Short skirts for women! These contemporary ladies wear been in trend for over three decades, but they have received extra attention these past few years. Besides the modern, fashionable and chic looks, the short skirts also are an extra dose of comfort, especially in the scorching heat. This outfit that offers a blend of both comfort and edgy looks is a dual advantage, and after all, who does not wish to flaunt beautiful looks flawlessly without feeling uncomfortable?! We have something special today if you do not own short-length skirts yet. In this guide, we sum up the trending and beautiful styles in short skirts. So, check them out, and you will thank us later!

How to Choose Short Skirts for Your Body Type?

Here are some tips on choosing short skirts with your body type.

  • If you are petite in structure, the mini skirts and super short-length skirts will suit you very well. Avoid long hemlines, as they can dominate your personality.
  • If you have a triangular structure body, go for a skater or fit and flare skirts. They can give you a suitable dimension and hide out the broader structures.
  • Women with the pear body structure may love to check out the A-line fits in short skirts, as they can be flattering and smooth out the dimension.
  • Those with hourglass body types can smoothly try different short skirt ranges and styles. Go for the beautiful asymmetrical hem, fitted short skirts and so on.
  • Extra curvy women can also prefer pencil-style skirts as they give a good shape and let you amazingly flaunt the curves.

What to Wear with Short Skirts?

If you wear short skirts, you may often get confused about choosing and picking the right top so that you don’t look too plain. Here are some tips.

  • Check out loose tops or sweaters if you wear body-hugging skirts like a pencil skirt. A loose crop top or shirt can work best.
  • Add beautiful jackets or cardigans on tank tops or crop tops for an extra dose of style and looks.
  • Pair the flared or skater skirts with fancy tops to give them a beautiful, edgy look. For example, you can check out lace tops, off-shoulder or cold-shoulder tops, etc.
  • If you aren’t comfortable or confident wearing short skirts, you can also pick tights or leggings to wear underneath. They have a bit of coverage and give a unique and charming look.
  • Shoes and footwear are essential elements and are often ignored. Short skirts, flats, sneakers, shoes, and long boots are better than contemporary chic variants such as pumps or pointed heels. Sneakers, flats and boots can accentuate your style and gives all the focus on skirt designs.

Here are a Few Things About Short Skirts to Know:

  • Short skirts are not for everyone. Tall women or those with muscular, manly legs are not the right candidates for these skirts.
  • They are perfect for casual parties, movies, shopping trips and day outings.
  • Short skirts are available in different materials like cotton, leather, corduroy, lace, chiffon, velvet, satin etc..; depending on the occasion, choose the right fabric.
  • You can wear these skirts with t-shirts, tops, and shirts. For a dressed-down look, choose printed tees. Opt for girly tops and shirts for parties.
  • Sneakers, high heels and sandals are the best footwear option for ladies in short skirts!

Amazing Short Skirt Designs For Women And Girls With Pictures:

This article lists the best and trending short skirts for ladies with images for you.

1. Indian Printed Short Skirt:


Just like our basic printed outfits, we even have a printed short skirt for women. the short navy blue skirt is a perfect choice to lift your everyday casuals and give it an excellent colourful chic statement. Try it for your everyday outings and pair it with a basic tee, and you can still beat several others in the crowd to look youthful and contemporary. What do you think?

  • Design: Navy Blue Short Women’s Printed Skirt
  • Material: Rayon
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Basic Tee
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, dainty minimal accessories and a small printed backpack.

2. Short Tennis Plaid Skirt:


Tennis skirts are popular across the globe, and this similar model will charm you. The green plaid women’s short skirt is simple yet classic. It is timeless in the fashion world, will always remain in trend and will accentuate your looks beautifully. It is a forever classic, and you can blindly go ahead and stock up on a plaid tennis skirt in this variety!

  • Design: Green Tennis Flared Plaid Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Black Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or shoes with a watch and sling/shoulder bag.

3. Short Silk Asymmetrical Skirt:


Asymmetrical hemline is among our favourite designs, and if you have gone through our guides before, you may know it! This asymmetrical short silk skirt perfectly blends a classic look with a modern design. The skirt features art silk fabric and a lovely botanical print, giving it a summery and boho vibe. It stays lightweight and gives you a cool chic look.

