15 Mesmerizing Neck Designs of Silver Colour Blouses

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Silver color blouse looks shimmery on ladies. It is extravagant in looks and catch up everyone’s eyes. Silver color blouse suits well with bright color saree. You can many designs in silver blouse and can make pattern in front and back side. There can be work of moti, net, lace and other things also on silver blouse. Silver blouse with work will look expensive and rich. It will give you a class. Silver blouse has capacity of getting admirable from people. At night, silver blouse will shine out and make you noticeable.

Womens Silver Colour Blouse Designs:

Every lady should have one silver color blouse with her. Silver blouse is like an extra ornament for ladies. It will help ladies in adorning her. It will provide peace with its soothing color.

1. Silver Padded Blouse:

silver blouse

It is simple round neck blouse but with pads on chest portion. Ladies choose padded blouse to give good shape of their chest. It even looks great. Padded blouse are useful for thin ladies. On padded blouse, even saree gets support on shoulder area.

2. Silver Blouse with Inner-Cut:

Silver Blouse with Inner-Cut

This silver blouse is having inner-cut. On sleeve and neck, there is net fabric. A good cut is given with shape on inner-cut. It is looking fabulous. A lady is shining out in this fancy silver blouse. There is design on inner fabric too. It is lusty.

3. Stylish Silver Blouse:

Stylish Silver Blouse

This is really a stylish silver blouse with mega sleeve and a cut behind. Even dori is attached behind which when tied gives fitting to blouse with body shape. The work done on silver blouse is sparkling like a star. The earring worn is also nice. It is freezy.

4. Silver Blouse Back Pattern:

Silver Blouse Back Pattern

A beautiful cross pattern is done on back side of silver blouse. It is looking hot and backless. It is looking fantastic on ladies and will look gorgeous in party. Chiffon saree will look attractive with this silver blouse. It is pleasing back neck pattern.

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5. Sleeveless Silver Blouse:

Sleeveless Silver Blouse

It is sleeveless silver blouse with broad silver fabric. It is having nice black color dot print in this blouse. Square shape neck pattern is looking good in this blouse. A lady is looking beautiful in this blouse with stunning earring. The print is said polka dot.

6. Ready made Silver Blouse:

Readymade Silver Blouse

It is readymade silver blouse with collar neck and sleeveless. It is open from back side too. A pleasing design is done on blouse with extra work on neck. If there is a silver color border in saree too, it will be an extravaganza. It is stitched as body tight.

7. Lace Work Silver Blouse:

Lace Work Silver Blouse

This is extremely enriched silver blouse with lace work. Much delightful lace work is done on silver blouse. It is looking really rich and classy. It can be worn in Marriage, other family functions or party. Ladies will look pretty in this. It will catch the attention of people.

8. Silver Silk Blouse:

Silver Silk Blouse

This is simple silver color blouse in silk fabric. It also has silver border on neck and sleeve. It has round neck and short sleeve. It will look best with all color saree. Its simplicity win fetch away the hearts of people. The design is so sober. It is calm design.

9. Silver Gota Work Blouse:

Silver Gota Work Blouse

The work on this blouse is known as gota work. It is looking seriously charming. The neck pattern is boat neck with ¾ th sleeve. There is square shape pattern on this blouse which is having captivating capacity. The lady is looking lovely in this.

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10. Silver Designer Blouse:

Silver Designer Blouse

This blouse is a special creation of a designer. It is sleeveless and V neck. You can pair it with heavy work saree to give a classy look in a party. It is having features which arouse interest of ladies in this blouse. Charismatic design is done on this blouse. It also has mirror work.

11. Silver Embroidered Blouse:

Silver Embroidered Blouse

In this silver blouse, there is handwork done of embroidery. It is looking engaging and interesting. Tempting embroidery work is done on this blouse to have fascinating look. This blouse is attached with pads. Lady will look amazing in this.

12. Silver Mirror Work Blouse:

Silver Mirror Work Blouse

It is purely traditional silver color blouse with mirror work on neck area. It is having pearl design too. It is having ethnic pattern and will look good with mirror work chaniyacholi. When you are in reflected lights of Dandiya ceremony, it will shine out.

13. Silver Brocade Blouse:

Silver Brocade Blouse

It is silver color blouse in brocade fabric. Brocade blouse is much famous currently. It can be used with every type of saree. It does not possess much work and pattern. It is looking unique with black saree. A lady will look different from others. Brocade is not shiny.

14. Long Sleeve Silver Blouse:

Long Sleeve Silver Blouse

It is shiny silver color blouse in long sleeve. It is as pretty as picture. The sleeves are in transparent fabric. It is looking astonishing and perplexing with this blue color saree. Because of polished material, it is having glossy effect. Broad neck cut is given.

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15. Silver Gorgeous Blouse:

Silver Gorgeous Blouse

This blouse is having gorgeous print on fabric. It is having net on neck and it is sleeveless with full neck. The silver blouse is having zigzag design with smoothness. It is looking sensational with neat and clean design. Lady will look glorious.

Silver blouse does not have much design on fabric. It is simple and mostly plain. But even its simplicity wins the hearts of ladies. At present, trend is going on of readymade blouses. Generally, all ladies keep one silver readymade blouse in her wardrobe. It gets matched with almost all color saree. It gives some change to ladies look. You can have various neck and sleeve pattern according to your need. It is embellished with stone and mirror work.