Simha Rashi, or Leo, is the fifth of the twelve Zodiac signs. It is represented by a fierce lion which symbolizes high energy and leadership qualities. As per the Indian Vedic astrology, children born in the following Nakshatras belong to the Leo sign –Magha (All 4 Padas), Purva Falguni (4 Padas), Uttara Nakshatra (1st Pada). In this article, we shall look into the 60 Best Simha Rashi baby names for boys and girls.

But before that, let us look into the starting letters of Simha Rashi:

Maa, Mee, Moo, Me, Mo, Taa, Tee, Too, Te

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Top 60 Simha Rashi Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings:

Many Indian parents believe that naming their children after the birth of Rashi is a sure way to attract the positive qualities of that particular astrological sign. The noteworthy characteristics of this Rashi are fearlessness, command, and generous. Scroll down to explore the best Simha Rashi baby names in detail.

25 Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names:

If you are baby boy is born in Simha Rashi, then you can take a look at these meaningful baby boy names which start with the Rashi letters:

1. Mahesh:

Mahesh is the short form of Shiva’s another name, “Maheshwara”, which means “the great ruler”. It is one of the most popular names for boys, especially among Shaivaite Hindus.

2. Maanas:

The Sanskrit word “Maanas” means mind or soul. The name is associated with spirituality, intellect and insightfulness. “Manas” is another spelling of this name.

3. Maanvir:

If you are looking for a modern and powerful-sounding name for boys that starts with M, try “Maanvir”. It means “brave from the heart”. This is a perfect pick for those who want to bring up their children as brave and fearless individuals.

4. Maruthi:

Maruthi is another name for Lord Hanuman. The literal meaning of this word is “one who is born from Marut (God of Air). It is a tradition to name children this name after their favorite deity.

5. Madhur:

Madhur is a Sanskrit word which means “sweet”, or “honey”. The name symbolises qualities of goodness, amicable nature and gentleness.

6. Mahadev:

It is every parent’s dream to see their son in a sky-high position. One name that epitomizes success and power is “Mahadev”. This is one of the many names of Lord Shiva, which means “God of Gods”.

7. Manvik:

Manvik is an attractive name for baby boys which means “intelligent”, “kindhearted,” etc. This name is associated with all the desirable positive qualities in a child.

8. Mihir:

The word “Mihir” is a blend of traditions and modernity. This stylish name is originally derived from the Sanskrit language, which it means “The Sun God”. The spelling alternate can be “Miheer”.

9. Maharshi:

Maharshi is a beautiful name that is filled with mystic vibes. It is a blend of two Sanskrit words, “Maha”, meaning great and “rishi”, meaning Seer or sage. So, Maharshi is a sage of the highest order who exemplifies qualities of wisdom and intellect.

10. Mahendra:

Another compound word that is suitable for naming Simha Rashi baby boys is “Mahendra”. It is formed by two words, “Maha”, meaning great and “Indra”, meaning King of Gods.

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11. Mahidher:

The name “Mahidher” has multiple meanings. It is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu mentioned in Vishnu Sahasranama. According to the Mahabharata, “Mahidhar” is mentioned as a great mountain.

12. Mokshith:

Mokshith is a Sanskrit word which means “one who liberates”. It comes from the original word “Moksha”, meaning liberation. This name is often used to refer to Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu, depending on the belief system.

13. Mayank:

The word “Mayank” in Sanskrit means “moon”. It is an interesting name for Simha Rashi born baby boys and represents qualities of benevolence, radiance and enlightenment.

14. Moksh:

Moksh is used as a short form of Moksha, meaning liberation. Many parents prefer this name for their baby boys for its deep philosophical association and contemporary feel.

15. Mohit:

Mohit is another widely used name for baby boys belonging to Simha Rashi. It means “one who is charming or enchanting”. It is also another name for Lord Krishna, who has an attractive and pleasing personality.

16. Mridul:

Boys need not always be rough and tough! They can be soft-hearted and well-mannered too. So, if you prefer the latter set of qualities, then choose “Mridul” for naming your baby boy!

17. Munish:

Munish means “Lord Buddha”. It is originally a Sanskrit word which means “Chief of the sages”. With time, the word got associated with both Hinduism and Buddism.