  • Design: Short Asymmetrical Tulip Skirt
  • Material: Poly Silk
  • Occasion: Vacations
  • Wear With: Crop Fitted Top Or Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Flats and shoulder bag with basic styling.

4. Short Ruffle Peplum Skirt:


Ruffles and frills add to the glow and bring a feminine, cute vibes. We have the basic blue self-design ruffled skirt for women, and we can’t get over it. It adds volume and beauty to the outfit and creates a graceful look. Ruffles are always timeless, and the skirt will always have a special place in your collection. It features an asymmetric hemline and will surely impress you too!

  • Design: Blue Ruffle Self-Design Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Dinners And Morning Outings
  • Wear With: White Fancy Top/Floral Top
  • Style Tip: Flat sandals, sunglasses, bling statement earrings, and a chic bag.

5. Designer Short Sequin Skirt:


Sequins are an alternative word for parties! How about owning a gorgeous sequin short skirt? Isn’t it exciting? The pink embellished straight sequin skirt is a perfect choice. It gives a designer feel and seamlessly fits into modern party themes. The skirt catches the crowd’s attention and will surely accentuate your appearance.

  • Design: Black Embellished Sequin Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Parties, Clubbing
  • Wear With: Fancy Sleeveless Top
  • Style Tip: Sling bag, bold makeup, Flat wedges/sandals, bling accessories.

6. Tie Dye Short Skirt:


We have yet another basic yet chic option for you. The tie dye designs are booming around us in the present decade; we have a similar design skirt that may interest you. The pink tie-up short skirt for women in this tie-dye print is a perfect choice to let the onlookers’ eyeballs roll for its stylish and exquisite mesmerizing feel.

  • Design: Pink Tie Dye Short Tie Up Skirt
  • Material: Cotton
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: White Off-Shoulder Top / One-Shoulder Top
  • Style Tip: White sneakers, leather handheld bag and sunglasses.

7. Short Lace Frill Skirt:


Talk about the hot women’s short skirts, and leave out the high-end designer options. We definitely won’t! How about this nude colour lace frill skirt for women? The skirt adds charm and gives an elegant feel with the frill design and intricate lace patterns. It will impress everyone, and you can be in stunning mode. Isn’t it exciting?

  • Design: Nude Short Lace Frill Women’s Skirt
  • Material: Net
  • Occasion: Party, High-End Events
  • Wear With: Lace Intricate Fancy Crop Top In Beige/Nude Colour
  • Style Tip: Flats or sandals with statement accessories and a clutch.

8. Embroidered Short Wool Skirt:


The embroidered designer skirt with vintage hues has all our attention. It gives a sophisticated, luxurious feel, featuring Indian roots in its design element. The short skirt brings a colourful and graceful feel and adds to an elegant, timeless feel. In addition, the embroidered design also gives a sense of traditional features with modernity. Check it out!

  • Design: Multi Colour Embroidered Short Skirt
  • Material: Cotton And Wool
  • Occasion: High-End Events
  • Wear With: Solid Beige/White Top
  • Style Tip: Flat sandals, dainty accessories and a clutch.

9. Plain Short Chiffon Skirt:


The plain-tiered women’s chiffon skirt is perfect for rocking in your daily events with comfort and style. It blends in seamless youthful fashion and doesn’t compromise on comfort level. In addition, the colour and design allow you to style it in myriad ways! What best than having such a versatile skirt for daily wear? Isn’t it?

  • Design: Blue Tiered Women’s Plain Skirt
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Printed Skirt/Sleeveless Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers/flats with dainty accessories.

10. Short High Low Skirt:


We love floras! We love edgy, unique hemlines and flares and ruffles. How about the blend of all these features in a skirt? It sure becomes our favourite. This pink floral printed high-low ruffled asymmetrical hemline short skirt for women has it all! It is attractive, mesmerizing, beautifully feminine and elegant. It adds to the timeless hues and exquisite feel.

  • Design: Pink High-Low Short Floral Women’s Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Brunches
  • Wear With: White/Beige/Nude Top
  • Style Tip: Flats with statement accessories, handheld bag.

