35 Most Comfortable Silk Saree Blouse Designs for Women

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Silk sarees are hard to find an alternative matching blouse with beautiful designs. Silk saree blouse designs are not only beautiful but perfect in each sense. No matter what the occasion, silk sarees are an important material in the event of a regular saree wearing the woman. Even if you aren’t a regular, your mother’s gorgeous silk saree will garner your attention at least once. Silk blouses are usually preferred for grand occasions like weddings, receptions, baby shower and other traditional events. They are exclusively designed to match the motifs on the sarees. From simple patchwork to a heavy maggam embroidery, silk blouses offer a huge variety to choose from. Based on the detail of the work, prices are charged starting at a minimum of 500 bucks to ten thousand rupees. Check out this article to see some of the best silk blouse designs which have been very popular with many women.

Tips To Choose Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees:

Choosing the right blouse is an art. It speaks for the attitude and taste of the person. If you are confused as to what designs to choose from, follow these simple tips:

  • First, understand the design of the saree and the color combinations.
  • You need to first define how simple or grand you want the blouse to be.
  • The common way of designing a blouse is to replicate the design on the saree with embroidery.
  • When the saree is heavy, its advisable to keep the neck design simple. Opt for round, square or wide necks
  • Embellished sleeves are also a great option.
  • Pot necks look lovely for people who like to try the fusion look.

Top Silk Saree Blouse Patterns To Try:

Silk sarees are very charming and attractive. Silk sarees with alluring blouse designs are more beautiful and amazing also. Below we have some of these latest silk saree blouse designs with pictures that rock your style ever.

1. Net Blouse Design For Silk Sarees:

This trendy net blouse pattern makes you look like a fashionista while conforming to the traditions. This lovely purple blouse is embellished with rich embroidery on the borders and sleeves with a cute violet net attached on the back. The net fabric is also embellished with a beautiful bird motif.

2. Bridal Silk Saree Blouse Designs:

Check out this stunning bridal blouse design. The shoulder part is highlighted with a cutwork fabric and the sleeves come in a round, pleated fashion. The best part of the blouse is back. It is beautifully done with multi-coloured thread and sequins for that perfect bridal look.

3. Plain Silk Saree With Designer Blouse:

This blouse elevates the plain silk saree to a whole new level. The intricately embroidered blouse, when paired with the plain saree, is a match made in heaven. This is best for simple occasions when you want to look regal, but keep it low key at the same time. The black saree with the red blouse is a stunning combo.

4. Bridal Pallaki Design Saree:

If you are a bride, nothing even comes close to this blouse design on your wedding day. This painstakingly embroidered work blouse is sure to give you more than a second glance for all your visitors. The palanquin bearers carrying the lovely bride makes for an apt theme for your D-day.

5. Ornament Design Silk Saree Blouse:

Love ornaments? Wear them, not just on your body, but also on your outfit. Ornament designs have become extremely popular with Brides, who love to flaunt these stunning designs. Chandbalis, Jhumkas and even necklace designs are among the widely opted designs.

6. Blouse With Beautiful Stonework:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Blouse With Beautiful Stonework 1

The blouse on this list is a very traditional South Indian style blouse with perfect design, ideal for the bride either on her wedding or on reception day. The front neck of the blouse is left plain, while the back end as you can see has an extension of the design drawn in the hand.

7. Circular Pattern Blouse Design:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Circular Pattern Blouse 2

Just when you thought silk saree blouse designs can’t get better, this one will hit the stump straight with its unique look. This silk saree here is ideal for simple occasions like Navratri, while the blouse is fit for the same. With pink motifs and small stones all over in a circular design, this blouse has most certainly got to be on your priority shopping list.

8. Pink Plain Blouse For Silk Saree:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Pink Plain Blouse 3

If blouse designs for silk sarees that don’t draw too much attention is what you are looking for, nothing will prove to be like a gem in your hands than this one. It is so plain and features barely a touch here and a tweak there. This is one of the simple saree blouse designs for silk sarees that are also worn by most of the women in the wedding.

9. Black Plain Blouse:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Black Plain Blouse 4

Another example of how black suits almost everything. Kangana has chosen green silk for the flavour of her day and it does suit her well. So does the black three-quarter blouse she is sporting. It is going with the whole look and open hair well. The blouse is plain and from the look of it, it looks like a cotton blouse, but you can choose any material at all.

