Millions of people suffer from dandruff. This leads to severe self esteem problems and the scales show up on the dark coloured dresses when a person is brushing. These can also be quite problematic because these often lead to itch. Boils and irruptions are also quite common if these are not treated in time. Many factors are responsible behind this. The most common are an unhygienic conditions which is because a person does not properly wash the sebum or dirt.

Excess accumulation of grime and dust can lead to aggravating the bacteria and this can therefore lead to more itch or boils. Small pimples are also common which makes a person irritated and makes them prick these. These often lead to painful rashes. A doctor should be consulted if the problem is worse and then proper medicines should be taken as per suggested dosages.

Signs and Symptoms of Dandruff:

1. Excessive Loss of Hair When Brushing:

This is often overlooked as a cause and this is taken as normal shedding. However, if a person is facing more than the usual breakage then these should be treated immediately and a bioscopy should be done under a microscope to know if there are any infections which is leading to this. If this is not the case, then a person can do other examinations to see if there are any hormonal imbalances. Often hormonal or other internal excessive glandular secretions can lead to excess sebum and sweat production which can be a cause behind this.

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2. Itchy Scalp:

This is a very common sign that a person is having dandruff problems. This is often due to the presence of bacterial infections. There may be reddish patches which can be very itchy and use of anti fungal creams is often seen to be helpful. A person can also use nizoral for washing. These are also often treated with home remedies.

A person can do some herbal things like the regular application of concoction of leaves can be helpful as well. Doctors can recommend some external things that can be applied if the condition gets worse. Excessive of reddish blotches can be aggravated if a person scratches these. These can lead to severe inflammation and painful areas. The affected areas can be treated with some lotions.

3. Dry and Frizziness:

If the shafts are dull and dry, this may be a reason that the surface is quite dry as well. This therefore can be a reason for scales. The use of oils can help combat this and make the sections more lustrous.

4. Hair Thinning:

If a person is gradually getting partial thinning, this can be a reason that the person is suffering from flakes.

5. Pimples:

This is where small rashes or boils occur on the face. This is generally believed to be a surface disorder of the face but this mostly happens to those people. The main reason can be that there is either excessive dryness which can lead to this or this can be that since these are fungal, the scales when fall on the facial skin can lead to infection.

When these are pricked which people often do without even being able to control this, they aggravate this problem further and therefore the problem gets worse. People are recommended to use medicated herbal bars even for face. Often tea tree oil bars can also be helpful. These however should be regularly used and doctor should be consulted if the condition gets worse.

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6. Constipation:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is commonly associated with the dryness. The reasons behind it are not researched but it can be that due to an improper meal supply and improper intake of fibres or lack of nutrition can be something that happens due to this. This in turn can lead to the body and system not getting enough nutrition and therefore various problems can happen. Including more fibres like wheat, breads and others can be helpful. Also including fresh vegetables and fruits can also supply required trace minerals and other excessive sources of fibrous content which can make the bowels easier and the irritation can decreases to a certain extent.


  • It is seen that a handful of flax seeds can be quite helpful to treat any form of fungal infection. This can be taken in the form of oil or as seeds. This is also quite effective.
  • Person should stay properly hydrated and drink enough water because this makes the sebum glands to not function excessively and this helps to control hormonal secretion.
  • Proper examinations should be conducted to know the internal and external factors responsible for this and recommended medicines should be taken.
  • Proper topical medications or the like can be used for these.
  • Proper diet and also a proper yoga or stretching is always helpful to treat deficiencies from inside. A good neem cleanser can be quite useful for people suffering from this type of problems.

Neem and Yogurt:

These agents can be helpful in treating this type of problem. These are anti-fungal and can also remove any type of dryness.

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Lemon Juice:

This is an easy-to-use remedy for regular usage.

Hot Massages:

There are various types of oils like almond and coconut which can be very helpful to treat these. This makes the hydration and makes the shafts supple. People who have anxiety disorders can suffer from these problems and who has lack of circulation or who stays in stress can make use of a massage. When these are adequately taken and then heated over hot water, these can then be used when these are of applicable temperature. These can be massaged for about 20 minutes and then a turban can be used to close the heat. These can then be washed off with a mild cleanser. This makes the dandruff to become soft and these come off with brushing. Also, this promotes new hair growth.


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