The silver colour has a feminine energy due to its relation with the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. Apparently silver colour is fluid, sensitive, emotional and mysterious at the same time whilst it is soothing, purifying and calming. From the colour psychology viewpoint, the colour silver helps with the cleansing of the mind and releasing negative energy. Silver is also supposed to be believed to restore stability and equilibrium to both the spiritual energy and the feminine power. Silver is seen as a suave, chic and an elegant colour, relating to feminine energy, modernity and prosperity.

With all the optimistic qualities of silver, which woman would not like to wear it! Nails being one of the attractive parts of a woman’s body, painting it with silver will add to the glamorous nails. Silver coloured nails are perfect for an occasion or a party. With all the demand for silver coloured nail polishes, it becomes difficult to select the best brand for a silvered coloured nail polish. Here’s a list of some of the best brands which provides amazing shades of silver coloured nail polishes.

Silvered Coloured Nail Polishes in India:

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, Celeb City, 0.5 ounce (Sparkling Silver):

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This fun and trendy silver coloured nail colour from Sally Hansen is a perfect choice to suit the pretty manicured nails of yours! It is specifically designed with an easy grip and easy glide brush in order to spread the nail colour over nails evenly giving it an ideal finishing touch and sparkling shine.

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour (Silver Sweep):


With a busy schedule, sometimes painting nails becomes a tough task. Sally Hansen understands your problems thus introduce this instant dry nail polish. With just one stroke of the nail polish, you get a brilliant shine and the best part is the nail polish dries in 60 seconds.

China Glaze Nail Polish (Matte finish):


This long wearing nail polish from China Glaze Nail Polish provides a matte finish to the nails. It is designed in such a way so that it does not chip or fade too soon.

OPI Designer Series:


Think the tin man, pure liquid metal and aluminum foil with this shimmery sparkling nail polish from OPI. The metallic radiance is well-pigmented and smooth for longer lasting, timeless and eye-catching platinum nails.

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O.P.I. Soft Shade Collection Nail Lacquer (Shiny Silver):


This sparkling silver shade from O.P.I Nail Lacquer is a soft shade of silver. Pair up this dreamy shade of silver with your pretty dresses and look gorgeous!

Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish (Glossy silver):


“Mirror mirror on the wall! Who is the nail polish of all?” This astounding silver coloured nail polish from Layla provides a mirror effect on the nails. The application of this nail polish will leave you spellbound.

China Glaze Nail Polish (Silver Lining):


This beautiful silver nail polish shade from China Glaze is a flexible and designed with no chip formula. The nail colour lasts longer and does not fade too soon.

Nicole Nail Polish (Silver Texture Coat):


This dynamic silver nail polish from Nicole Nail Polish is a shiny silver shade that is unique and unpredictable in texture. Complete the look of your pretty nails with a top coat to get gorgeous looking nails.

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Creative Nail Design Shellac UV Colour Coat (Matte finish):


This beautiful silver nail polish from Creative Nail Design Shellac goes on like a nail polish and wears like a gel. The nail polish does not chip or fade for at least 14 days. It’s not just that. When you want to remove the nail polish, it comes off easily.

Now that you know few of the best brands that provide excellent silver coloured nail polishes, you will not have to rethink while purchasing the gorgeous silver coloured nail polish in the shop. Look drop-dead gorgeous with the mind-blowing shades of silver on your pretty manicured nails!


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