One of things that make us Humans different from animals is shoes. It is the main part of our accessories. It has been just animal skin to proper woven shoes. These patterns of shoes have evolved from time to time, season to season. The colours and varieties are endless. One of the stylish colours in shoes is silver.

Different Types of Shoes in Silver Colour:

Here are few styles of formal and wedding silver shoes for men and women in india.

1. Silver Kitten Heels Women Shoes:

All girls like to move in style. High heels add inches for sure, but it does start hurt after a while. So if you have a long day, then silver kitten heels shoes. They have one inch heels only.

2. Silver Lace-up Men Shoes:

From the rappers to sportsmen, all men are in lace-up shoes. You wear it to play ball or run or do any type of physical activity. The men add a little bling by using silver colour in their lace-up shoes. It is very classy. Men prefer to wear them to parties and events.

3. Bridal Silver Wedge Shoes:

If you really want to wear heels to party, but don’t want to compromise on your comfort. Then silver wedge shoes are best for you. Since it is like platform heels, they are comfortable. The wide heels help you to balance.

4. Silver Trainers Shoes:

You can run in trainer shoes or do your workouts in them. Silver trainer shoes provide the right comfort and look stylish at same time. It is ideal for men who want to look smart and fashionable even when they are working out.

5. Silver Stiletto Women Shoes for Wedding:

Stilettos are high slim heels. You will find many women celebrities use this type of shoes too. They have diamonds or sequins on it. Girls wear it to parties. It is a bridal choice.

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6. Silver Loafer Shoes for Men:

Loafers are office favourite. The silver loafer shoes are stylish option in office wear. They are not so bling. Look stylish and different catchy feel for men’s. Men wear it easily on suits and formal wear.

7. Silver Peep Toes Women Shoes:

If you have broad toes, then peep toes shoes is best for you. Silver peep toes shoes have small opening near the toes. These shoes are best for semi-formal parties. Girls can wear it over anything.

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8. Silver Boots Men Shoes:

Boots can be very boring. Men like experimenting with colours in shoes. Silver boots shoes are a stylish option for the men. It is perfect for day party especially if it involves lots of dancing.

9. Silver Satin Women Shoes:

Girls love satin shoes. Silver satin shoes have extra smooth finish. Brides wear it with their wedding gown as they are not very flashy. They are very smart for work also.

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10. Silver Sneakers Men Shoes:

No boy can grow without his sneakers. These ideal shoes look really awesome in silver. It looks smart and very fashionable. Young men wear it for night outs because of its extra comfort.

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