Bedding is an important part of anyone who thinks about making the bedroom more cosy and luxurious. Making your bed look more luxurious does not require heavy money investment. Just by using a good quality material bed sheets are perfect. One of the most commonly available good quality bed sheet sets is the newer trendsetter’s best silk bed sheet designs. The silk material gives the perfect blend of shine through good quality and durability by using the best silk thread. The traditional method of using only a cotton bed sheet is no more on the fashion chart, instead, a blend of other famously used fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet is preferred. The silk fabric is more commonly used due to its easy availability and price range.

What To Consider/Think When Buying a Silk Bed Sheet?

The best part of designing your bedroom is definitely getting the best furniture set which includes the best bed and suited bed sheet set. The tricky part of buying bed sheets is the material, and design according to the bed size and type. As bed sheet is changed at least every two weeks which is the most case in every household. In order to have a good long-lasting bed sheet, it is important to consider the best bed sheet design like the silk sheets bed which has all the factors like quality, durability, design, and type.

  • Consider your bed size and type.
  • Usability of the bedsheet. (for example kind´s bedroom, guest room).
  • The bedroom colour and furniture set up.
  • Mattress dimension and pillow type.

Latest Silk Bed Sheet Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and modern silk bed sheet designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Embroidery Red & Black Silk Bed Sheets:

India is known for its tradition and complimenting traditional designer clothing and accessories. One such traditional designer bedroom accessory is this exquisite Jaipur Silk bed sheet India with a printed pattern. This product comes with 1 double bedsheet along with two beautiful pillow covers made from 100% silk material. 180 thread counts provide good quality and durability. The material is recommended only for light machine wash.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Block printed.
  • Size: Bed sheet: 90 inches x 108 inches, Pillow Cover: 17 inches x 27 inches and 2 cushions cover: (16-inch x 16 inches).
  • Bed Style: Double bed.
  • Thread Count: 180 TC.
  • Package Contents: 1 Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers and 2 cushion covers.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash, No bleaching, Tumble dry.

2. White Silk Bed Sheets:

White is the colour for all. Yes, the white colour goes well with all backdrop colours. These bright white silk bed sheets are accompanied by beautiful Kashmiri embroidery work. The embroidery work is seen on the middle &corner of the bedsheet as well as on the front part of the pillowcase along with two elegant pillowcases. Due to delicate handwork, the “only dry clean “wash method is recommended.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Kashmiri embroidery pattern.
  • Size: Double Bedsheet: (90 x 108 inches), Pillow Cover (17 inch x 27 inch) and 2 cushion covers: (16 inch x 16 inch).
  • Bed Style: Double bed.
  • Thread Count: 180.
  • Package Contents: 1 Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Cover and 2 cushions cover.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.

3. Red Patchwork Silk Bed Sheets:

Want an eye-catching bed sheet for your standard bed type, then here are the bright red silk bed sheets along with an elegant colourful patchwork pattern along with the bedsheet. The package contains 1 bed sheet, 2 pillowcases along two cute cushion covers. The bright red colour Duplin silk material bed sheet is best to be used occasionally due to the heavy work seen on the bedsheet.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Patchwork.
  • Size: 88.5 inch x 98 inch or 225 cm x 250 cm.
  • Bed Style: Standard.
  • Thread Count: 180.
  • Package Contents: 1 bed sheet, 2 pillow covers and 2 cushion covers.
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean.

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4. Brocket Grey Silk Bed Sheets:

Grey colour a subtle and calm colour which can help you relax. Such a soothing colour for your bed is a perfect match. This brocket grey silk bed sheet along with amazing Zari work is a comforting bedspread. Brocket is a type of silk material which is delicate and has a crushed look, hence a good dry cleaning is recommended.

  • Material: Brocket.
  • Pattern: Zari border.
  • Size: Single Bedsheet: (90 x 108 inches), Pillow Cover (17 inch x 27 inch), 2 cushion covers (16 inch x 16 inch).
  • Bed Style: Double bed.
  • Thread Count: 180.
  • Package Contents: 1 Brocket Grey Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Cover and 2 cushions cover.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.

5. Pink Silk Bed Sheets:

Pink is the favourite colour of all ladies! Yes, ladies who want to take some time and decorate your bedroom more colourfully then try this royal look Rajasthani pink silk bed sheet set. This product comes with 1 Rajai (duvet), 1 bed cover, 2 filled cushions, and 2 filled bolsters. This bed sheet set is an amazing deal for a reasonable price. The material is only suited for dry cleaning.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Self-print.
  • Size: Length: 236.22cm, width 205.74cm.
  • Bed Style: King.
  • Thread Count: 140.
  • Package Contents: 1 Rajai, 2 pillow covers, 1 bed cover, 2 filled cushions, and 2 filled bolsters.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean.

