Mangalsutra is an auspicious thread which is worn by the Hindu brides. It is one of the marriage rituals where the groom ties the mangalsutra in the bride’s neck known as Mangalam Kalyanam. The mangalsutra is worn by the brides for the long life of her husband. Traditionally, the mangalsutra was made with a simple thread in haldi. However, with the change in the jewelry market, the mangalsutra are now available in gold and silver too.

Most Beautiful Silver Mangalsutra Designs for Womens in Fashion:

Here are few amazing designs of silver mangalsutra designs which would create a desire to have in your collection.

1. Gemstone Silver Mangalsutra:

The mangalsutra made with silver is here given a curvy design which holds a gemstone in an eye shape in the center. To make it more adorable, three diamonds are also attached below and above the gemstone. With a single black and silver bead chain, it is carried on dresses.

2. Ganga Jamuna Silver Mangalsutra:

Ganga Jamuna is quite in trend these days. The mangalsutra silver gold pattern has a pendant made in silver studded in diamonds, while the side curves are given a golden touch. The chain is also made with black pearl and golden pearls for a different look.

3. Simple Silver Mangalsutra:

A simplest design in silver mangalsutra chain is widely carried by the women on casuals and ethnics too. The chain in silver is given black beads at some gap. The design is inspired by the silver chains. To attach the black beads with each other, a silver bead is placed in between.

4. The Moon Silver Mangalsutra:

A combination of off moon and studded diamonds is given to the silver mangalsutra designs. The single black beads chain is attached with a moon designed pendant. The moon is than decorated with diamonds to give a designer look.

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5. Curvy Silver Mangalsutra Designs:

Inspired by the mehendi designs, the curvy silver mangalsutra pendants designed with minor work. The silver branches are given diamond fixing which are defined as the dew drops and leaves. The pendant is also given a diamond studded tear drop design at the end.

6. Black Flower Silver Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra silver when given a touch of black gems looks more artistic. The silver pendant studded with diamonds, is further given a black floral with a center red stone. The pendant is given a dual mangalsutra string for a different look.

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7. Handy Silver Mangalsutra:

Handy mangalsutra in silver is widely accepted by the women who love wearing designer accessories. The mangalsutra is given a dual black bead string with simple look. The design is further given a small silver circular pendant which is studded with white diamonds and a black diamond in the center.

8. Shell Silver Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra designs in silver are given a new twisted design which is inspired by the shell design. The dual string in black beads is given a silver pendant studded with diamonds and a pearl. It looks fascinating with similar design earrings.

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9. Sun Pendant Silver Mangalsutra Design:

A mangalsutra design with a sun pendant is widely worn in the South side of India. It is a pattern with pious meaning. The mangalsutra is made with both gold and silver metals. The pendant is made using both silver and gold rays in diamonds with a tear hanging below.

The silver mangalsutra symbolizes ornate, graceful, elegance and much more. Hence the silver mangalsutra defines feminine energy, purity, vision, strength, clarity and much more. The silver mangalsutra designs is widely sold as they give a charming look when combined with diamonds. Another benefit of silver mangalsutra is that the pendant can gain any sort of design with accuracy.

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