Panty for ladies comes in many fabrics and one of them is Silk Panty. Silk panty is most soft to touch and feel. Silk fabric has advantage of making you feel smooth and mild. It get easily adjust with skin. It is a breathable material. It gets easily molded with your body shape. However hard you use it, it won’t get tear. The basic advantage of silk panty is after washing it will get dry in short time. It passes soothing experience to the wearer.

Silk Panties for Women:

Let’s have a look on women in silk panties with different models.

1. Women’s Silk Panties:

This white silk panty is good for women to have it daily. It is nice designed with floral work on panty. It covers entire hip portion giving a protected feeling to women. Women can wear under leggings, salwar or Saree.

2. Black Silk Panties:

This is extremely beautiful black color silk panty. It has nice embroidery work engraved with thin waistband. It does not cover whole hips. In black panty, even our skin looks whiter. It shows squishy butts.

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3. Silk Pantys for Wedding Night:

It is black and red color combination panty. Black color net work is done from which whitish pelvic area will be visible. On back, only one thin string is there with both bumps open. Ladies choose this type of pattern during her wedding night.

4. Silk Disposable Panty:

This panty is used for one time by ladies so it is known as disposable panty. Ladies use it when she is in period and during pregnancy too. Once it is used, this panty needs to be disposed off. Ladies can also use it while having swimming.

5. Pink Silk Panties:

It is hot pink color silk panty showing huge butts. It is transparent with visible butt line. Fine knitted thread pattern is done with pink color. Front side is covered with silk fabric. It gives pleasure to eyes too. It depicts the bold character of ladies.

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6. Thin Silk Panty:

It is blue colored attractive panty. It has very thin crotch on genital area. Plus entire lower part of body is visible here. Guys have special type of attraction for this type of pattern. One can pair it with bikini bra. Ladies can wear it on beach during sun bath.

7. Luxurious Silk Pantys:

It is particularly low waist design silk panty of black color. It is called Thong pattern. It is to be worn below navel area. It looks attractive on ladies. This is immensely beautiful panty. This panty design can change the mood of your guy from off mood to romantic.

8. Silk Pantys with Frills:

It is new design in silk pantys. It has beautiful frills attached with double lace of white and pink color. It gives perfect shape to your belly. It is truly an exceptional design particularly the lace covering the hips. It is as pretty as picture. It pleases you senses.

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9. Animal Print Silk Panty:

In this silk pantys, leopard design is printed. It is special not usual design. It is extraordinary piece of panty. It specifies a particular character. Other then leopard, there can be lion and any other print also. It defines the courageous and daring character of ladies.

Silk Ladies panties has lot of design and colors with it. It has a high quality of fabric used in it. Some chose to wear only silk pantys other then cotton. It has benefit of giving serene and tranquil state of mind. It comes in set also of Bra and Panty. Both are matching each other in terms of color and design. A perfect inner wear helps in increasing your confidence level. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good and proper silk pantys.

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