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10. Corset Style Blouse:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Corset Style Blouse 5

What you see here is a different style of blouse design for silk saree. It has an asymmetrical neck and a long corset style body. Any silk saree will look even more sophisticated with this blouse that gives off a very retro vibe from the start.

11. Back Mirror Designed Blouse:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Back Mirror Blouse 6

The best blouse on the list has a very beautifully designed back neck. Not only does it have a round slit, but it is also well decorated with beautiful mirrors all around to brag of. The saree that should be worn with this blouse needs to be downright gorgeous to make the effort worth it. This is one of the best and lovely blouse designs for silk saree.

12. Chiffon Blouse Design With Silk Saree:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Chiffon Blouse with Silk Saree 7

The red blouse that has made it to the list is a classic example of latest blouse designs for silk sarees. With the lace and chiffon working their way, the golden embroidery work on the blouse does a good job keeping your eyes fixed on the design. Worth appreciating, isn’t it?

13. Puffed Blouse Design:

When all you want is a simple blouse design for silk saree that you can wear everywhere, this one will be your clear daylight. It has a nice puffed sleeve and the border of the neck is gorgeously done with the golden lace around it.

14. Plain Silk Saree Blouse Design:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Plain Silk Pink Blouse 9

The second you realize your saree is so perfect your blouse doesn’t need to be the center of attraction, think of this blouse as your friend. It is plain, but equally sophisticated owing to the satin look that it has. It is made of silk as well, just like the saree.

15. Gorgeous Full Sleeved Blouse:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Gorgeous Full Sleeved Blouse 10

With that black border and the white full sleeves, this blouse pattern for silk sarees emerges as a clear winner without even trying too hard. It is so perfectly complementing the saree, as you can see for yourself. You can wear this type of blouse design for all types of sarees.

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16. Sea Green Plain Blouse:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Sea Green Plain Blouse 11

The blouse next on the list is yet again a simple one but a show stealer right away. The design on blouse is on the high right now, making the blouse a must have for you. This combination is a sure winner by matching the shaded silk saree with a matching Banarasi floral motif blouse.

17. High Neck Sleeveless Blouse Design:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-High Neck Sleeveless Blouse 12

This is one of the classic and perfect blouse patterns for silk sarees which are very trendy and fashionable also. When you want the trend and retro vibe to merge together and make you look classier, think of this blouse. Obviously you need to choose an old school silk saree, and a high neck blouse complementing the color of the saree you choose.

18. Backless Blouse Design:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Backless Blouse 13

With the beautiful and bold look easily achieved, this blouse should be on your wardrobe the second you lay eyes on it. It will go well with almost all designs of silk sarees. Women who have wider backs can opt for this look, to mix traditions with contemporary fashion.

19. Padded Blouse Design For Silk Sarees:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Padded Blouse 14

The blouse will look at silk sarees when you plan to wear them unpleated and don’t want the sewn seams to show. The blouse in itself as well as a different design, thus making you love it on a whole. The extra pads offer volume to your busts and also holds the saree in place.

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20. Heavy Work On Sleeves Blouse Design:

Silk Saree Blouse Designs-Heavy Work on Sleeves 15

When you want to attend a wedding or happen to be the bride yourself, your choice should be our best blouse on the list. This designer blouse design is easily available in the market if you know where to look and it will most certainly have the tongues gagging about you.

21. Elbow Length Sleeves Silk Blouse for Women:


Kanchipuram silk sarees are world famous for their golden shine thick border pattern. An elbow length sleeves with entirely the golden plain border looks stunning. The same elbow length sleeves of the blouse can be embellished heavy for designer embellished saree. Such designer blouses are in demand among famous celebrities. Ladies can have a rich look at office parties and particular events with such a designer silk blouse.

22. Short Sleeves Silk Blouse With Puff:


Sleeves with a shoulder puff have been in fashion for a long time. The attractive look of puff sleeves has always brought a fresh look even to aged ladies. Young ladies love to design puff sleeves as it gives a chic look to the saree and the personality. Puff sleeves designs come in many looks, like a puff with thick saree border, a puff with a thin golden end, a puff that ends above and on the contrary one that ends near the elbow.

23. Blouse With Elegant Kundan Work:


Kundan work today has a very important place in the fashion world. The splendid outlook of the Kundan work reflects awesome on designer blouses too. The diamonds and shaped spherical mirrors are stuck to the fabric with beautiful exposure. The heavy designed blouse with kundan art can be worn with designer sarees as well as plain sarees. Boutiques designers even chose to make sleeves designed with kundan work.

