Shruti Hassan daughter of well known south Indian actor Kamal Hassan and Sarika is herself an Indian actress, singer as well as a music composer. She has become famous in the entire country after her Bollywood debut in the movie ‘Luck’ opposite Imran Khan. Despite of her talents in different forms she is an inevitably beautiful young lady who can mesmerize people with her eyes and her charm.

Amazing Shruti Hassan Without Makeup Pictures:

Here we ready to discuss about the rare photos of famous south indian young actress Shruti Hassan Without makeup.

1. While Recording:

The picture below is an old picture of Shruti Hassan when she was more based on signing and composing and not that much into acting. We can see that she is without make up but she looks pretty because she is born beauty. She is wearing a brown sleeveless top and has a skeleton printed inner worn. Her neck is surrounded by two chains, one silver chain and one longer bronze chain with a heart and a circular pendent in the end, making her look trendy. Her hair is tied up at the back as the fringes fall on one side.

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2. In An Event:

Shruti Hassan melts a thousand hearts with her smile. She looks so pretty even with a thinnest possible layer of lipstick and no makeup with it. This picture clicked in an event and we can see that she is wearing a brown, tang sweatshirt. Her hair is kept open which falls down to the shoulders in the step cut, which makes her fringes visible. She is probably carrying a black bag.

3. While Shooting For A Film:

This particular photograph has been shot during a film and is in between a dramatic scene. Her eyes are the mesmerizing, as we can see that she is either in pain or in hope or in despair. Her eyes look helpless and thus we can guess the circumstances that she was supposed to act. Her hair is all messed up near the scalp but as it falls down, they are beautifully curled. She is true beauty to who can even express feelings onscreen without any make-up.

4. Funky Look:

This picture has been clicked in another event, where we can see the pretty lady is a navy blue sleeveless top with flowers printed on them. She flaunts a little of her waist as the top cuts down in a form of a V, leaving both the sides a little empty. This makes her trendy and the random accessories that she has worn makes her look funky.

Her right hand has thin bangles and in black and silver and one thicker bangle in the end. Her other hand has a black band with silver studs over it which are matching with the belt she has worn on her black jeans. She has silver rings in her fingers and her nails are painted black. She has the same neck accessory we saw in a picture above and her hair is kept open. She is tall and fair and she looks perfect eve without make up.

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5. During The Movie ‘3’:

This simple school girl look was a snap shot of Shruti Hassan while she was shooting for her movie 3. She states that even in the most simple school girl look she can look beautiful with her charm and of course her eyes. Like a typical school girl she has two plats tied on both sides of her hair, and the hair being divided from the middle makes it more prominent. She is a in a plain orange Kurti with black designs printed on it. She has lips slightly painted in maroon and has a small bindi on her forehead only without any hard makeup. Her expression seems to be a little reserved or scared, as portrayed for the movie.


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