The lehenga choli designs came into existence in the 10th century in Northern India. However, with the arrival of the Mughals, the cotton and simple lehengas were replaced with silk lehenga choli designs that came with artistic craftsmanship that enhanced from the 12th to 18th century. Along with silk, the lehengas were given a royal touch with brocade material and other highly valued fabrics that were carried by the royal families only. With the changes in the traditional styles and variations added to the attire, other designs came into existence that included Lacha, Gharara, and Sharara. Today, the silk ghagra and lehenga designs are a combination of modern influences imbibed trends and other ethnic variations that give a stylish touch to the attire.

Importance Of Silk Lehenga Choli:

Be it a simple lehenga or a designer silk lehenga choli with dupatta, they hold a vital role when it comes to an ethnic look when it comes to the Indian customs and traditions. They not only give the women a royal and embellished look but also provides the brides with a completely innovative and mesmerizing appearance. The lehengas were primarily carried in Gujarat and Rajasthan since ages, but they are now carried throughout India combining the traditional look with some modern outfits.

Features of Silk Lehenga Choli:

  • Check out the silk lehenga images and you shall come to know that the lehengas are quite comfortable, breezy and absorbent to wear.
  • Be it a simple or designer lehenga design, they add to the comfort in humid and hot temperature.
  • The alluring designs they come with add to the lavishing bridal look completing it according to the traditions.
  • No matter whatever design you select, you can choose any material combining with silk for a perfect look like Bhagalpur, net, chiffon, velvet, etc. for making the choli designs attractive.

Traditional and New Silk Ghagra Choli Designs with Pictures:

Here are the Top 15 best pure silk lehenga designs to select from for trending ethnic wear.

1. Banarasi Silk Lehenga:

Covered in fine small design, this pure silk lehenga is given a traditional woven work. The designs are accompanied by zari embroidery and Resham artwork in orange and blue. Again, the end of the lehenga is given a net flare with tips that makes it adorable with a thick golden border on it. The heavy lehenga and dupatta are also given stonework and zari work.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Chanderi
  • When to Wear: Mehndi, Party or Engagement
  • Body Type: Slim to medium body
  • Style Tip: Open dupatta to reveal the heavy blouse
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

2. Raw Silk Lehenga Choli:

This peach silk choli in kameez style adds to the flawless look during any occasion. The entire silk choli is designed with cutdana artwork, zardozi embroidery along with moti work for a ravishing touch to the attire. The peach lehenga choli is also given a golden border and lace to boost the look even with a simple neck. The neckline and waistline are designed with zardozi work.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Net and chiffon
  • Choli Fabric: Raw Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Wedding, reception, and engagements
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Style Tip: Handy dupatta with golden earrings only
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

3. Bangalore Silk Lehenga:

Looking for a traditional design with a modern touch? Try this Banglori pure silk lehenga choli design that comes with keen embroidery in resham and stonework too. The black lehenga in Bangalori silk is accompanied with a silver-white blouse and a beautiful net dupatta which gives a stylish and modern touch to the wearer. The black lehenga is given a thick golden border with similar embroidery floral work in resham.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Party and Receptions
  • Body Type: Slim to medium body
  • Style Tip: Handy dupatta for revealing the blouse design
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

4. South Indian Silk Lehenga:

Blue and orange silk lehenga in a South Indian style are quite trendy in the South Indian functions. With a brocade style lehenga, this lehenga choli is given embroidery designs in a thread which is woven by hand only. The lehenga is a combination of other fabrics too that includes dupion silk, silk, brocade and net which not only gives a beautiful choli lehenga but a ravishing dupatta too.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Dupion silk and brocade
  • Choli Fabric: Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Weddings and receptions
  • Body Type: Medium to slight heavy body
  • Style Tip: Half saree like dressing
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

5. Silk Bridal Lehenga:

Gone are the days when only red was considered to be the bridal colour. This pink silk lehenga design has grabbed the hearts of the to be brides with amazing tiny resham embroidery. Not only the lehenga, but the designer blouse is also designed with stonework and sequins, which helps you look special on your day. This traditional heavy border design is given minute handwork in golden and pink that enhances the look.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Bridal
  • Body Type: Fit for everybody texture
  • Style Tip: Side dupatta with pallu on the head
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean

6. Art Silk Lehenga:

Be the event’s stopper while carrying this white silk lehenga in art silk. The off-white lehenga is designed with motifs that are woven with resham embroidery, zari, stonework, and patchwork too for a graceful appearance. The entire dupatta is given pink bandhani look with similar colour choli. To make a combination, the lehenga is also given a thick pink border with classic small buttas on the entire lehenga.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Georgette bandhej
  • When to Wear: Reception, weddings, engagement
  • Body Type: Slim to medium body
  • Style Tip: One-sided waist and shoulder style
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean

7. Cotton Silk Lehenga Choli:

When it comes to the cotton silk material, this maroon silk lehenga merged with cotton is surely going to give you a fabulous look. With simple lacework and thick golden laces, this lehenga comes with a shining blouse that adds to the beauty of the ethnic wear. The plain lehenga is given thick embroidered floral designs along with a similar work border dupatta. The blouse is also given a similar design border for a complementary look.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Chiffon
  • When to Wear: Parties
  • Body Type: Slim to medium body
  • Style Tip: Similar to half saree
  • Wash Care: Dry wash