24. Blouse With Cut Work Designer Patterns:


Marvelous patterns for a designer blouse can also be created with cutwork on blouses. Young girls wearing saree can get a fabulous look with a cutwork blouse with a golden border or contrast border on a plain saree. You can give a rich look at celebrations with such a beautiful saree and designer cut work blouse.

25. Stone Work And Maggam Embroidery Blouse Design for Girls:


Beautiful maggam work and thread work looks elegant on wedding ceremonies. Young girls and even ladies wearing heavy embroidered sarees will look amazingly gorgeous with maggam and stonework designed blouses. The designer long waist length pattern blouse here is the best match for young girls wearing a bold silk saree. Maggam works with kundan art too is seen on the most designer blouse.

26. Silk And Net Combination Designer Blouse:


Net sarees in combination with other material have been in trend these days. And above all, a silk saree with network looks amazing. Designers experimented net with the designs of blouses too. Designer blouse with a neck made with net fabric is one of the most seen blouses. We can also use the net in making the sleeves of the blouse.

27. Silk Blouse with High Neck Designs:


A rich look to your personality gives a blouse stitched with high neck pattern. We can see high neck blouses with collar patterns and also cuff link on the neckline. We can also do patchwork on the neckline or a beautiful border work at the neckline. A golden blouse with high neck pattern with designer net sleeve looks awesome on a golden or plain black saree.

28. Blouse With Boat Neck Pattern:


Boat neck in designer blouse has been in fashion nowadays. A blouse on dark maroon velvet fabric looks stunning on a designer saree, or even on printed saree with a maroon pattern in it. Boat shape neck design looks splendid even when the neckline is crafted with embroidery work of kundan or zardosi work or other patchwork.

29. Full Sleeves Designer Silk Blouse:


Full sleeves look awesome on any lady. Even young girls can wear full sleeve Silk blouse. The effect of full sleeve blouse makes your hands look more pretty. Full sleeves in a kanjeevaram saree is a very new look in the fashion world, while blouses with a full net sleeve have been very common and fabulous long ago.

30. Dori And Sequence Heavy Embroidered Blouse:


Dori work and sequences have put up its art again in the world of fabric. The look of dori work gives a very rich effect. Ladies can wear an open pallav sarees with such a designer silk blouse. A plain contrast saree with a dark velvet blouse with roses embroidered with dori looks elegant on any function.

31. White Silk Blouse With Thread Work Embroidery:


Thread work on fabric is a very old art of designing garments. Though, the art form of thread embroidery looks fabulous every time used to make a new pattern. A white one-fourth sleeves patterned with colorful thread work of flowers look gorgeous with a dark colored bordered saree.

32. Sleeve Less Kutch Work Blouse:


Kutch work has its own rich effect of its artwork on fabric. The thick work done by kutch embroidery looks awesome with a plain saree. The colorful design of kutch work goes best with any color of saree. The best part of this blouse is that you do not need extra accessories to elevate the outfit.

33. Black Silk Blouse With Mirror Work:


Today girls and even ladies who wear sarees on a regular basis love to go for plain sarees with designer blouses matching it. An extraordinary look is given by the new design with mirrors on the blouse. Festivals can be sparkly celebrated with an outstanding outfit. Blouses beautified with mirrors looks outstanding with plain and even sarees in same print designs.

34. Beautiful Silk Blouse with Kalamkari Patchwork:


kalamkari artwork is also one of the most simple sober but a very awesome looking artwork done on fabric. Designer blouses made attractive with kalamkari patch work looks attractive on business parties or seminars. A kalamkari patch work done on blouse best suits with a plain saree similarly designed with kalamkari work.

35. Asymmetric Blouse Design:


Young girls and even professional ladies when to have to wear sarees on a professional party, an asymmetrical blouse design works best to glorify your outfit. A blouse shaped to the waist length in simple plain silk looks adorable and rich with your silk saree.

Silk sarees usually opt for gatherings and occasions. They are very expensive sarees and are worth quite a bit. It is always wise to invest on the blouse no matter how simple or grand your sarees are. A blouse can elevate your look completely. The advantage of these blouses is that they are extremely versatile. You don’t have to worry that you are spending a fortune on these blouses, for they can be mixed and matched with other sarees as well. You can transform a saree completely by going for a trendy blouse. There are many designs to choose from to suit your taste. We hope you loved these stunning silk blouse designs.