11. Short Pleated Flared Skirt:


Pleated skirts are always charming and add to the beautiful glow and feminine look. They are among the classic, timeless choices in the segment of women’s short skirts. We have this accordion Fuchsia pleated flared skirt for women. It features lace inserts, and slip-on closure, giving it a comfortable and chic feel to whoever wears it.

  • Design: Fuchsia Accordion-Pleated Flared Skirt For Women
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Brunches
  • Wear With: Black Or Red Crop Designer Top
  • Style Tip: Pair with flats, a sling bag and dainty accessories.

12. Short Denim Pencil Skirt:


Denim is chic and youthful. A pencil skirt is stylish and gives hot vibes. But have you ever imagined how the skirt would look if we blended in both contemporary styles? Here is an example. This blue-washed pencil denim skirt is an edgy choice for modern young women. It adds to the casual vibes yet oozes out oomph and grandeur. It perfects your style statement and won’t let you down.

  • Design: Blue Women’s Denim Pencil Skirt
  • Material: Denim Cotton
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: White Shirt
  • Style Tip: Pair with sneakers, a metallic sling bag and dainty stacked accessories.

13. Long Sleeve Top With Short Skirt:


We have this skirt and top combo outfit idea, and this is out of the world! The beige colour ribbed women’s top with a short skirt is incredibly beautiful and fascinating. It gives a diva-inspired fashion statement and lets you get the crowd’s attention. The top features a V-neck and crop length with long sleeves. The skirt has a slip-on closure and is excellent for styling in myriad events.

  • Design: Red Ribbed Women’s Top With Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Wear With: Matching Ribbed Beige Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Flats or high boots, sunglasses, dainty neckpiece and earpiece, with a watch.

14. Short Leather A-Line Skirt:


A-line skirts are beautiful and fit seamlessly for women in pear body structure. This green short leather A-line skirt for women is a multipurpose, versatile choice. Try it out for brunches, dinners or parties, and you can glow in all the events beautifully. The skirt is extremely comfortable and adds to the vibrant hues.

  • Design: Brown Leather A-Line Skirt With Zipping
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Occasion: Dinners, Date Nights
  • Wear With: Black High-Neck Long Sleeve Top / Black Strappy Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, white sneakers or flats with a sling bag.

15. Short Straight Tight Skirt:


This black straight-fit skirt is yet another attractive choice if you love colourful style statements. The straight skirt is perfect for flaunting the curves and the modern fashion statement. It is seamless, fits in beautifully and gives out charming vibes. You can pair the lovely skirt with different tops and style it for various occasions.

  • Design: Black Straight Women’s Tight Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Brunches, Dinners
  • Wear With: White Shirt/ Crop Top/ Fancy Top
  • Style Tip: Flats with sunglasses, hand-stacked accessories and handheld bag.

16. Short Satin Wrap Skirt:


You can be simple yet classy in style statement with this red wrap-around skirt. The red wrap satin fabric skirt brings on the best of elegance with feminine hues and seamlessly allows for wearing on multiple occasions. You can style it accordingly and make it casual wear or formal wear. Isn’t it interesting? We love such versatile outfits!

  • Design: Red Short Wrap Skirt For Women
  • Material: Satin
  • Occasion: Semi-Formal/Brunches
  • Wear With: Black Or White Shirt/Top Tucked In
  • Style Tip: Flats with handheld bag and statement ear accessories.

17. Net Short Tulle Skirt:


The tulle skirts give a charming vibe. It adds to the glow and brings the best of feminine hues. It is a classic masterpiece, and we have one women’s skirt in this segment. The white solid pleated flared short skirt is best to get the diva-inspired vibes. Adding it to the wardrobe can enhance your look and lets you stay at the top of the fashion game.

  • Design: White Women’s Net Pleated Flared Skirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Sleeveless Fancy Top
  • Style Tip: Wedges or flats, designer clutch and statement ear accessories.

18. High Waist Cotton Short Skirt:


Hide on the bulges or wider areas of your body’s midsection with the high-waisted skirts. It does the double job of working with a fashionable statement appearance besides giving a flawless, sleek look. The green khaki colour cotton short skirt features patch pockets and casual vibes. It accentuates your personality and fits you seamlessly.

