9 Classy Short Haircuts for Round Face Shape in Women 2019

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The ideal cut for round faces is above the chin with chunky, angled looks rather than straight bangs. You can frame your cheeks in fun, funky layers. You can try some razor-cuts at the ends to add raw angles and dimensions to your face. So, in addition to deciding on the length of your cut, also focus on accentuating your best features. If you want to focus your well polished cheekbones you can get layers that graze those beauties.

short hairstyles for round faces

Short Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces:

Take a look on some latest short hairstyles for round shaped faces.

1. Very Short Look Hair for Round Faced Girls:

You can go for super short, layered cuts bob hairstyles. These types of hair styles tend to take on a geometric shape and sits perfectly on the round face girls!

A cut like can make a girl or women more confident and cause her to be the centre of attraction. It allows her to shows off her beautiful features perfectly.

2. Pixie Haircuts for Round Face:

You can even customize your pixie hairstyles by adding side-shaves. They create a unique haircut for round faces.

You can even make your pixie haircut spiky crop with frosted tips just keep a half Mohawk style. Such two-face hairstyle is becoming more of a statement look now a days and it is mostly worn by hipsters or say college going girls.

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3. Chin-length bob haircuts with layers put the focus around your cheeks. Perfect layers shows off your beautiful face.

You can also use side part with hair swooped across your face to minimize your forehead and draw attention away from your chin. With such chin-length cut with a short fringe is perfect for accenting your beautiful eyes.

4. Bangs Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces:

If you have beautiful big eyes you can frame your face with cute short bangs.

For curly short hairstyles, you can use loose ringlets to soften and balance your face.

Side bangs should hit the cheekbone on women with round faces because they create angles and frame the face.

5. Asymmetrical Haircuts for Round Faces:

Another option for short hairstyles for round faces girls is having a asymmetrical haircut which is becoming one the trendiest and latest short haircuts in the recent times.

This hairstyle is very suitable for round faces as the longer side serves to be a focal point while elongating the face.

The back hairs are kept short layered and tuck in to the head and there are longer pieces around the face making it applicable for working women too along with young girls.

6. Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Sometime short hairstyles can get a little one-note look, but you can change it up or glam it up any style using a pretty accessory, like an embellished headband, beaded clips or sparkly barrette.

Leave few hair strands at the front hang loose, ensuring the headband or clips stays on the crown of your head.

You can even add a pop of lighter colour in the front creating a more angular shape around your face.

Using colours like racy red hue or deep warm red or any colour which is two levels lighter than your natural colour can accentuate a strong simple cut.

7. Short Bob Haircuts for Round faces:

For a simple short hairstyle one can go for shoulder-grazing bob. This short sleek bob with minimal layering is great for those who like versatility.

Such shoulder grazing length is just long enough to allow you for several updo options on special occasions.

Jazz it up with a rich warm brunette hue or other colours perfectly complementing this simple shoulder-grazing bob which also makes the middle-aged women look younger.

8. Short Wavy Hairstyles for Round Faces:

You can also choose a style that will add fullness around your jaw not on your forehead. Prefer using soft waves and layers avoiding straight or long looks.

A side parting with hair swooped across your face to minimize your forehead and draw attention away from your chin. You can use hot rollers in the ends to give more detailing to your haircut.

Deeply parted side swept bangs make the style softer and sweeter or you can keep your head all messed up along with some highlights in the ends to give a funky look.

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9. Curly Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces:

Layers in curly hairstyles show off the beautiful curls and highlight your face keeping attentions away from your body. A shoulder length bob will help to keep your curls from getting weighed down.

You can even twist your curl bob hairstyles by adding colours for making you more approachable, while with help of subtle highlighting you can add a little dimension to your face.

This kind of clean and curlier hairstyles can make round shaped face girls look smoking hot even with minimal makeup and accessory.

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