15 Best Silk Cotton Sarees With Pictures

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Back then India was the hub for commerce and economics along with cotton silk sarees. While the indigo plantations were bringing in great promises, the authentic cashmere silk sarees came from this country. India was once famous for this very silk that we called resham which would be incorporated in the skillful hands of the weavers and out came the beautiful garment pieces, each of them more astounding than the previous one. Even today, we can find silk sarees still holding a large sector of the traditional garments market. But, this time, silk has been infused with some of her friends and here we ended up with silk cotton sarees.

Indian Traditional Cotton Silk Sarees With Pictures:

Below we have given list of beautiful indian silk cotton sarees with images that will definitely inspire you.

1. Golden Cotton Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 1

Gold is one of the best shades to flaunt in a traditional garment. The chic factor of the gold mixes in with its richness creating an absolutely brilliant hue. The saree here is named the golden girl because of the extensive use of the gold along with sharp brown borderlines. The middle of the border has a beautiful canary with zari work in between.

2. The Lethal Combo:

Silk cotton sarees 2

What is that one favorite color that every girl has for her go to days? What is that one color that goes well with just about anything? It is none other than the ever ready black. Now juxtaposing black in every other way is the beautiful gold and mixing these two we get the best of the garment hue. The body is in black but the borderline portrays a wide gold. The jacket style blouse needless to say is perfect for this saree. Full sleeved, it adds to the beauty of the saree.

The saree is every inch of perfection personified as well, as if we did not make that clear already. You can almost picture yourself in this masterpiece, cant you? Go ahead and hunt down the stores then, what are you waiting for? This is one of the most beautiful cotton silk sarees in black color that surely grab your look.

3. The Blue Anchor Down:

Silk cotton sarees 3

This silk cotton saree has body of midnight black but it is simply not the black that attracts us but the simple use of blue at the end along with some chic beige pattern work that makes the saree a wanted deal. The blue is widely visible at the end of the pallu where black anchor marks are done up to adjust to the blue.

4. The Color Mix Cotton Silk Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 4

The saree here is wonderfully done up in a beautiful monochrome print but that is simply for the lower half of the garment. This is a classic half saree incorporating the monochrome from the end but the first half of it uses bright red, yellow and white. The saree has a beautiful white zari bordering too. While you can wear it the way shown here, bringing out the lethal combination of contemporary and modern muse at the same go, you can also take the traditional route instead, dress up nice and simple and pick out a three quarter blouse to go with the look best. The border most certainly has beads that will impress anyone who catches a glimpse of this saree. Most of the indian women like to wear this type of silk cotton sarees to get traditional look.

5. Half And Half Silk Cotton Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 5

This is yet another beautiful saree where the lower half of it is adorned in embellished stone work while the upper half or the draping of the saree is in a beautiful white satin finish. The outer line has a bright vermilion red bordering with a beautiful golden fish scale work.

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6. The Hand Printed Cotton Silk Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 6

Now here is trendy style that you can opt for if you want to make a good fashion statement. This saree comes in very subtle hues but yet a striking combination is created through the use of odd colors. The base color is white with a pop pink on the draping. The white part has beautiful black hand printing border lining the green.

7. The Simpleton Silk Cotton Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 7

For a go to shade always resort to black. Here the saree is in black with a beautiful white pallu printed. The pallu for the saree has beautiful animal print on it and on the underneath of the saree is the lime fluorescent green. There is a stout borderline along the edge of the saree in white that highlights the saree.

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8. The Ombre Shades Silk Saree:

Silk cotton sarees 8

This is one of the simplest plain cotton silk sarees which is more perfectly suitable for women with around age of 30 years. Ombre is the look for the season with a wide range of garments subjecting to the newer shades. The pallu to the saree is in black with a shade of ombre red for the borderline.

9. The Wedding Night Look:

Silk cotton sarees 9

If you are looking for a great admire for a friend’s wedding then this is the saree to go for great especially if you want to pull off a head turning look at an evening event the wedding night saree is completely one of a kind. The three quarter blouse to accompany is a deal breaker in itself isn’t it? Here the saree is beautifully designed by embroidery works.

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10. Blue Checks Saree Silk Cotton:

Blue Silk Cotton Saree

The saree in every sense explores the beauty of the attire perfectly. You can find sophistication, class and elegance all at once with this silk cotton saree. The bottom line of the story is if you have a simple event like a family function or low key festival to attend, this saree can take others easily by surprise about your fashion sense and in quite the good way so.

11. Special Black Saree With Golden Red:

Black With Golden Red Silk Cotton Saree

The saree has a black draping and it looks different with the red to give it company. When you look at the image, it will most certainly make it evident that the saree is right for occasions like engagement of your best friend or a simple festival like Rakhi. The saree is worn best with a red and black blouse, but white can be your choice for the day as well, provided it has a red border.

12. Grey And Green Lines Silk Cotton Saree:

Grey and Green Blouse Silk Cotton Sarees

The saree could haves stayed plain green, but look at how much the grey changes in the look overall. The green looks even better and brighter at this stage and then there’s not much to complain about the stripes adding to the show on the scene sitting in black evenly spaced. Team this saree up with a grey blouse for the best look. This is one of the different silk cotton saree with excellent design at border.

13. Grey And Golden 3D Silk Cotton Saree:

Grey and Golden Blouse Silk Cotton Saree

The saree has more of a designer touch of artwork to itself. The border is beautifully done, as described already, and the grey, black and golden combination work well for the scene. The golden embroidery has quite the designs to brag of, from the ombre effect to give off retro vibe to the newer patterns on the pallu. There is a seemingly elegant deep golden border as well, giving the saree a sober look all in all. This type of multi color cotton silk sarees famous for south indian origin.

14. Pink Silk Cotton Silk Mixed Saree:

Words will fall short in describing the beauty of the saree in cotton silk. The color itself makes up for the beauty and as if that wasn’t enough, the golden border takes the beauty of the saree to a whole new level without even trying. Since it is more on the transparent side, your pick should be a seamless blouse for the perfect look.

15. Green And Pink Cotton Silk Print Saree:

Well, now you know even different colors that don’t quite match look good when placed beside each other. The saree is silk cotton, with the blouse the same color as the border. You also can see clearly that the white background with back doing rounds bring out the whole saree on point to everyone who sees it. Fashion goals right?

So, that was all for the day. We can only hope you were taking notes and noticed how these sarees will bring out the best look in you right away.