Historically, all around the world, men and women both have worn necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chains, amulets, pendants, rings and many more. However, it was considered effeminate of men to wear jewellery in the 19th and 20th centuries. They confined themselves to cufflinks, timepieces and tiepins. However, the 21st century brought a revolutionary change, and men are experimenting with adornments regarded exclusively as feminine.

New Collection of Mens Silver Jewellery Models:

Men prefer to wear gold and men’s silver jewellery. Here are some silver men’s jewellery designs.

1. Men’s Silver Curb Chain Design:

This silver chain is ideal for men who like to keep it simple. It can also be worn on an official uniform and looks plain. It is lightly weighted and can be worn regularly. This is the most common silver jewellery for men.

2. Phoenix Rising Silver Ring for Men:

The Phoenix is a Greek mythological bird believed to rise from its predecessor’s ashes and decompose itself to death. This phoenix ring is made of sterling silver and has a glazing look. It has an intricate design on the bird and looks classy. Men will love it if they are familiar with the myth.

3. Simple Silver Cuff Bracelet for Mens:

This hammered silver bracelet is heavy and has a simple look. It can be worn by men who are looking for simple silver jewellery for men with minimal design. It looks good on the hand and gives you a classy look.

4. Silver Mens Jewelry Earrings:

Many men like to wear earrings these days. If one can carry it well, it looks really smart and classy. This simple silver hoop earring is metallic and gives a cool touch to the ears. Teenagers can wear it too.

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5. Simple Men’s Nose Ring in Silver:

Nose rings have a very funky look if carried well. Young men or teenagers usually wear them. This simple nose ring is not worn on one side but in the centre. It is simple silver men’s jewellery and can be worn on occasion.

6. Silver Mens Jewellery Cuff links:

Cufflinks are worn by men on shirts, and they have an official look. They are the most common silver jewellery men. This silver cufflink has a shiny look and is square-shaped. It has a rough feel and looks elegant on shirts. The cufflink’s colour matches with a shirt of any colour.

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7. Religious Silver Jewellery for Men:

This silver necklace has a diamond-studded swastika symbol as a pendant. The swastika symbol is considered holy for the Hindus. This necklace has a religious look and can be worn regularly. It is simple and charming and will be loved by those who believe in it.

8. Mens Silver Skull Ring:

Skull rings for men have a trendy look and are loved by the young generation. This antique skull ring has a boisterous look with a pilot skull. It looks very funky on the fingers and will be loved by all.

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9. Antique Mens Silver Bracelets:

These bracelets are different from men’s general bracelets as they have a quirky look. A heavy broad bracelet with turquoise studded follows the thin antique bracelets. It has an overall great look and will go well with informal wear.

Silver jewellery for men has become very popular with the changing times. Many designs are available for men to choose from. Silver jewellery men have a very classy and rich look, making their simple attire look fabulous.


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