Silver metals signifies moon and it even resembles to the attribute of a feminine energy. It even signifies strength, clarity and purity, all these qualities required in a married life. The metal silver can withstand any type of  weathering, heat but still it dazzling effect doesn’t get disappear that’s what should be there in a wedding. The wedding is a vow between two people to live their life together. So wedding ring has to be something unique and memorable as this immemorial event happens once in a lifetime.

Amazing Silver Rings for Wedding:

Let’s have a glance at top 9 traditional wedding rings in silver for men and women.

1. Three Layer Silver Diamonds Wedding Ring:

The wedding bangle has to be different and special from other rings. These silver bangles is layered in three and on all of them uncut diamonds are crowned where as in the centre big lustrous shinning diamond is embossed giving is appealing look.

2. Silver Wedding Ring Set:

Some couples wants their wedding set to be similar looking, then these types of marvellous silver wedding ring set could be an ideal one. The bride ring has amazing heart and blooming flowers studded where as the groom ring has  cross ring embedded making it look extraordinary.  A perfect ring that sets to keep the promise alive forever and live a happy married life.

3. Sterling Silver Wedding Ring with Swarovski:

This type of sterling silver wedding rings are very common and gaining popularity as these rings doesn’t get tarnished in the passage of time.  The ring has a beautiful texture and the small uncut diamonds embossed at the edges and in the centre shinning Swarovski giving an extra look to it. The ring appears unique of the bride hand and makes her feel complete.

4. Unique Silver Wedding Ring for Men:

Some grooms prefer to have their wedding rings to be unique and very different from others. So, kind of silver wedding rings stands to be an ideal for them. The silver ring has a distinctive design on it making it appear stunning and stylish when worn on their special day.

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5. Diamond Studded Silver Wedding Ring For Men:

Men’s wants their wedding ring to be stylish flashy and look classy on his hand on that special day. The ring has a spectacular look where in small uncut diamonds are tuned at the sides of the ring and awesome looking diamond at the centre gives the ring a extravagant appearance on the wedding day.

6. Flower Shape Silver Pearl Wedding Ring:

Pearl, diamond and silver in said to be a lovely mix for the wedding. The ring is crafted n the shape of a flower and cute white pearl studded at the back making the ring stand out. Both pearl and diamond gives an awesome look to the bride’s hand.

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7. Simple Handmade Silver Wedding Ring:

Many young couple desires to have their wedding rings to be simple but elegant. So, this simple silver handmade silver ring is a perfect choice for them who believe in simplicity. These type of rings can be worn on everyday basis and keep their love and romance alive.

8. Latest Silver Wedding Ring for Women:

This type of silver wedding rings makes the bride really look stand out. On the ring small diamonds are studded at the centre in layer form as well at the sides with blue sapphire at the side giving a spectacular look when worn by the bride on her day.

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9. Designer Silver Wedding Ring for Men:

A man wants their wedding ring to be highly stunning and extraordinary. This designer silver wedding ring has the design of Celtic knots design all over the ring thus reminding that they would also be tied in a knot sooner.

Young boys and girls always dream about their wedding and want it to be fantastic and something should be special and unique from others. Silver rings are the one’s which can make their wedding absolutely stunning and special. The rings are available in different designs, pattern with glorious pearls, many unique stones and diamonds studded on it, thus giving you an immense variety to pick your dream wedding ring.


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