The showcase designs for drawing room is the best spot to show others small items that have interested you and your family. They can be picture frames of family or they can be medals, souvenirs, etc. Each showcase that a family owns is filled with memories and this is what guests are shown when they come over. There are shelves where you can keep the items for display. You can have various levels and sizes of shelves too. As some items may be taller and bigger than the rest, many showcases have varying levels of shelves to accommodate all kinds of items.

How To Select Showcase Designs For Drawing Room?

If you are on the hunt for the perfect drawing room showcase, then you are at the right place. We have images of the drawing-room showcase that you can go through and figure out what you like.

  • Space: So when you plan to buy a showcase for your drawing room, you will need to figure out the size of the showcase you can have in your room. The height and breadth of the showcase need to be taken into consideration.
  • Shape: Another factor is the shelving unit: how many shelves are there and what material is it made of.
  • Budget: Budget also plays an important role and so do check the quality of the item vis-à-vis the amount for it. Even in a small budget, you can get a good item.

Importance Of Showcase Designs In Drawing Room:

A showcase for drawing room is important because it gives the family a chance to keep their memories alive. The pictures of loved ones and friends can be kept in a single space. Medals that kids have won can be showcased to all to see and appreciate. Souvenirs from all the travels can also be kept as a reminder of the fun times they have had. So having this one space where all the important items can be kept and admired is really great. As the drawing-room is the one space where family and guests converge for conversation, a showcase in this place seems to be the right thing to do.

Best Showcase Designs For Drawing Room In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and modern showcase designs for drawing room with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Floating Drawing Room Showcase:

Check out this cool floating wall showcase design that is made from MDF material and given a sleek glossy black finish. The design has many shelves that are placed in a criss-cross fashion so that you get several single shelves to keep all your knickknacks. This is one of the best showcase designs for drawing room India. Choose this showcase for your drawing room if you want to save space on the floor. This helps you to keep the items and still have space in the room. So go ahead and buy this lovely unit.

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2. Large Shelf Drawing Room Showcase:

If you love books and keep memorabilia then this cool wooden showcase is just for you. In today’s small room homes, this is the ideal furniture item. The wooden showcase design for drawing room is sleek and tall. The breadth is thin and so it does not occupy too much space and also makes the room look spacious. There are many shelves in the unit and this gives you ample space to keep a lot of stuff. Make your drawing room a great place to sit and enjoy reading a book with this lovely piece.

3. Bookshelf Showcase For Drawing Room:

Here is another wooden showcase for drawing room that is compact and small. It is a vertical showcase that is free-standing. Having a little corner to read your books is always a welcome sign. You can place it anywhere in the drawing-room and keep items up to 7 kg in weight. It can be a cool complimentary piece to your existing furniture as well. The handy guide in the manual gives you the way to assemble this piece as well. You can create a lovely modern décor in your home with this wonderful piece.

4. Wall Unit Show Case For Drawing Room:

Here is a traditional wall unit that is seen in many homes. This stunning compressed board unit is laminated with PVC so that it is a durable piece. This drawing room TV showcase design can accommodate a lot of items apart from a large TV. It has many compartments and also includes drawers. The walnut finish of this showcase is eye-catching. You will need one wall space for this unit, so do check your room dimensions before opting for this. This large unit will help you keep all the knickknacks in place and free from clutter.

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5. Matte Finish Showcase Of Drawing Room:

Looking for a TV cabinet? Then this stunning drawing room TV showcase is the best as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The stylish design is very modern and classic. It can accommodate a 40inch LED TV. The shelving unit below it can house the stereo, modem, speakers and other knickknacks that you want to display. The matte finish of this showcase is very spectacular and one that fits with most home furniture design styles. So do take a look at this great piece and if it fits in your home, then this is the best buy for you.

6. TV Unit Drawing Room Showcase:

This is a lovely TV showcase that you can set in your drawing-room. You can keep your TV in this drawing-room showcase furniture that also has shelves. This whole showcase has two side panels and a top and bottom panel. The bottom panel has drawers where you can keep your items securely. The two side panels have shelves where you can display items. The centre area is hollow and this is where a TV can be kept. Any size of TV can be kept in this space and so it is great for most homes.

7. Designer Drawing Room Showcase:

Want something outstanding as your drawing room showcase? Then choose this drawing-room wall showcase that has two bright colours that pop. The design is quite modern and so will look great in modern style home. The yellow and brown colour combination is unique and does stand out. You can showcase a lot of items on the shelves and place the stereo system inside the cabinets. Made of good quality wood, this showcase will last you a long time. If you like colour and style that is modern then make this your choice for your drawing room.

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8. Zigzag Showcase Design For Drawing Room:

Here is a great space-saving showcase that has a zigzag design. The floating corner showcase for drawing room is made of several shelves that have curved edges. The showcase is a contemporary design with minimalist style. It is great for a modern home where space is premium and so you can still display your memorabilia without compromising on space. Made from durable material the showcase is a perfect fit in any corner of the room. The modern style of this showcase is an eye-catcher and a great conversation starter too. So do try this for your home.

9. Corner Showcase For Drawing Room:

Another cool drawing-room corner showcase is this floor showcase that can be kept in any corner. It has curved edges at each shelf with a cool wood finish that is chic. This wonderful showcase is a perfect fit for small homes too as it does not take up too much space. You will be able to keep small items for the show. This showcase will not be able to display a TV unit though. Even with its small size, you can still utilize it to the maximum. This can help you keep small items that otherwise do not find a place.

10. Ladder Shelf Showcase Design For Drawing Room:

Choose this cool floating drawing-room wall showcase design that has ladder shelves in black and white for your drawing room. This will brighten up your room and give your home a contemporary look. The material used for this showcase is durable and strong. There are four shelves with ample space to keep your knickknacks. The perfect space-saving unit can be hung on any wall of the drawing-room. This is surely a great buy at an affordable price and easy fitting. Check out the online site for this shelf showcase and choose it today.

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The simple showcase designs for drawing room are the best of the best and thus the most popular ones too. They can be can tall or short, they can be kept in the corner or they can be hung on the wall. Either way, the showcases are meant for the purpose of displaying artefacts and other memorabilia of the family. Glass and wood are the most common materials used to create these beauties. Modern designs and contemporary ones are the best sellers. So choose your drawing room showcase design based on the requirements of your home and your style theme.


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