10 Stylish Silk Shirts in Trend for Men and Women

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Party wear and evening wear are synonymous with style and shine. Using silk as a material is ideal for all garments that are for party and occasion wear. Silk provides a rich and regal look and this is perfect to make your party outfit stand out. The soft feel of silk is great for the winters too. It is best suited for the winter months as there is warmth in silk that keeps you cozy.

silk shirts

Silk Shirts for Men and Women:

Silk shirts are made for men and women and can be paired with trousers to lend a formal look. Here we share some best silk cloth shirts for men and women in india.

1. Single Color Silk Shirt:

Single color silk shirt

Rich hues like magenta, purple, blue, etc are perfect for silk since they give a very regal look. This designer silk shirt for men is the perfect outfit for a wedding or any special occasion. They come in single colors and lend a flashy look to the person.

2. Men’s Office Wear Silk Shirts:

Office wear silk shirts

Buy 100% women’s silk shirts for office wear that will give you a professional look while seeming feminine. This is perfect with skirts or pants and can also transform from day time wear to a night party. Select colors that have a rich look and you will feel elegant.

3. Paisley Silk Shirt:

Paisley silk shirt

Paisley as a design print is very common. Pair it with silk material and you get a wonderful outfit. This men’s silk shirt is loose fitting and it is to be worn for a casual outing.

4. Men’s Short Sleeve Silk Shirt:

Short sleeve silk shirt

The Indian wear short sleeve look is perfect in this silk shirt for men. Pair this with the Indian ‘mundu’ and it is perfect for wedding or any other ceremonies. The rich colors add to the traditional feel.

5. Vintage Silk Shirts for Men:

Vintage silk shirts

Men’s vintage silk shirts are very bold and loud. They have bold prints and patterns that are traditional and from a particular area in the country. These can be Chinese, Indian, Hawaiian or African prints.

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6. Peter Pan Collar Silk Shirt:

Peter pan collar silk shirt

This cute little peter pan collar silk shirt for women is really a beautiful piece. The fly fish print on it makes it very youthful and charming. This is a long silk shirt that will be paired with trousers.

7. Floral Silk Shirts for Office:

Floral office shirt

Be feminine in this awesome floral silk shirt for a woman that is perfect for office wear too. The long sleeve shirt in silk is slim fitting and thus makes you look very professional. The floral print is delicate and beautiful.

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8. Mandarin Collar Silk Shirt:

Mandarin collar silk shirt

Try these mandarin collared silk shirts for men to achieve that easy going cool look. The rich feel of the fabric is sure to entice you. The prints on the jacquard weave shirt are from Thailand.

9. Fashionable Full Length Women’s Shirt in Silk:

Fashionable Silk Women’s shirt

One of the most fashionable items now is the dress shirt. This is long shirt that feels like a dress and can be worn as is or paired with a belt. The silk dress shirts for women are cool style statements.

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10. Half Sleeve Raw Silk Shirts for Men:

Raw silk shirts

Indian raw silk shirts are very much in demand since they are cooler and can be worn even in the summers. The wedding seasons in summer call for silk shirts that do not feel uncomfortable. The raw silk material is therefore and ideal choice for the summer occasions.

Silk shirts for men and women are the perfect occasion wear, be it a wedding, a ceremony or a night out party. From sober colors to rich darker hues, the silk material is a perfect platform for achieving that regal look. Bold prints as well as delicate ones make the outfits stand out.

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