The next amazing metal after gold is silver and shades of silver being black, white and oxidised. Silver jewellery looks fashionable yet trendy and very classy at the same time. Silver is a very gentle and sensitive metal just like a woman. For years it is believed that silver has the wise and feminine energy from the moon representing imagination and intuition.

Toe rings are symbolic of married Indian woman. In India, a toe ring is worn by Hindu women as sign of marriage. Women wear the ring on the second toe of both feet. A particular nerve from the toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. A toe ring actually strengthens the uterus, keeping it healthy and regulates the blood flow to it.

Indian Traditional Toe Rings in Silver:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 silver toe ring designs for daily wear.

1. Simple Plain Silver Toe Ring:

These are simple toe rings in silver for everyday wear. These are made of sterling silver and hence can be worn on a daily basis without the fear of it becoming black or getting tarnished.These are not very thick and not too thin and perfectly fit in the toe. These can be plain without design or can have twisted spiral design in them.

2. Adjustable Silver Toe Ring:

These are open toe rings in silver and are adjustable. Since they are adjustable, anyone can wear these according to the toe size. They come in sterling silver and can have patterns or designs in them for a fancier look. It is highly preferred by young newly married women for daily wear.

3. Traditional Stone Toe Rings in Silver:

These toe rings in silver are given to the bride during wedding which are truly traditional toe rings. These have intricate work in them and have colourful work or stones in them and are not small but are quite big and usually have round or oval design. They look elegant because they are not thin and have designs on them. Further, work done in silver stands out in these traditional toe rings.

4. Feathered Silver Toe Rings:

Feather represents a bird and gives one the freedom to fly and conquer heights. These toe rings in the shape of feather are great to be worn to work too as they look really fashionable and smart.

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5. CZ Silver Toe Rings:

Cubic zircon stones are so much in trend and why then can a silver toe ring be left behind? Sterling silver toe rings with cubic zircon stones as the highlight is perfect for weddings, marriage, family functions etc. for a woman. Zircon stones have that shine and sparkle which gives an edge to the silver toe ring.

6. Double Band Silver Toe Rings:

Double banded silver toe rings look different and usually have a design in between like a stone, flower, abstract design etc. The design in the middle highlights the toe ring and enhances the beauty more with the embellishments in the sterling silver double band.

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7. Silver Toe Rings with Sonorous Bells:

Sonorous bells in anklets are common but even these can be a part of sterling silver toe rings too. Elegant toe rings with intricate designs in the centre with colourful stones form part of this beautiful accessory. Additionally to weave elegance to these are added sonorous bells at the edge of the design to give a new definition to the toe rings.

8. Silver Toe Rings with Diamonds and Pearl:

Classy and spectacular accessory are these silver toe rings with a lovely pearl studded in the centreencircled by shiny diamonds. These are perfect for a bride or is a lovely gifting option for a young girl getting married soon. These are perfect for wedding jewellery trousseau.

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9. Antique Silver Toe Ring:

Antique jewellery is one that is passed down generations and is precious and very valuable. These antique silver toe rings are beautiful for the make and design. These toe rings are not the usual ones circular in design but are wired in a unique and interesting pattern making it very important part of one’s antique jewellery collection.

Silver is related to compassion, justice, sensitivity and wisdom. The moment one sees silver jewellery, we get an inner divine strength with the colour and luminance of silver jewellery. Wearing silver jewellery and toe rings soothes the soul and gives strength from within and one becomes open minded and calm at the same time.


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