Silver is one of the most precious metals. It is used for making alloys, batteries, mirrors, and idols. It is also of medicinal value. Since the beginning of time, silver has been used in making coins. These days silver is used in making jewellery. Since it is an expensive metal, silver jewellery are expensive. Silver lockets have gained popularity in the recent past.

Different Types of Lockets in Silver Metal:

Here are some of the trendiest silver lockets for girls and boys are as follows:

1. Plain Silver Heart Locket for Women:

This is a very elegant locket that can be gifted to young women. It’s the simplicity of this locket that makes it attractive. Wearing this locket even over a simple top can enhance your attire. It is light-weighted, making it more convenient for daily use.

2. Silver Photo Locket for Couples:

This unique silver locket is engraved in the most intricate manner, giving it a grand look. It has enough space to fit two photographs on either side. This might be the perfect gift for your loved ones. You can attach it to a gold or silver chain to give it the perfect look.

3. Ancient Locket Silver:

A simple round locket, with a silver chain, and an intricate engraving makes the perfect combination for an ancient silver locket. The tree engraved on it can be considered a symbol of peace and secrecy. It has ample space inside to fit a small item, like a photo or a message.

4. Designer Large Silver Lockets for Women:

This locket, which is attached to a silver chain, has a complex structure but gives a very elegant look. The round frame can carry a photograph in the centre, which is topped by a crown-like design. This is one of the best silver lockets for women.

5. Winged Silver Locket for Girls:

This locket has a funky and cool look. It is carried best by teenagers and young women. It looks as if two wings are joined together to form a heart shape. Both the wings open in opposite directions to reveal a small space for storage.

6. Silver Lockets Necklace for Girls:

This cute locket is quirky, with a minion attached to a silver encased locket. It denotes innocence and is appealing to young girls. The locket case can be filled with a small item or photograph.

7. Latest Silver Lockets for Men:

This studded locket has a religious significance. The symbol, known as the swastika, is considered holy among the Hindus. People who believe in god will like wearing this, firstly because it is made of silver, which is a precious metal, and secondly because it is a holy symbol.

8. Gothic Silver Locket for Teens:

It has a gothic look, which makes it look ancient. It also looks like an amulet or pomander. It can be worn by teenagers boys as well as girls. Because of its spherical structure, this locket can store more than just a photograph, like a ring.

9. Transparent Silver Locket:

This locket silver chain is attached to a transparent locket that can store a photograph in a way that it gets magnified and seems as if the photograph itself is the locket. Even though silver is used only in the rims and the chain, the locket with the photograph, gives a very royal and elegant look.

There are several types of lockets today, like silver photo locket, silver lockets for women, silver lockets for men, silver lockets for girls and silver heart locket, which have become popular.


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