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Top 9 Side Part Hairstyles for Men

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Most men are confident with side partings but may not be really knowing what can be more done with the side parts apart from the regular style. Unless you read this article you wouldn’t have known that side partings also can be in variety of ways and get you the style and comfort whether you are out for a party or going to your office or just hanging around with friends.

1. Undercut Side Part:

side part hairstyle for men1

A side part with choppy sides will give the undercut look. This can be tried with various disconnections which can give more crazier look. Men with round face or long face both can try this as this helps to also give dimensions to the face as well as gives a longer look.

2. Flirty And Messy:

side part hairstyle for men2

If you have layered haircut or thick hair then this style is simple and can be done at home only by using some gel and your fingers. For a party you may consider a stylist so that you are all set and need not bother about the hair at all.

3. Straight Side Part Long Hair:

side part hairstyle for men3

If you have sleek straight hair then you can have a clean side part. This is very neat look. However long hair looks require maintenance and are trendy and look very cool. So you need to ensure that you maintain your long hair with proper shampoo and conditioner.

4. Wispy Side Part:

side part hairstyle for men4

If you have a fluffy layered hair then then side part will always give you a youthful look. Use of gel may not be a good idea as that will set the hair thereby losing the fluffy look altogether.

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5. Pressed Side Part:

side part hairstyle for men5

If you want a side part for a formal occasion or even while at office you can go for this wet styled look. The side parts are basically pressed and therefore are not loose or fluffy but they are in place. So therefore you need to gel it well so that it is intact all throughout.

6. Trimmed Side Part:

side part hairstyle for men6

If you want a trimmed and cropped back hairstyle then you can go for this. If you have short hair you can easily go for trimming and cropping. If you have long hair and so not want to part with them then you can have crops at the sides while the trim at the crown may be just to give shape so as not to lose the length. However, this will also need styling gel to have that shiny look and will even be a good style for party night outs.

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7. Side Twisted Side Parting:

side part hairstyle for men7

Just give a twisted look to your front hair short bang. This is decent and cool look and goes well with regular wear.

8. Side Part Section Bang:

side part hairstyle for men8

If you have medium to long bangs with curls then this side part may be a good change. If you can carry, this is also good for office. For a changed look you can back brush and use some gel to set the bangs or blow dry to keep it messy and flirty while you are at party.

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9. Messy Side Part:

side part hairstyle for men9

If you are off to college then this messy side part may be a good choice. Layered bangs can be messed up with your hands or a styling gel or wet gels. Do not use wet gels if you do not want shine.

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