6. Blue Silk Bed Sheets:

Blue is the colour of love! To bring a romantic aura to your bedroom, try this pure silk bed sheet set. The product comes with 1 duvet, 2 pillow covers, 1 bed cover, 2 filled cushions, and 2 filled bolsters. This is an amazing deal to decorate your bed. The material requires good care and maintenance with a dry clean wash. The thread count gives good durability to the material and look.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Self-print.
  • Size:Length: 236.22 cm, Width: 205.74 cm.
  • Bed Style: King.
  • Thread Count: 140.
  • Package Contents: 1 Rajai, 2Pillow Cover, 1 Bed Cover, 2 Filled Cushions, 2 Filled Bolsters.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean.

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7. Gold Silk Bed Sheet:

The perfect bedding accessory made from Gold silk material is a perfect shiny bed cover for your bed. The silk bedsheets India material give a good shiny and smooth texture. The golden elephant print comes with a single double bed sheet, 1 AC comforter and 2 Pillow covers. The AC comforter makes you feel cosy and relaxed in a cool room inside and a hot climate outside.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Gold print.
  • Size: Bed sheet 90 x 105 inch (228.6 cm X 266.7 cm), 80 x 90 inch (203.2 cm X 228.6 cm) comforter, Pillow cover 19 x 28 inch (48.26 cm X 71.12) cm.
  • Bed Style: Double.
  • Thread Count: N/A.
  • Package Contents: 1 bed sheet, 1 comforter and 2 pillow covers.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean.

8. Fitted Silk Satin Bed Sheets:

A hypoallergenic and dust-resistant silk-fitted bed sheet is an amazing bedspread to have at home. The material comes in a different colour with elastic attached around the four corners of the bedsheet. The elastic band helps to hug the mattress more easily and comfortably. The silk material provides a good shine and luxurious look and the elastic band gives with a snug and crisp fit. Care with a good wash and for maintenance do not use iron and bleaching agents in order to retain the shine and quality.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Plain.
  • Size: 138cm*190cm (54″*75″).
  • Bed Style: Queen.
  • Thread Count: N/A.
  • Package Contents: Single fitted bed sheet.
  • Care Instructions: Minimum machine spin time, Hand dry, Tumble dry.

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9. Bedart Silk Bed Sheets:

Bedsheets are available in various price ranges. For someone who is looking for a high-end natural silk bedsheet twin, then here is the best product recommended for you. The 100 % natural Bedart silk extract with 600 thread count is the best bed sheet material for a luxurious look for your bedroom. Due to the thread count, the material falls under the high quality and longer durability material.

  • Material: Bedart silk.
  • Pattern: Plain.
  • Size: Twin Size Flat Sheet Only, 66 x 96 inches (168 x 244 cm), fits a twin size bed 39″x75″.
  • Bed Style: twin bed.
  • Thread Count: 600.
  • Package Contents: 1 flat sheet.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash with cold or Luke warm water.

10. Purple Silk Bedsheets:

Next, to the colour pink, ladies are found in Purple. The men, who are planning to gift their women with a premium quality household accessory. Then try this purple colour king-size silk bed sheet set as a wedding anniversary gift or as a Valentine’s gift. The content comes with 1 Duvet, 2 pillow cover, 2 filled cushions, and 2 filled bolsters. The complete set is a total bonus as a gift piece.

  • Material: Silk.
  • Pattern: Self-print.
  • Size: N/A.
  • Bed Style: King.
  • Thread Count: 400.
  • Package Contents: 1 Rajai, 2Pillow covers, 1 Bed cover, 2 filled cushions, 2 filled bolsters.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean.

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A good bedspread for your bed is one of the most essential accessories to make your bed look more attractive as well as protect the mattress against any dirt and spots. According to your interest and need select the best silk bed sheet designs from the above-mentioned types and enjoy a good relaxed sleep. The silk bed sheet set is also an amazing idea as a gift for your man or woman or as a gift for your parents. As a gift, the best selection could be the Luxury silk bed sheets set and a silk bedsheet single design as a daily-to-use bedspread. Get the best and make your dear ones happy!


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