Silver is a metal which is used since centuries. People have made utensils, weapons and ornaments of this metal. As this metal is not expensive as gold so people used this metal more. As silver has a sparkling and dazzle vision it attracts more.

As now gold rates prices are soaring high and its difficult to but gold ornaments, so jewellery made of silver is in demand. There are numerous and great varieties of silver jewellery are available and you can choose it according to your style and design which attracts you.

Pure Silver Jewelry Designs:

Let’s see some top designs of silver jewellery.

1. Dazzling Silver Necklace Jewelry Set:

Silver necklace are very much in demand because of its craftsmanship. The design and pattern can leave you spellbound. The silver set can be worn on special occasion as well on weddings, as per the outfit. The silver set look great because of its shine and one cannot resist flaunting these ornaments.

2. Pure Silver Chains Jewelry for both Men & Women:

Silver chains are very popular and it is worn by both men and women. The silver chains are available in silver colour as well as oxidized form. There are various designs and pattern of chains are available and you can choose it according to the occasion and your outfit. The silver jewellry chains can be flaunted on casuals t-shirts and a pair of jeans and even with formals.

3. Jewellery Silver Rings for Girls:

Silver rings look very glamorous and are very difficult to resist. The silver rings are available in different pattern and designs. The silver jewellery rings can be clubbed with precious stone like diamonds, pearl or Swarovski. The rings look very elegant and make your fingers look stunning. These type of silver rings can be worn by any females of any group.

4. Silver Bracelets Jewellery for Men:

Men’s are very much concern about their appearance and the accessories they wear. Silver jewellery bracelets are generally must in their jewel box as it makes them look stylish and cool. The silver bracelet brings an entire change in their personality and makes them look trendy.

5. Antique Silver Bangles Jewelry:

The design and the craftsmanship on the antique bangles are always fabulous. The designs on the antique silver jewellery bangles depict an era or particular image with immense meaning in it. These bangles are broad in design and covers your wrist fully thus giving an appealing vision to your appearance.

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6. Rings for Men in Silver Metal:

Rings are the most adorable jewellery starting from toddlers to young ones and to mid age people also. Men appreciate rings according to their style and outfit. Young boys prefer funky rings to match the persona. Rings are available in oxidised form also and can be worn of any occasion to make you cool trendy and stylish.

7. Silver Earrings Jewellery with Drops:

Silver earrings are very striking and unique.  As ears are the most visible part of the body so you must choose silver earrings which make you appear different. Silver jewelery earrings are available in different designs like in studs, or danglers, jhumkas and you can choose it according to your style. These earrings can be worn on daily basis as nothing can go wrong with it.

8. Anklets in Silver for Females:

Anklets are trendiest accessories in today’s time. Girls and women’s prefer to wear silver anklets as it gives their ankle a new look. In Indian tradition it’s compulsory to wear anklets on auspicious occasion and on weddings also. It available in different styles and pattern and you can pick and choose according to your taste and comfort.

9. Designer Silver Bracelet For Girls:

As the time passed by designers have given a new look to silver bracelets.  The silver bracelet has very skillful designs intricate on it and in between stones is engraved to enhance the visual of bracelet as well your wrist, thus making you appear different in the crowd.

10. Sterling Silver Horse Charm Pendant:

The silver pendants have a special charm and they make you appear unique and stylish. This silver pendant is designed in shape of horse and you can hang with it a sparkling silver jewelery chain of your own choice. These types of pendants are generally worn by persons who are passionate about sports and always dream and like to wear sporty stuff.

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11. Jewellery Silver Stylish Pendants:

Pendants are very much in demand by both men and women’s. Silver pendants are available in various designs and pattern and they look stylish on you. The ten age girls and boys wear them to mark a style in front of their friends and mark an impression on them. So grab a silver pendant and look cool.

12. Snake Design Silver Armbands for Women:

Silver Armbands are very much in fashion and it goes well on any kind of outfit you wear, like casuals or traditional.  The armbands give your arms a special look, thus making you a centre of attraction. It make you look unique and you can wear them in parties as well in weddings also. The silver jewelry armbands are available in various designs and you can choose according to the occasion.

13. Pure Silver Bangles Jewellery for Girls:

Bangles are the most elegant ornament which women wear on their hands. The vibrations and sound which comes out of the bangle is always positive and soothing. Girls are always particular about the dressing and looks, so silver jewelry bangles is the awesome match to make them appear beautiful and pretty.

14. Silver Toe Rings for Bridal:

In Hindu culture it is important to wear toe rings for married woman. During weddings it a culture for bridegroom wear silver toe rings. Now a day’s even young unmarried girls wear toe rings as a fashion and style. There are various pattern of toe ring available to glam up your appearance.

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15. Sterling Silver Chain with Pendants:

Sterling means pure and we all love to wear things which are made in pure silver. These jewels are almost 99 percent pure in nature. The sterling chains and pendants always highlight your looks whenever you wear them.

Silver is a metal which can be worn on daily use as well is a good office wear. The ornaments made of silver are hard in nature and you can wear them without the fear of getting bad or broken. The silver jewellery are available for both men and women and even for small girls, so you can pick the accessories matching to your persona and fashion and look flamboyant, stylish and different from others. Grab a silver jewellery and flaunt it.

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