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15+ Different Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs

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Bangs are an excellent way to make short hair look attractive. Bangs always look flattering and can make a woman look flattering without breaking a sweat. You can do a lot with a fringe cut short hairstyle. Combining a short hairstyle with bangs is one of the best ways that a woman can style her hair.

Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs

18 Best and Latest Short Hair with Bangs 2020:

This article will educate you about everything you seek regarding short hairstyles with bangs. Following are the Top 18 Short Hairstyles with Bangs.

1. Short Haircut with Front Bangs:

Short Haircut with Front Bangs

This is one of the most adorable looks for almost every women. In this hairstyle, the hair extends to the eyebrows covering the forehead and making the face look flattering. Women with almost all face types can wear this look. The hair on the sides, however, extends to the shoulder level.

2. Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs:

Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

At the front, the hair goes over the forehead and covers it. The bangs extend from one side of the forehead to the other. This version of short hairstyles can be worn by women with small and thin faces. It rectifies the bad edges of the face and makes it look adorable.

3. Blonde Short Hairstyle with Bangs:

Short Hairstyles With Bangs

The short hairstyle can be colored blonde to make it look more attractive. Here, the hair looks properly textured with magnificent sun-kissed blonde shades. The hair stays a little below the ears and is fluffy at the middle.

4. Brown Short Hairstyle with Bangs:

Brown Short Hairstyle with Bangs

This haircut is similar to the usual short fringe cut haircuts. The only difference is the brown hair color. In the picture below the celebrity carries the short fringe cut hair with outstanding brown highlights. This is one of the best ways to style a short hair. The front part of the hair looks side swept which makes this a suitable haircut for round faces.

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5. A-Line Bob with Waterfall Bangs:

A Line Bob with Waterfall Bangs

Waterfall bangs make the short hair look even more flattering. This is one of the best looks for women with oblong faces. The well-textured hair can be easily styled. You can also add your desired special touch to this hairstyle.

6. Bleached Short Hairstyle with Bangs:

Bleached Short Hairstyle with Bangs

The bleached short hairstyle, when combined with bangs, produces a unique look for trendy women. It looks very attractive and does not require much maintenance. Colouring the hair is the main reason all the fuss regarding this look. Colours such as grey or blonde can be applied to make the traditional bangs look adorable.

7. The Curly A-Line Bob:

The Curly A Line Bob

This hairstyle sports a curly bob which hangs over one side of the forehead. Black women will find this look suitable for them. It looks bold and innocent at the same time. Most of the hair remains fluffy which makes your face a little long.

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8. The Asymmetrically Twisted Hairstyle:

The Asymmetrically Twisted Hairstyle

The asymmetrically twisted short hairstyle is a masterpiece. Women who want to sport the fringe cut look can twist their bangs at the front to a side. A roller will be required for attaining this look. Women with fair skin tone and naturally blonde hair will rock this look.

9. Short Bob with Side Bangs:

Short Bob with Side Bangs

This cute look is suitable for women with round faces. Here the bangs are pushed to one side to reveal the forehead partially only. Women with oblong faces will be most benefited from this look.

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10. Wavy Look Short Hair with Bangs:

This is a good option for a side bang hairstyle. This is not only for you as a teenager but also a great look for the older women who choose to keep it short and fit. To get this look to opt for soft beach wave, but only on the upper layers. The rest of the hair is straight giving off the calmness to the chic side-parted lock.

11. The Fun Bangs:

This is called the fun bangs because of its playfulness in the character and texture of the haircut. The rest of the hair sans the bangs are teased into a messy head while the bangs are cut French style into the front which ends just a little above your eyes covering your brows.

12. The Intense Bang:

The intense bang hairstyle is somewhat similar to the prior mentioned look but the difference lies in the seriousness which is why the name intense is related to this hairstyle. Unlike the early one, the front bangs this time are much deeper and properly maintained. The thickness accounts for a change in the look.

13. Retro Lock Long Hair with Bangs:

Now these front locks are much more blunt and soft in nature with a bright auburn hue to it. Of course the color of the lock is not mandatory but if you want a good hairstyle for the summer without the bangs bothering you, this hairstyle might be the one for you.

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14. The Full Lock Look:

Be it a mother of two or a loving wife, a working lady or a busy home maker, this full frontal long lock look can be your savior this summer. This hair has no definite locks other than the front lock ending a little around your jaw line. During the heavy summers now you can either prop them up or keep them free and light.

15. The Side Swept Straight Lock:

This is a much youthful approach to cutting your locks the right way. If you have a oval or heart diamond shaped face, try for the easy straight side swept bangs. For this while getting your locks cut, decide on an extreme parting on any one side and then carelessly sweep the bangs to the one side.

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16. The Pin Up Bang Hairstyle:

Now comes the school time or office lady look when the too hot summers are bothering you. Avoid sweating and panting in this summer by simply propping up your locks and pinning them at the back of the head. However, make sure you have puffed your hair a little to add volume to your pin up.

17. The Braid Up:

This is the same as the pin-up but this time with a little more variation. Instead of simply going with the flow and pinning it, braid the distance of your locks and then maybe end it in a tie.

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18. Asymmetrical Short Hair with Long Bangs:

For the right side bang, you can go for the asymmetrical look where the rest of the hair is shorter and aligned other than one front chunk of a lock.