Silver chains for men have been quite popular across the country for decades. Besides the metal being accessible and within the budget to everyone, it also adds a peculiar and unique trend and fashion to all the guys who wear it. Also known as the Chandi ki chain in Hindi, these gents ornaments have growing popularity all across. There also comes several new designs and types within the same. Today, we will let out a few secrets in choosing the right chain for yourself amidst several such looks and trends. Be it a traditional look or the modern, bright hues for your fashion sense, these top varieties will surely cater to your needs.

Silver chains are always a fashion hit for men and women, who can wear them anytime and on any occasion. Silver chains can best complement any skin and clothing colour; aside from that is economy friendly. Countless designs and styles are available in the Indian market.

Trending Men’s Silver Neck Chains Designs:

The essential effective types of jewellery and beautiful and unique silver neck chains for men change between societies yet are regularly seemingly perpetual.

1. Purity Silver Chain for Men:


This cross-linked silver chain for men is the latest design that is trending already across the globe. Those who want a unique and unusual design, different from the regularly sought variety, give a classy and vintage look mostly prefer such chains. This comes in 92.5 purity silver and is the best in the market trends.

  • Design: Cross-Linked Silver Chain
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Casual Wear, Festive Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear this with ethnic wear for festive gatherings to look good.

2. Sterling Pure Silver Chain:


This variety of silver chains for men is quite thick and best for muscular and bulky bodies. It looks apt and fit for such body types and can also sharply mark the style statement. Those men who prefer traditional and ornamental touches can best prefer such designs. It has been an ongoing trend for quite a few years yet continues to dominate the market with its evergreen style.

  • Design: Circular Interlinked Design Chain
  • Metal: 92.5 bis Hallmark Silver
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear this with casual and regular outfits.

3. Long Curb Chain in Silver for Men:

What is better than the latest long curb chain design if you prefer less delicate and thin-looking chains and want more silver in the ornament? It comes with pure silver hallmark variety and looks good as a classic design for all men!

  • Design: Curb Chain Design
  • Metal: 925 Silver Chain
  • Occasion: Partywear
  • Style Tip: Wear with fancy party outfits or semiformal shirts to look good.

4. Pure Silver Chain for Men and Boys:


This latest variety of silver chains is best suited for young men and guys who prefer a fancy and trendy contemporary look. It looks exquisite and classic, the best fit for those who do not want a traditional look. It is a short and small chain for men who do not wish for bold looks.

  • Design: Elegant Circular and Oval Chain Design
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Partywear
  • Style Tip: Wear with semiformal or party wear western outfits.

5. Double Link Silver Men’s Chain:


This unique and cool silver chain for boys and men is quite trendy across the globe. It comes in double links and layers, simultaneously making it look unique and trendy in the pattern. It is also a bit more expensive than the standard silver chain. However, it makes the most of it with its contemporary design and cut.

  • Design: Double Link Chain Design
  • Metal: Pure Silver
  • Occasion: Parties and Festive Outings
  • Style Tip: This is good as winter fashion wear.

6. Oval Ball Silver Chain:


This silver neck chain for boys and men comes with an anti-tarnishing coat, best to protect and avoid damage to the metal from wear and tear. With its modern design trend and looks, it has a designer vibe. One can find this chain in different lengths, whether short or small, medium or long.

  • Design: Oval Ball Design Chain
  • Metal: Pure 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: One can wear this with regular t-shirts and outfits to give the best looks.

7. The Spiral Silver Chain for Men:


Are you bored of the casual oval and circular chains? Do you have exquisite and fancy taste preferences to match with boho vibes? This all-new male silver chain may be the best fit for you. It comes in distinct designs and trends, with the latest trends incorporated. It is neither thick nor thin and is lightweight too.

  • Design: Spiral Design Chain
  • Metal: Pure Silver
  • Occasion: Parties and Weddings
  • Style Tip: Wear this with classic heavy ethnic and traditional wear.

8. Sterling Silver Chain for Men with Interlinks:

Another pattern of interlinked silver chain design is here. If you are used or already possess one in variety and are looking for another comfortable and elegant design popular in the market, this can be the best choice. It is simple yet has the latest new look, which can give an intense vibe.

  • Design: Interlink Design Silver Chain
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Weddings and Festive Wear
  • Style Tip: It can be good with formal and traditional wear.

9. Simple Silver Link Chain for Men:


This variety can be the best and most apt fit if you prefer a simple chain for your regular use and do not want a bold or hyped-up look. It can fit men in older age groups and effortlessly give a trendy and youthful look.

  • Design: Simple Interlinked Chain
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: One can wear this with both formal and daily wear.

10. Plain Silver Casual Chain:


Last but not least, this plain silver chain is stealing our hearts for various reasons – it is super simple yet unique in the design and comes with a slight shine. This can be the best contemporary choice if you want a plain silver chain. Young men and age groups can prefer this to look timeless and elegant.