18. Milind:

Milind is one of the many names of Lord Krishna, which means honey bee or a nectar-bird. It is believed that boys who have this name tend to look attractive and charming.

19. Maanav:

Maanav is a Sanskrit word which means “Human”. The spelling variant is “Manav”, and the name is associated with youthfulness and materialism.

20. Mukesh:

Lord Shiva is also called Mukesh because he conquered Muka, the Demon. Another interpretation is that Lord Shiva is the ruler of all 3 worlds, which earns him that name. In short, Mukesh means Shiva.

21. Mohnish:

Mohnish is another name for Lord Krishna, which comes from the word “Mohana”, meaning bewitching and captivating. The word is associated with unparalleled physical beauty.

22. Manvith:

Manvith means “one who is human”. This Sanskrit word is slowly gaining popularity among the list of top baby boy names for Simha Rashi.

23. Mithilesh:

Mithilesh means “King of Mithila” or Janak Maharaj. He is the father of Sitha Devi. If you are looking for a unique Ramayana inspired name, then this one is an apt choice.

24. Manideep:

Manideep is a compound word which is formed from “Mani”, meaning diamond and “deep”, meaning light. So, Manideep translates to the light of a diamond.

25. Mahipal:

Mahipal means King. It is also believed to be the name of Lord Krishna. Boys with this name usually have good leadership and administrative qualities.

25 Simha Rashi Baby Girl Names:

Simha Rashi born baby girls are known to have a complex character that combines aggression with gentleness. They love being treated like Queens and wish to hog the limelight wherever they go. So, here are some of the top picks for naming these royal ladies!

26. Malvika:

Malvika is the name of an Indian princess who resided in the city of Malwa in Central India. The name is associated with beauty, grace and patience.

27. Mallika:

Mallika is one of the most popular names for Indian baby girls, which starts with “M”. This Sanskrit word means “Jasmine”, which is considered the Queen of flowers.

28. Manasa:

The word “Manasa” is derived from Sanskrit, which means intelligence, creative mind etc. It is believed that girls with this name grow up to be highly intellectual and successful people.

29. Manaswini:

The name “Manaswini” has multiple meanings. It is said to be one of the names of Goddess Durga. The other interpretations of this word are self-respecting, intelligent and virtuous.

30. Manjula:

Manjula is a popular name for baby girls, which means lovely and beautiful. The name has a traditional vibe, making it an ideal pick for parents looking for a typical Indian name.

31. Megha:

Megha is a short and sweet name for your little girl. It means “Cloud”. The name represents consciousness, purity, innocence and other traits. So, go for this one if you find these qualities desirable.

32. Maanya:

Maanya is a beautiful name for girls, which means “the respected one”. It is derived from the Hindi word “Maan”, which means respect. Along with a sweet sound, this name also has a rich meaning.

33. Madhavi:

Madhavi is considered as the female form of “Madhav”, which means Honey and is also the name of Lord Krishna. You can also try “Madhavi Latha”, which translates to “a creeper with beautiful flowers.”

34. Madhulika:

Madhulika is derived from the Sanskrit word “Madhu”, which means Honey. This name represents qualities like sweet and amicable nature.

35. Mayra:

There are multiple meanings and origins of the name “Mayra”. As per Hinduism, Mayra means Honey, sweet one. In Spanish, the same word means “wonderful”, and “Fortunate”, So, in both cultures, you can be sure the name has positive vibes. Myra is the spelling alternate.

36. Mishika:

Mishika is a lovely name which means “one who is as sweet as sugar”. It is also different from other names that have similar meanings, like Madhu, Madhulika etc.

37. Mokshitha:

Mokshitha is a beautiful name for Simha Rashi girls, which means “one who is liberated free”. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Moksha”, meaning liberation.

38. Maithri:

Maithri is a Sanskrit word which means friendship, goodwill and kindness. The name is sure to create a lasting impression on people with its friendly and amicable meaning.

39. Mandira:

Mandira is an amazing name that starts with “M”. It means temple and is derived from the Hindi word “Mandir”. The name tells a lot about your rich culture and religious background.

40. Mangali:

Mangali is derived from the Sanskrit word “Mangala”, meaning auspicious. So, the meaning of this name is “one who is auspicious”. The name has an optimistic feel to it.

