephen Moyers looking gorgeous in that bar? I bet you want that look. I bet you want that stylized hairdo. If so, have your hair cut fairly short and part it from the side but close to the middle. Have short bangs fall over your forehead on both sides. Remember to use a conventional comb.

6. Play By The Playbook:

Play By The Playbook

Hold your horses because this hairstyle is going to be LEGEN–wait for it–DARY. All it needs is a little bit of tousling and a few gentle curls. Suit up and get ready to give off that classic NPH vibe with this snazzy hairstyle.

7. The Incredible ERIC Short Hairstyle for Men:

Short hairstyles for men -The Incredible ERIC

You won’t like him when he’s angry but you’ll love him when he’s hot! Are you late for Comic-Con again? Did you fail to piece together a Hulk cosplay at the last minute? Well, don’t worry because this simple hairstyle will save your day. A few curls and brushes with a dash of gel and you should be ready in no time!

8. I’M McLaughlin:

I M Mc Laughlin It

Rhett’s hairstyle is to die for and if you look around, you’ll find millions of fans asking for the recipe to such amazing hair. Well, styling gel is mandatory. Then, you need to alternately run a comb and your fingers through the middle of your hair, combing it backwards and upwards, increasing the volume out front. For the sides, comb them backwards and downwards to complement the middle.

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9. Sinister Hawke:

Sinister Hawke

Not many people are given a dare to look fabulous at a premiere. This hairstyle is tricky, in the sense it is difficult to make it seem natural, but it can be pulled off with a little bit of help from your hairdresser. Work styling gel through the entirety of your hair, making sure you don’t leave it too sticky. Now, with moist hands and a comb, start combing backwards and then gently tousling your hairs at the end. It’s easier if you finish the sides first and then the middle.

10. The Retired Skateboarder Hairstyle:

The Retired Skateboarder

Rasuk changed his look after playing Tony Alba in the 2005 film, Lords of Dogtown but he still retained his charm. Sporting a spiky faux hawk hairstyle now with short hair, he never fails to win hearts, as won’t you, if you follow in his footsteps.

11. My Heart Beats Football:

My Heart Beats Football

The Prince Charming of Croatia now has a short hairstyle in his arsenal. If you’re into football, you’ve heard of Rakitic. Sport these low tide spikes to win the hearts of everyone watching your game. At an after-party, have your Rakitic hairdo ready to impress those gorgeous cheerleaders. All in all, bring out the Prince Charming in you, with a dash of confidence.

12. Fast and Furious Short Haircut:

Fast And Furious

For men may come and men may go but hairstyles? They go on forever. May his soul rest in peace, may your hair not. Because if you want a look to go with your newly customized sports car, Paul Walker is the one to get inspiration from. Really short hair and tousled spikes, that’s all you need to look badass and ready to roll!

13. Rookie Black Short Length Hairstyles Men:

Rookie Black

Black hair has always been sexy, so it’s time to spike it up, rookie! Gel your hair and have it formed into random spikes. How you style spikes defines your individuality and random spikes are more personal than you bargain for. This is a style that will remain with you for a long time.

14. Fire & Ice Hair Style for Men With Short Hair:

Fire Ice

More than Grimshaw’s latest hit albums, we love his hair. Up into a slick cut pompadour, it suits guys with boyish faces as well as men with tougher looks. Curl and gel with care, combing backwards and upwards on the middle part of your hair, forming a shallow curve. Use a high hold hairspray to finish off. I can say this is one of the most popular short hairstyles for men with cool glasses and you can wear for this all type of functions.

15. Love Stoned Short Hairstyles for Men:


When it comes to hairstyles, we’ve been taking inspiration from Justin Timber lake for a long time. And this time’s no different. Work gel through your hair. Comb back the middle backwards and to one side and the sides backwards and downwards. Sport this look with a stubble to really have your lover ‘lovestoned’.

16. The Very Short Haircuts for Men:

short haircuts for men

This is one of the best shot hairstyles for men who want to keep it nice and clean. The hairstyle is one of the top-rated hairstyles of this year. One can simply make this hairstyle, even more, alluring by rocking some colors. The look will not be suitable for men with chubby faces. It will be ideal for men with square faced thin faces. One cannot simply ignore the beauty and allure of this hairstyle. The hair looks so beautiful that anyone will easily fall for it. This is one of the finest looks for a gentleman and the best fact about this hairstyle is that it can be sported by men of almost all ages.