8. Plain Silk Lehenga:

Looking for a lehenga design with a modern yet simple look? How about this black silk lehenga designed merely with a simple golden border? Yes, this plain lehenga in silk is accompanied with a similar blouse in plain texture with a sleeveless look. To make the look capturing, the lehenga is given a net dupatta in contrast peach pink for a wow look. This design is quite popular among teens.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Festivals, Cocktail parties
  • Body Type: Slim to heave the body
  • Style Tip: Simple with open dupatta on one side
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

9. Bhagalpuri Silk Lehenga:

Blue silk lehenga, when combined with Bhagalpuri silk material, is sure to give the wearer a beautifying look. The simple blue silk is designed with various work techniques like patchwork, resham embroidery, Dori, sequins, zari, and stonework too. Not only the lehenga and the choli, but the dupatta is also given heavy embroidery velvet work in cream colour that adds to the enchanting beauty of the lehenga.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Bhagalpuri silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Weddings and receptions
  • Body Type: All body texture
  • Style Tip: Similar to half saree wear or handy dupatta wear
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

10. Printed Silk Lehenga:

Green in any shade has always remained the favourite nearly for all the occasions. One similar design with a rich look is a silk lehenga in colourful prints based on green. The lehenga is given bright colours like green, blue, pink, golden, etc. That makes this printed lehenga adorable. The lehenga is also cut beads and resham embroidery that match the lehenga and the lace it carries in turquoise colour.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Festival, Wedding, Reception, Parties
  • Body Type: Slim to medium body texture
  • Style Tip: Normal wear with open dupatta
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

11. Dupion Silk Lehenga:

One of the designers wears, this silk ghagra choli style lehenga design is given a royal touch with bright colours like blue and maroon. The simple lehenga is given brocade patchwork along with lace decorations that complete the attire. The plain lehenga is given a thick bottom border in brocade with thick golden laces for a finishing touch. The blouse of the lehenga given minor designs on it with a patchwork dupatta.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Dupion Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Dupion and net
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Weddings
  • Body Type: All body textures
  • Style Tip: One pallu on the shoulder and other handy styles
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

12. Kanjivaram Silk Lehenga:

Are you a fan of Kanjivaram style silk lehenga designs? This regal kanjivaram lehenga in silk brings you all the pleasure with an adorable combination of royal colours like maroon and red with a golden touch. The simple golden lehenga in silk is given a brocade opening with a thick border in checks with pleated layers. The sequin and pearl designed blouse in raw silk add to the heavy look of the lehenga.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Kanjivaram silk
  • Choli Fabric: Kanjivaram Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Weddings and receptions
  • Body Type: Slim to medium
  • Style Tip: One-sided shoulder dupatta
  • Wash Care: Dry cleaning

13. Brocade Silk Lehenga:

Stealing the limelight, this yellow silk lehenga with brocade material is truly amazing. The lehenga is given a motif that is woven with heavy silk embroidery and heavy dupatta that is embellished with pink organza dupatta. The yellow choli and lehenga are given embossed design with minor prints on it. The choli of the lehenga is given neck work in embroidery along with butta work for a lovely look.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Brocade silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Organza silk
  • When to Wear: Reception, festive and engagement
  • Body Type: Slim to medium texture
  • Style Tip: Simple wear with a handy dupatta or open on shoulder
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

14. Satin Silk Lehenga:

Grey colour in base with floral prints. Who would lose such silk chaniya choli designs for a flawless look! The printed lehenga is given floral prints as well as stonework too with resham embroidery to get that finishing appearance. With a complex design and colour in dupatta, the choli design carried floral print border in dupatta while plain lace for the lehengas.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Satin silk
  • Choli Fabric: Satin silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: chiffon
  • When to Wear: Festive and party
  • Body Type: All body types
  • Style Tip: Half saree style or handy dupatta and open dupatta style
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

15. Pink Silk Lehenga:

Want a gorgeous traditional look designed with jacquard designs? Try this latest silk lehenga designs that come with a range of colours and designs. The lehenga along with the choli and dupatta are given silk embroidery along with woven motifs and red art that enhance the look of the lehenga. The dupatta is also given beautiful tassels at the border ends with the wonderful colour combination.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art silk jacquard
  • Choli Fabric: Art silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Art silk
  • When to Wear: Reception, wedding, and engagement
  • Body Type: All body types
  • Style Tip: Shoulder covering along with head backside hanging
  • Wash Care: Dry clean

How to Style Silk Lehenga Choli:

  • When it comes to styling the silk chaniya choli lehenga, there are various ways you can carry the lehenga.
  • The teens prefer carrying the lehengas without any dupatta with long earrings and mang tikka. While some prefer wearing it in South Indian half saree style with a long pallu.
  • With a backless choli or a designer deep neck choli, the lehenga is widely carried with a dupatta in either single-sided open way or handy arms to reveal the look of the choli neck.
  • The brides also carry the dupatta on the head with both sides open revealing their lavishing look.

Just scroll for the latest silk lehenga choli designs and you shall go crazy which to select. The modern and innovative designs have made it an essential part of a traditional look in festivities, parties, and even weddings. When worn with ethnic designs of jewellery like polka, kundan, meenakari and many more, they complete your looks. Again, the silk lengha is much lighter in weight with a breathable material which makes it comfortable for you to wear and enjoy the occasions in Summer. So, what design of lehenga or ghagra choli are you going to select for your collection of traditional appearance?

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