There was a trend of wearing maang tikka on one side. Earlier, there was a maang tikka with a chain in the middle of the head. But now there are side maang tikka available. This is a modern-day demand. With fanciness, it arouses interest too. In fact, all celebrities are wearing this design. This is common in Mughal ladies. They put a Jhumar-like design on the side of the head. And the idea of side maang tikka is derived from Mughal Jhumars. This is a kind of advanced accessory for the head.

Choosing the Perfect Side Maang Tikka for Different Face Shapes:

The side maang tikka is a stunning accessory that beautifully adorns the side of the forehead, enhancing the overall appeal of any traditional ensemble. To ensure that the side maang tikka flatters your features and complements your face shape, it’s essential to consider the following guidelines:

Oval Face Shape:

If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck, as this versatile face shape suits various styles of side maang tikkas. You can experiment with different designs and sizes. Consider opting for a larger side maang tikka with intricate detailing, as it will beautifully frame your face and highlight your features.

Round Face Shape:

For those with a round face shape, it’s best to choose a side maang tikka that adds length and creates an illusion of a more elongated face. Look for tikkas that have a vertical or elongated design, such as a teardrop or a slim pendant-style tikka. Avoid overly round or circular designs, as they can accentuate the roundness of your face.

Square Face Shape:

If you have a square face shape with strong angles, aim to soften your features with a side maang tikka with rounded or curved elements. Opt for tikkas with floral or paisley designs, as they add a touch of femininity and help to balance the angular lines of your face. Consider wearing a medium-sized tikka that sits gracefully on your forehead.

Heart Face Shape:

For those with a heart-shaped face, which typically has a wider forehead and a narrower chin, it’s best to choose a side maang tikka that adds volume and width to the lower half of the face. Look for tikkas with a broader design or multiple layers, such as a cascading pendant-style tikka. This will help create a visual balance and enhance the beauty of your face shape.

Diamond Face Shape:

Choosing a side maang tikka that complements your distinct features is ideal if you have a diamond-shaped face with defined cheekbones. Consider tikkas with intricate geometric designs or angular patterns, as they echo the lines of your face shape. Opt for a medium-sized tikka that sits elegantly on your forehead.

Latest and Beautiful Maang Tikka Designs in One Side for Ladies in Fashion:

Here are the best designs of maang tikka with side strings.

1. Pearl String Side Maang Tikka:

This is so captivating, side maang tikka with pearl strings. There are layers of small pearl strings on one side and one big half-moon design on the forehead. These pearl layers are looking charismatic with a whitish shine. It enhances your overall glow of the face.

2. Side Jhumar Maang Tikka:

This is Mughal-inspired side tikka jewellery. There is a big jhumar-like design hanging on one side of the head. It is having a number of small chains connected with a pendant on top. With these chains, there is a small size of colourful stones.

3. Side Swept Maang Tikka:

This is a royal design in maang tikka with side strings. There is one big round pendant with one orange stone hanging. This big pendant is connected by three small strings and a small round pendant. This pendant is having three lines of string with embossed stones.

4. Side Mughal Maang Tikka:

This is one side maang tikka with a bunch of round links. Various pear shape white stones are attached. There is one flower design with stones in the middle. At the end of the tikka, there are pear-shaped pearls hanging. The mixture of white stone and pearls appear to be mind-blowing.

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5. One Side Heavy Maang Tikka:

This is so heavy side tikka with strings of red beads. There are three lines of red beads. In the middle, there is a heavy pendant with a lot of designs. On the pendant, there is a work of white and red stone. This big pendant covers almost the whole head. There is also one chain going in the middle.

6. Kundan Matha Patti:

This is just a gorgeous maang tikka with side strings. There are three round pearl series and one extra gold string with small gold beads attached. There is an open moon shape big pendant with white stone and pearl in the middle. A line of pearls is connected with a pendant in a chandelier format.

7. Diamond Studded Matha Patti:

This side tikka is embossed with diamonds and one white stone. There are three lines of flower patterns. On this flower pattern, there are small diamonds embossed. One medium size flower design is there in a pendant with a diamond. There is one white stone hanging with this pendant.

8. Side Layered Maang Tikka:

It is four layered stone studded side strings. This string is adding glow to hairstyle. It is decorated with white stones. These strings are attached with flowers on both sides. This flower design is ornamented with white stone, which is shining like a mirror.

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9. Stunning Single Line Maang Tikka:

This side tikka has a thick single string. This single string is looking amazing with its design. Pear shape white stone is attached to half part of a single string. This single string maang tikka is adding glamour to your image. It is given a modern touch with its delicate design.

Side maang tikka is becoming famous day by day. It is gaining popularity and fame as celebrities are using it more. It is nevertheless then, a ancient maang tikka. Young ladies are using this modern side maang tikka. With the use of side maang tikka, ladies can flaunt their appearance. It reveals the taste and choice of ladies. This can be used with Western dresses too. Some designs are looking like a tiara that displays a combination of ethnic and modern design.


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