  • Design: Plain Silver Chain with Small Interlinked Design in Between
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Party wear and formal wear can be best here.

11. Heavy Figaro Silver Chain for Him:

Many more neck silver chains are handy in stores for men. This full silver-plated heavy Figaro Chain is laser coated and polished with sterling silver for lasting brilliance. The Figaro silver chain for men is made up of a high-quality piece and a broad one. You can surprise the special man in your life with this sensational Figaro chain. This can add a chic look to any outfit.

12. Vintage Cross Black and Silver Chain:

Black and silver has a classical Latin style and is made of silver-toned lightweight material. The pendant has been embossed, engraved, and consists of shiny silver-tone metal with rounded raised patterns. Suitable for either a man or woman, this cross neck chain is a wonderful match in excellent vintage condition.

13. Hunky Chunky Men’s Silver Chain:

Hunky chunky men’s chain designed with lightweight silver chain and highlighted with blue and white swirled glass beads and silver alloy bead caps. This hunky chunky chain offers a manly look. If you can wear this silver chain, it enhances your personality more than others. It is a popular design among all men for its masculine glance.

14. Long Silver Box Chain Design for Man:

Silver chain for men’s there are several online stores, and many designs for chains are available. This comes in different widths; there are many options to choose your style online. This silver chain has incorporated a pattern of the long box. It gives a simple and classy view of the wearer’s neck.

15. Sterling Silver Chains for Men:

The good thing about the silver chain is its versatility to be attached with a silver pendant to make it look charming and fashionable. These sterling silver chains for men are made with a shiny or antiqued silver finish. The chain has a very nice weight without being too heavy and is the ideal gift for a fashion-conscious man.

16. Skull Pendant with Silver Chain for Boys:

Inspired by celebrities, most youngsters are showing off their skull pendant chains. Most chains are custom-made, showing the hard work behind their making. This skull pendant gave a horror and inspired look to the viewers. Many celebrities can wear this kind of unique chain.

17. Guitar Pendant Silver Chain for Boys:

The stunning rock and roll guitar pendant silver chain will upgrade your appearance with an impressive trendy touch, featuring an exceptional guitar design, beautifully crafted in quality stainless silver. The pendant of the silver chain consists of yellow colour polished design, which is a great design for instrument lovers.

18. Unique Silver Neck Chain for Men:

Silver chains for men give affordability and an attractive view to others. This is the reason why silver chains are in and hot for men. The simpler it looks, the better it is for them. These unique silver neck chains are made of small rounded beads and polished with brilliant silver material.

19. Deific Lucent Sterling Silver Chain for Men:

This deific lucent silver chain has been making the finest handcrafted jewellery with powerful designs and razor-sharp attention to the smallest details for celebrities high profile individuals. This silver chain, designed with thin silver and a tiny pendant, will give your neck a simple and classy view. You can wear this chain for any dress.

20. Silver Tone Chains for Man:

Men’s silver chains are an integral part of human life, especially for men. These silver-toned chains are the perfect gift for occasions and holidays such as Christmas, birthdays, and weddings. This could be an ideal gift for your husband or your boyfriend. If you want to add a pendant with this chain, that gives an extra elegant look to your attire.

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21. Silver Flat Chain for Men:

The flat silver chain is always a classic staple to any jewellery box. Broad and lightweight flat silver chains are so comfortable that you will hardly notice wearing them. It will make an astounding gift over the holidays to a loved one. You can also choose this silver chain for regular use and office purposes.

22. Silver Chain with Crystal Quartz:

Silver chain design for a man fits well with any clothing type, formal or informal. Even with a simple outfit, you can outshine the beauty of silver. This design is a lovely small quartz crystal chain with turquoise associated with sterling silver chain and wire.

23. Indian Traditional Silver Chains for Men:

The traditional silver chain for men creates a unique look; it is extremely flexible and fluid by their look. The chain can be a highly polished and light-reflecting piece. The Silver chain is made with a traditional complex design and gives a great look to your everyday ensemble. These traditional silver chains are suitable for wedding ceremonies and other functions.

24. Leather with Silver Pendant:

Some people prefer chains that are slightly adjustable in length. The two-rounded silver pendant is made with lightweight sterling silver and hanging with a leather neck chain, which gives a simple look and offers a great and unique performance compared with others.

25. Superman Men’s Silver Chain Design:

Silver chain for boys is accessible in different finishes like polished, rustic, and antique. The filigreed chains are elegant, delicate, and accessible in different stylish designs. One of the most popular designs is the superman pendant silver chains. These designs are widely liked by teenagers and also kids.

Though silver chains and chokers are used only by men, silver chains are mostly used by women, and men are available in different finishes, ranging from antique to rustic and hammered. These can be permanently worn on your neck and are a perfect accessory that would mix with any apparel. Silver had never been out of fashion; you can pass it to the next generation. It may be the perfect valuable metal chain that can be affordable to anyone.


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