  • Design: Pink High Waist Women’s Skirt
  • Material: Cotton
  • Occasion: Casual Outings/Brunches
  • Wear With: T-Shirts (Tucked In)
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, a watch, minimal styling and a sling bag.

19. Checked Short Skirt With Slits:


Checked designs are timeless, and there is no chance we leave that printout in the women’s short skirts. We love this black and white checked short skirt. It features a high-rise straight hemline with slip-on closure and side slits that accentuate the simple looks and gives a contemporary vibe. It enhances your waistline and shape and brings a smooth curvy look. Team it up with a beautiful top, and get ready to rock the event!

  • Design: Black And White Checked Straight Skirt With Side Slits
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: White Top And Leather Jacket
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or high boots, sunglasses and simple styling.

20. Short Floral Tiered Skirt:


We can never get over the floral prints; we all know that by now. How about this mini-tiered women’s floral skirt? The green skirt is cute, charming and comfortable; it gives a sassy look yet keeps you light. This is great to give an excellent youthful style statement, and you sure will catch some good attention in this outfit. How do you like it?

  • Design: Green Tiered Floral Short Skirt
  • Material: Georgette
  • Occasion: Brunch/Dinners
  • Wear With: Sleeveless Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, dainty or blind accessories and a sling bag.

21. Short Linen Skirt For Summer:


This yellow linen skirt with flared hemline is another basic yet chic option. You can nail casual looks effortlessly by accentuating your styling methods, and here is one example. The basic flared linen skirt can be paired with a lovely fitted crop top and jacket to let out the grandeur seamlessly. What do you think?

  • Design: Yellow Short Flared Skirt
  • Material: Linen And Rayon
  • Occasion: Casuals
  • Wear With: Black Fitted Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, minimal styling, a sling bag and a denim jacket.

22. Plus Size Short Skirt:


You are mistaken if you think plus-size women cannot wear short skirts. We have the stunning black embellished straight skirt, and we love it. The skirt is fantastic with a side slit feature and embellished details. It gives the right coverage to your legs, and yet oozes out the hotness and chic, vibrant hues. Try this out, and you can amaze the crowd!

  • Design: Black Embellished Short Side Slit Skirt for Plus Size Women
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Dinners
  • Wear With: White Sleeveless Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or flats with clutch and statement ear accessories.

23. Short Bodycon Formal Skirt:


A basic black colour skirt in every women’s wardrobe is a must. How about this bodycon short women’s skirt? This gives formal vibes and is perfect for giving a clean yet chic and contemporary elegant look. It is a timeless piece, and you can add it to your office collection to have myriad ways of styling possibilities for several occasions.

  • Design: Black Bodycon Women’s Short Skirt
  • Material: Polyester And Rayon
  • Occasion: Office
  • Wear With: White Shirt Or Top
  • Style Tip: Wedges with a handheld bag, ear hoops and a big dial watch.

24. Polka Dot Short Skirt:


Polka dot prints are favourite in women’s fashion. This short A-line polka dot women’s skirt is among the trending and best-selling varieties we can’t take our eyes off. It adds vintage hues and brings on a vibrant vibe. The polka dot skirt fits in seamlessly to accentuate your personality and lift your appearance.

  • Design: Polka Dot Women’s Short A-Line Skirt
  • Material: Crepe
  • Occasion: Brunches, Outings
  • Wear With: White Top
  • Style Tip: Flats, handheld bag and basic styling.

25. Velvet Short Skater Skirt:


Ready to sizzle at parties? How about checking out the green skater short skirt for women? The skirt features velvet fabric that instantly brings shine and grandeur to the outfit, besides a beautiful skater pattern. So, add it to your partywear wardrobe for that chic and sleek exquisite look. It will let all the eyes be on you and charm you around seamlessly.

  • Design: Green Short Skater Skirt
  • Material: Velvet
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Fancy Top
  • Style Tip: Flats with clutch or sling bag and bling accessories.

Now that you have seen these top short skirt styles, it’s time to add them to your wardrobe! Short skirts never go out of vogue and can always keep you up in the fashion game. However, many women make the common mistake of choosing the inappropriate style of a short skirt! Instead of following the trends blindly, you need to remember that you must understand your body type and pay attention to it. Just follow the style hacks and rock on!

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