Can You Eat Shrimp While Pregnant?

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Proper nutrition is the most important part of diet during the period of pregnancy. You need to control your food consumption by extra monitoring and caution. The pregnant mothers who are very much fond of taking sea foods, they should know about the advantages and limitations of consuming such foods especially shrimps.

Can you eat Shrimp while Pregnant

Eating Shrimps During Pregnancy:

Mostly all pregnant ladies are questioning for can i take to eat shrimp while pregnant? So here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of eating shrimp while pregnant.

Shrimp Consumption Limit:

Pregnancy nutrition demands and diet charts are prepared by Food And Drug Administration (FDA). As per the guidance of EPA and FDA a pregnant mother can intake 8 to 12 ounces seafood per week. More specifically according to their recommendation, consumption of highest 340 grams or 12 oz of shrimp when pregnant are allowed.

Shrimp During Pregnancy 2

Benefits of Protein in Shrimp for Pregnant:

Protein is one of the most essential ingredients for optimizing the nutrition in mother body. Mothers need to take shrimp during pregnancy, whereas these foods are enriched with this ingredient. Nonetheless you are advised to control the consumption of shrimps as per the doctor’s recommendation.

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Benefits of Iron in Shrimps While Pregnant:

Iron is the nutrient that helps a pregnant lady from unusual bleeding preventing her from the attack anemia. It helps to increase the level of hemoglobin. Shrimps are also enriched with iron which are essential for the body construction of growing baby. It reduces the possibility of immature delivery in case of reasonable rate of shrimp consumption.

Benefits of Fatty Acid:

As all the sea foods are nutritional source of omega 3 fatty acid, it is also a vital ingredient that a mother needs to consume to provide her baby a perfect visual development. Apart from that omega 3 works as a fuel of developing the nervous system in a fetus body. Omega 3 fatty acid is the main ingredient in shrimp that need to be consumed by mother twice in a week which is helpful for brain development as well.

Benefits of Zinc:

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Zinc is another vital component that is invaluable for pregnant ladies. Shrimps are the well known source for zinc. You can consume sea foods in proper amount after proper cooking to get the best effect of it.

Dangers of Mercury Poisoning:

Mercury poisoning can impact its effect on baby by birth defects as well by resisting the tissue development in a growing body. It can cause stillbirth, nervous system damage or some other adverse consequences in case of baby birth. Shrimp foods contains mercury in various range. A question may arise in your mind that can you eat shrimp while pregnant is not the matter of worry.Therefore, you should monitor your shrimp consumption twice by a week.

Mercury Levels Depends On:

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Different shrimps carries different mercury amounts. It depends on the area they live and the water quality from which they are caught. More specifically if you are interested to collect the information about the mercury level of water of a particular area then you can consider the from community and health department of the local area.

Which Shrimps You Should Avoid?

Big and aged sea fishes are the ultimate source of mercury in comparison with small shrimps. EPA and FDA fixed a suitable list for avoiding shrimps that a pregnant lady should not take in that duration. Such high mercury enriched fishes are tile fish, shark, king mackerel, and swordfish.

Which Shrimps You Should Take?

You can take shrimps but need to follow the recommendation by physician and EDA-FDA guideline. Some small aquatic shrimps contains mercury in lees amount. It should be kept in mind that sea foods are safe until you exceed the limitation of shrimp consumption, fixed by FDA and EPA. Some shrimps that you can take twice a week are such as, canned light tuna, trout, anchovies, pollock, catfish, shrimp, and salmon.

Paste Shrimp:

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You are allowed to consume shrimp food products in the form of paste. You must be sure about the shrimp that the food is not a raw product, to be on the riskless side. Shrimp paste is the brilliant solution for shrimp lovers that is accepted by several countries in Asia. Even the pastes are available in shops. You can buy them and process them by cooking in absolute temperature. Moreover you can add different vegetables like beans, salads etc with the shrimp paste.

Parasites Information About Shrimp:

Shrimp foods are generally get infected with parasites and worms. They may cause a serious and undesirable effects on the pregnant mother and little growing baby inside the womb. The only process by which you can be sure about the germ free food is to boil the shrimp items well before cooking.

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Bacterial information about Shrimp:

Shrimp are very easy source of some typical bacteria like listeria as well as they contain some harmful antibiotics. Very commonly they are available in shrimps. They may lead to severe birth defects as well as miscarriages. You can consume the food which is cooked in 74 degree centigrade in which such bacteria does not survive.

The Process of Discarding Bacteria:

You can avoid such bacterial effects by filtering the food list accordingly. You should avoid sashimi, sushi, clams, raw oysters, and scallops etc. More importantly it is safe to eat shrimp while pregnant only by avoiding any refrigerated and unprocessed seafood. Canned sea foods are safe in terms of bacteria but you should consume it by observing the mercury level on it.

Keep Tracking Potential Pollutants:

You are advised to take care of local water pollution with your all concern. Because pregnancy is a sensitive case to handle with. If you are consuming locally caught shrimps then you should keep in contact with the information about the pollution of water of that area.

Cooking Procedure:

Shrimps should be well cooked before take it as meal. The temperature of the cooking material should be more than 63 degree. You must cook it until they look like milky and shells are opened. Micro Oven is not the proper option for shrimp cooking. If the information is not sufficient then do not consume more than 170 gram per week.

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You can enjoy the good effects of shrimps by consuming in proper order with well processing. It benefits the pregnant mother as well as with the growing baby. This shrimps are helpful to maintain the blood pressure and cardiac issues. So these are the advantages and disadvantages of eating shrimp during pregnancy.