There are different types of mudras in Indian mythology. All these mudras are extremely old and immensely popular. Most of them are believed to be based on some or the other form of story which has deep historic significance. These mudras were very popular during old Indian days. In those days these mudras were like part of the daily routine of people.

They used to regularly practise this mudra and get rid of a number of health disorders. But with time and again, these mudras lost their significance and meaning.

People became busy in their daily lifestyle and thus they tend to get away with the traditional and age old means. But gradually stress took a toll on their life and of course to obtain a long term and sustainable solution to your health and well-being you cannot rely on allopathic medication. So, that’s when this mudras or hand gestures came into picture. In this article we discussed about the shunya mudra with images along with meaning, steps and benefits also.

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Shunya Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits With Image:

Meaning of Shunya Mudra:

Here we are talking about an immensely popular and beneficial heaven mudra which is also known as shunya mudra. There is a story attached as to why this mudra is known as heaven mudra. The practitioner of this mudra is able to hear Anahata sounds. These anahata sounds are not the usual sounds. This can only be heard by the yogis who are practising meditations since a very long time. Thus, at this stage you can enjoy a level of tranquillity. This mudra takes the practitioner to another level where he feels he is in some third planet or outside world. Thus, this mudra can be termed as a way of alter eternal bliss.

How To Perform Shunya Mudra Or Heaven Mudra:

A very big question arises as to how to do this shunya mudra. So, follow the steps to practise this mudra like yogis.

1. Sit in a comfortable of half lotus position. You can either sit on a light mat or any regular carpet. Many experts have strongly advised not to sit directly on floor. This is because it is believed that there are some radiations from the floor which will not be good while practising any form of yoga or mudra.

You can sit with your eyes closed and open completely your choice, but closed eyes can help concentrate better.

2. Bend the middle finger in a way that it presses the ball of the thumb

3. Now, gently press the middle finger with the thumb

4. Make sure that all other fingers are gradually extended

5. Try to repeat the same with both the hands.

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Alternative Way of Practicing Shunya Mudra:

In this method maximum stress is given to your middle finger. You point the middle finger towards the sky which signifies the heaven.

Benefits Of Shunya Mudra:

  • This is an excellent in dealing with hearing related issues. Shunya mudra tinnitus is a very popular remedy for resolving hearing disorders.
  • It also helps in overcoming travel sickness and vertigo related issues.
  • It is immensely helpful in case of thyroids. Haven’t you heard doctors prescribing shunya mudra thyroid???
  • This mudra is also helpful in treating people from genetic disorders of hearing.
  • It is also known to take care of numbness in any part of your body.
  • Shunya mudra is also known to benefit eternal elements.

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When To Do This Shunya Mudra:

You can practise this mudra at any time of the day and as many times as you are comfortable with. Fitness experts suggest this mudra to practise 3 times a day with 15 minutes each. You must practise this mudra every day at the same time to maintain consistency.

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