Silver is one of the most loved jewellery metals for the shine, daintiness and elegant charm it exudes. The lustre and the colour of sterling silver combined with the various designs and patterns offered in jewellery are the reasons silver is most preferred for daily wear jewellery. Silver has the inherent property of providing one with a calm state of mind, subtlety, being open-minded and having a clear opinion on things. Marriage unites two people for a lifetime, and couples ring in this amazing metal is the perfect foundation stone for the journey together. So here we will have a look into the top 15 couple rings silver designs.

Beautiful and New Collection of Silver Rings for Couples:

Let we have to look at the top, and modern designs of silver couples ring with images.

1. Matching Silver Couple Rings:

These are lovely matching silver couple rings for men and women in the same pattern. They have this dull polish in the silver, which makes these look fabulous when worn. The unique polish gives these rings a new unique look and finish. Made with sterling silver, this has a no-nonsense, simple rounded design made with perfection.

2. Silver Couple Wedding Rings:

Lovely looking matching rings in sterling silver is a beautiful and stunning piece of jewellery perfect for weddings. The silver couple rings have diamonds studded on them for extra shine and brilliance. His one has one stone while her one has a series of stones on them. Diamonds make the jewellery perfect for weddings, and silver rings are for promises to be kept for a lifetime.

3. Silver Promise Rings:

Lovely half heart in each ring joined into a full heart makes this silver promise ring for a couple. This is perfect for keeping re-imagining the wedding vows whenever you have a look at the ring. The half hearts are beautifully engraved on the sterling silver rings in these.

4. Engraved Silver Rings for Couples :

Engraving is the loveliest way to personalize rings too. Silver rings couples can be engraved with words as I love you, love, dates, names etc., to make it memorable forever. The engraving done in sterling silver stands out because it gives a decent look at the couple rings.

5. Cut Diamond Silver Couple Rings:

Cut diamonds are the style and the design used while cutting the diamonds. Cut diamonds shine brilliantly on sterling silver rings. These couple rings are identical in the way they are made except for the thickness in the two rings, the ring for the man being a bit thicker than for the woman.

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6. Crown Silver Couple Rings:

The highlight in these silver couple rings is the crown design. The design of the man’s crown is in sterling silver, while that of the woman is cubic zircon studded stones in sterling silver. The cubic zircon stones are of bright ruby colour, which accentuates the ring more.

7. Silver Roses Couple Rings:

Elegance and more elegance can be the one word that describes this beautiful couple rings in silver. These rings have beautiful silver roses etched perfectly in both rings. In the ring for man, the rose and the leaves are etched in the face of the ring, while for the woman’s ring, the rose is studded like a stone on the top with leaves on the side beautifully.

8. Silver Couple Rings with Rose Gold:

Rose gold is a shade of pink or copper coloured gold expensive than usual gold. Rose gold looks amazing in accessories. When combined with silver and diamonds in 18 carats rose gold, these couple rings are for keeps and is perfect for a new couple on their engagement or wedding.

9. Heartbeat Silver Couple Rings:

Amazing is the word for these super innovative designed silver couple rings. The sterling silver rings have engraved heartbeats on them. Marriage unites two couples, and their hearts becomes one. So these engraved heartbeats are perfect for young couples in love.

10. “I Do” Silver Couple Rings:

The perfect way to say I do and keep the promise are these sterling silver rings with the words I do with a diamond on the alphabet O. Lovely is the ring, and lovelier is the relationship between the couple. A perfect way to say and propose with these fabulous couple rings.

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11. Twisted Silver Couple Rings:

Twisted and thin yet elegant are these silver rings for a couple. Made of sterling silver, these rings have a matt finish for men and diamonds studded in the case of a woman’s ring. Lovely looking twisted rings are for gifting on special occasions and to celebrate special moments.

12. Silver Couple Rings with Cutout Water Design:

These are those rings for everyday wear for couples to keep reminding them about the love for each other and keep the romance in the relationship alive. These nice cut-out water designs signify the relationship, which should flow and be as cool as water.

13. Zircon Diamond Sterling Couple Rings:

These look stunning in the highlight being zircon diamond stones on them. Zircon gives a stunning brilliance to the stones and hence looks expensive at the same time. These are named romantic lover couple rings too, made of 925 sterling silver.

14. Cross and Crown Silver Rings:

Cross for a man and crown for a woman are these silver couple rings. The cross and the crown are made in diamonds, and the rings are made of sterling silver. The cross represents the king, and the crown is for the queen. These can be perfect wedding gifts too.

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15. Diamond Mount Silver Couple Rings:

These are the perfect engagement rings with diamonds mounted on them prominently on top. These rings in sterling silver look beautiful and also has a lot of small diamonds too studded. These look classy and grand for engagement which is a very important day in a couple’s life.

Since time immemorial, silver as an element has been related to compassion and justice. So it is believed that silver is the element for signifying dignity and self-control. Silver has a connection to the moon, and hence silver possesses properties connected to the moon for grace and beauty. Incidentally, silver also has a hint of mystery element.


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