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41. Manisha:

According to Hinduism, Manisha is the name of the Goddess of Mind. This diety is known to gift you intelligence, wisdom and intellect. The male counterpart’s name is Manish.

42. Mayuri:

Mayuri is a sweet-sounding name that works well for the newer generation of kids. It is a Sanskrit word which means “peahen” and indicates the quality of “beauty with brains”.

43. Medha:

Medha is a Sanskrit word which means intelligence and wisdom. Goddess Saraswathi is often referred to as Medhadue for these qualities.

44. Meghana:

Meghana is another name inspired by the beauty of nature. It means a cloud that has a variety of symbolic meanings associated with it. You can fondly call your child “Megha”, which also means a cloud.

45. Mohini:

Mohini is the name of a beautiful yet mysterious character from the ancient Hindu Puranas. It is derived from the word “Moha”, meaning enchanting, delusionary etc. The name is associated with impeccable beauty and smart thinking. (remember the story of Mohini and Basmasura?)

46. Moksha:

Moksha is the female variant of “Moksh”, which means liberation or setting free. The name is popularly used for girls in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

47. Monalika:

The name “Monalika” is believed to be one of the many names of Goddess Shakti. It could be an extended form of the word “Monal”, which means a bird.

48. Mounika:

Mounika is a pleasant name that comes from the word “Mounam”, meaning silent. Girls with this name are generally believed to stay silent and listen more than they talk.

49. Mrinalini:

Mrinalini is one of the best names for Simha Rashi girls because of its meaning and mellifluous sound. The Sanskrit word means “a collection of lotuses”. The alternate spelling is “Mrunalini”, which is commonly used in the Southern regions of the country.

50. Meena:

Meena is a simple and sweet name which means “fish”. The name is also associated with Hinduism, as the first avatar of Lord Vishnu was a Fish (Matsya or Meena have the same meaning).

5 Unisex Simha Rashi Baby Names:

Are you looking for gender-neutral names that work for boys and girls? Then take a look at these 5 unique names:

51. Madhu:

If you do not want your kid’s name to sound like one particular gender, then go for Madhu. It means Honey which represents a sweet nature. The name works for both girls and boys.

52. Mani:

Another gender-neutral name for Simha Rashi babies can be Mani. It is a Sanskrit word which means diamond or precious gem. The name is associated with rarity and a one-of-a-kind personality.

53. Mahi:

Mahi means great. Although it has 2-syllables, the name works well without any extensions. You can choose it for both genders because of its neutral meaning.

54. Miral:

Miralis a unique name for both boys and girls. It comes with the meaning of a Shining sea or one who is independent.

55. Mithra:

The meaning of the word “Mithra” is a friend. It is also known to be another name of Sun God. The name is short, simple and even comes with a unisex meaning.

5 Twin Baby Names for Sinh Rashi:

If you are a lucky parent of twins, then we have got these 5 best naming combos for you:

56. Manish – Mayas:

The names Manish and Mayas are suitable naming choices for Simha Rashi born twin baby boys. Manish means human or one who has mastered his mind. Mayas mean pleasure or refreshment. So, the two names perfectly complement each other.

57. Mayukh – Mayuran:

The names Mayukh and Mayuran are two twin baby boy names which start with the letter “M”. Mayukh means “a ray of light”, and Mayuran means “peacock”.

58. Manvitha – Mitakshi:

If you are looking for Leo Sign twin baby girl names, try Manvitha and Mitakshi. Manvitha means happiness and is also considered to be another name for Goddess Durga. Mitakshi is also an alternate name of Durga ma, which means “fixed on earth”.

59. Mohitha – Mokshitha:

The names – Mohita and Mokshita work well for your twin baby girls. Both the names start with the phonic “Mo” and end with the feminine suffix “itha”. Mohitha means charming or attractive, and Mokshitha means one liberates.

60. Mihira – Miran:

If you are blessed with a twin baby girl and boy, try Mihira and Miran. Mihira means sunlight, which comes from the Sanskrit word “Mihir”. Miran means royal or princely.

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We hope this list of 60 Popular Simha Rashi baby names has sorted out your naming challenges. Choosing the right name for your baby is very important, as you are giving them a sense of identity that lasts forever. Along with sounding well, these names also come with rich meanings and symbolism that can make lasting impressions on others.


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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