Synthetic material-made silicone bra cups are making a huge trend in the market with their consistency and unique form of wear. These are flexible and self-adhesive, self-supportive bra variants made with silicone fabric. These new bras are best for bold looks and certain outfits requiring the most cleavage/back show. Silicone bra inserts are also known as magic bras. In other words, they are sticks of different sizes and shapes. They are unique, unlike normal bras, which should be washed in a specific manner and maintained especially. Made with high-quality silicone gel, these are convenient, comfortable and easy to use!

Features Of Silicone Bras:

Here come the features of having the best silicone bra.

  • The silicone bra is mostly stick-on and is self-adhesive.
  • They are self-supportive and do not need external support like straps or hooks.
  • The silicone bra may be mostly in padded variant only.
  • They are backless and strapless.
  • The bra is bouncy and feels like natural breasts due to special silicone gel.
  • They are undetectable.
  • Further, the silicone bras are reusable and washable as well.
  • They come in several forms, such as silicone lifters, petal-shaped lifters, cleavage boosting sticks, wing-shaped boosters, underwire sticky tabs, bras, and nipple covers, so on!

Which Breast Shape Women Can Wear Silicone Bras:

  • Not everyone can easily put on and use silicone bras conveniently. Although the latest market trends are getting in different sizes and colours, the bra is best suited only to certain breast shapes and sizes.
  • The silicone bra comes in four cups, A, B, C and D.
  • Smaller to medium bust sizes are the best fit for silicone bras.
  • Further, rounded, athletic and teardrop breast shapes are best fit to use silicone bra inserts.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Silicone Bras?

Here are our 9 best silicone bras available in the Indian market.

1. The Bare Coverage Silicone Bra:

Silicone bra is also called the invisible bra because of its smooth, no outline technique and nude colour that lets you sport even the finest clothes without any unnecessary lines showing up. When we say silicon bra, this is the first and most basic kind.

  • Good For: Smaller bust size and teardrop breast shape
  • Wear it Under: Deep cut and cleavage showing outfits
  • Worst Pick For: Nightwear
  • Fabric: Silicone

2. With The Straps Silicone Bra:

Often many are not comfortable wearing just the cup bra pads, which is why this silicone bra type comes with straps that end and curve right under your armpits giving you enough space to flaunt a free open back and yet not be uncomfortable.

  • Good For: Rounded and athletic breasts with any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Strapless dresses and blouses
  • Worst Pick For: Daily wear
  • Fabric: Silicone

3. The Extended Silicone Bra:

These bras have a slight extension attached to the cup that gives a better hold and support to your curves since the bra has an extra holding space for you to be comfortable in while still being able to sport an open back.

  • Suitable For: Round and teardrop breast shape with small to medium bust size
  • Wear it Under: Backless and party wear
  • Worst Pick For: Active and daily wear
  • Fabric: Silicone

4. The Free Silicone Stick On Bra Pads:

While opting for a dress with a slit right in the front down to your midriff, here is the silicon bra set you should opt for. Unlike the first basic kinds, this one does not have a hook on the front to strap it and hold it in place, but it has a stronghold on your curves for optimum coverage and support.

  • Good For: Any breast shape with small to medium bust size
  • Wear it Under: Cleavage shown cuts in outfits, transparent clothes
  • Worst Pick For: Nightwear and blouses
  • Fabric: Silicone

5. The Shape Enhancer Silicone Bra:

These bra types have a usual wing shape on the front, allowing you to wear deep neck cuts while the full coverage at the underlines provides a soft upward push that defines your structure while supporting your curves properly.

  • Good For: Asymmetric breasts with any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Blouses, strapless dresses and backless dress
  • Worst Pick For: Activewear
  • Fabric: Silicone

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6. The Deep Plunge Lines Silicone Bra:

Unlike the free pads, these silicone bras are much closer to the normal bra shapes, giving you the benefits of any normal deep plunge bra but just without the back so that you can wear a backless with ease. These, too, enhance the shape and structure while providing support.

  • Good For: Round and athletic breast shape with any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Backless and deep V-cut clothes
  • Worst Pick For: Casual wear
  • Fabric: Silicone

7. The Silicone Breasts Enhancer Bra Pads:

These silicone bra pads are essentially made to fit the curve and shape of your body while providing a slight push and definition to your curve, enhancing and highlighting its look.

  • Good For: Only smaller bust size
  • Wear it Under: Deep cut and backless or strapless outfits with a smaller bust
  • Worst Pick For: Heavy bust shapes and any clothes in that regard
  • Fabric: Silicone

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8. The Bridal Collection Silicone Bra:

Not all silicone bras are simple and nude-shaped. We get the special bridal series of fun, sensual patterns with laces and bows. This black silicone bra helps with deep-cut bridal wear and is comfortable for larger periods without wear and tear. The strap and touch in between are soft

  • Good For: Rounded breast shape and any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Bridal wear and blouses
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear
  • Fabric: Silicone

9. The Full Coverage Silicon Bra:

Now this silicone bra is shaped much like any other padded support bra. Still, this time the material is a polymer and synthetic, allowing you to highlight your curves while keeping everything in place.

  • Good For: Any rounded, athletic and teardrop breast shape with small to medium bust size only
  • Wear it Under: Regular wear casual
  • Worst Pick For: Activewear
  • Fabric: Synthetic

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How To Wear Silicone Bra?

Putting a silicone bra may look difficult, but it is as easy as a cherry on the cake topping. Before purchasing, please be amply knowledgeable as to your cup size. Also, before you try them on, ensure you have not used any body lotion or moisturizer, which will often affect the grip of the stick-on bra. Start by peeling off the plastic and then stick it onto your curves just like a sticker to your body. The best part about these silicon bras is they can be washed and reused for later.

These unique and all-new silicone bra cups are trending and taking over the market for their unique nature and use. Try these silicone cups out, and you will surely be satisfied with their use and comfort. They are specially designed for certain outfits and dresses and must be worn accordingly!

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