Shriya Saran is a well-known South Indian actress who made her debut with the Tamil movie ‘Ishtam’ in 2001. She has worked in various Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films and even played supporting roles in Hindi movies. She is recognized to be an expression queen as her eyes do the talking. We shall find out how nicely she dresses herself up and looks equally beautiful without makeup.

Shriya Saran Without Makeup:

Take a look at some recent photos of Shriya saran without makeup from a personal social profile.

The Summer Wear:

Shriya Saran had dressed perfectly to go out on a summer day, and she looked extremely cute in this ‘avatar’. She is wearing a polka-dotted top with various shades of pink. She has kept her hair open and parted it sideways. A pair of sunglasses cover her beautiful eyes and a white handbag on her shoulders with silver studs.

A Movie Still:

This is a still shot from a movie. With an expression full of thoughts and a slight smile, actress Shriya Saran, without makeup, looks pretty even. She seems to be wearing a light brown shade of a dress with stars printed on it in white. She has thin round earrings worn, leaving her hair open, which falls a little from her left.

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Workout Mode:

We can figure out that the actress is either jogging or playing basketball. She is wearing a casual navy blue t-shirt with a white picture printed on it for a contrast, a pair of hot pants in shocking pink is also worn. Her hair is neatly tied up in a pony, and she is wearing violet-coloured sneakers.

This is another workout pose where she is in yellow and black sports attire. Her hair is again neatly tied at the back, and she gives a firm expression. She has the same shoes and socks as we saw in the previous picture and holds a bottle of water in hand as she walks.

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Shriya Saran During ‘Save Mumbai’ Campaign:

This picture was clicked when the actress came to support the ‘Save Mumbai’ campaign held at Church gate in Mumbai, along with Shaina NC. The actress looks trendy in her pair of blue jeans and a formal white shirt covering her arms. Her hair is kept open, and she has kept it flowing on her left. Her sandals look very ‘desi’, and her nails are painted red.

Shriya Saran in Half Saree:

We get to see a simple south Indian look of the actress in this picture. She is wearing a plain blue saree and an orange blouse with prints at the end and the same blue border to match it with the saree. A triangular bindi on the forehead, a small chain around her neck, a pair of earrings and open hair are all she needs to look simply pretty.

Shoot While Swimming:

This picture is a still shot from a shoot where Shriya Saran is in a swimming pool. She is wearing a fluorescent, yellow, blue striped swimsuit and looks pretty as usual.

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Fun with Friends:

This picture is clicked at a party where the actress is having fun with her friends. She is simply casual and has frills on the end of the sleeves. We can even see her wearing a strapped watch on her left hand while she smiles to get her clicked.

Shriya Saran in Full Saree:

Indian women look best in Saree no matter how much they wear western. The actress has worn a yellow saree with a pink blouse deeply cut at the back and tied like a knot. Her facial expressions can take away thousand hearts even without makeup.


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