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17. Men’s Smart Short Hair Look:

Short Hairstyles For Men17

Looking for short hairstyles for men? Here is a beautiful small hairstyle which is recommended for people with a thick jawline. This is one of the best short hairstyles for young men. It sports a beautiful pattern and the tiny hairs in the front make this look, even more, alluring. It is so beautiful that any girl wouldn’t be able to ignore this look. Men all over the world are willing to sport this look. This hairstyle has become extremely popular over the years and has been rated as one of the most worn hairstyles especially by young men. The texture and quality of the hair in the picture will insist any man to wear this look.

18. The Short Mix Hair Cut for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men18

Famous celebrities such as Bradley Cooper has sported this hairstyle and now it’s your turn. The cute and clean feature about this hairstyle makes it suitable for formal occasions. Men with round faces can wear this look confidently as it will suit them the best. The hairstyle has been rated as one of the best short hairstyles for men. Here, the sides of the hair are densely cut and only the front and middle portion of the hair display some amount of hair. Apart from this particular celebrity (in the picture), a lot of other famous people have also worn this look and this is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of this look.

19. The Short Side Trimmed Hairstyle for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men19

This is a short and a medium length hairstyle as well. Most people are of the opinion that it is short, that is why it has been included in this list. This is one of the most preferred short haircuts for men. Here, we can see that the sides are densely trimmed whereas the middle portion of the head displays substantial amount of hair. Many football stars have sported this look efficiently and it is from them that people have got the inspiration of sporting such hairstyle. A lot of young boys go to the salon to cut their hair in this manner with an honest and innocent intention of looking like them. The immature kids believe that styling their hair like the football players will make them look like stars.

20. The Wavy Short Haircut for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men20

Here, we have yet another beautiful short haircut for men. This is one of the mostly done men’s short hairstyles. Here, also, the middle portion of the head display more amount of hair compared to the sides, just like the previous one. The one feature that differentiates this hairstyle from the previous one is that here the hair sports a wavy texture which makes this hairstyle one of the most identified hairstyles of this year. One cannot just deny the fact that this hairstyle is extremely beautiful and eye catching. It is also one of the latest hairstyles of this year and has turned out to be a great success based on the popularity. For getting such a look, it is recommended that you conduct a stylist.

21. Spiky Blonde Short Hairstyles for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men21

This vintage loom is still in practice and is actually one of the most popular hairstyles for men with short hair. Here, the hair sports a spiky pattern which can make anyone look cool easily. The hair is blonde which is actually an advantage for this look. The blonde hair makes the guy in the picture look extra alluring. Along with the blonde color, we can see some black highlights as well. The hairstyle will be suitable for men with medium to short hair.

22. The Short Side Parted Hairstyle for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men22

This particular side parted hairstyle is clearly one of the most adorable men’s short hairstyles. Here, the hair is parted to the left but it can be done the right as well. The other side of the hair appears faded. This is not a formal hairstyle. It will be suitable for casual and party purposes. It can frame the long face and make you look bold, tough and masculine. The hair is very well brushed and is well-layered as well. It is recommended that you consult a professional for cutting ad styling your hair in this manner.

23. The Celebrity Short Haircut for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men23

This particular short hairstyle has become really popular after being worn by a number of celebrities lately. People are very much attracted towards Hollywood rather than other film industries. They try to sport the looks that the each and every actor and actress displays. This hairstyle is been done based on that simple concept. Who doesn’t want to look like Brad Pitt? That is why they prefer cutting their hair in the way Brad does it.

24. The Trendy Crew Short Haircut for Black Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men24

Black men look too attractive when they sport this crew cut hairstyle where most of the hair are faded and the sides are very well detailed. The hairstyle will go hand in hand with a French cut beard and some earrings. Here, we can see that the model looks extremely attractive in this picture, where he looks really attractive, bold, etc. The look can be claimed as one of the best short hairstyles for men.

25. The Messed Up Short Length Hairstyles for Men:

Short Hairstyles For Men25

This particular short hairstyle sports a messy pattern at the front which makes it look really adorable on men with long face textures. It is one the best short hairstyles for men with smartness.

Above were some of the best hairstyles for men with short hair. The hairstyles sport beautiful texture and the face texture suitable for those hairstyles were also mentioned. The looks has been selected based on their popularity and the recommendation of the experts and the stylists.