Before getting into Simhasana (Lion Pose) and its benefits, let’s have a brief introduction about yoga. Yoga is an aged Indian arrangement of physical wellness and all-encompassing well-being. It is hard to order or classify it as it supports both physical and mental well-being, and it is likewise a phenomenal unwinding procedure. Additionally, large portions of the stances are adapted towards invigorating the usefulness and strength of the organs.

What is Simhasana (Lion Pose) in Yoga?:

The Lion Pose is an exceptionally remarkable yoga posture in that it doesn’t oblige any twisting or extending of the body. It is a stance that helps ease stress. It is known as the Simhasana on the grounds that in Sanskrit, “Simha” implies all compelling and it is the term generally used to signify a lion. The lion pose for children is exceptionally prevalent as a result of the way the stance is held. Indeed, youngsters have a tendency to perform lion pose yoga better than grown-ups.

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How to Do Simhasana (Lion Pose) in Yoga, Benefits and Precautions:

Today we will talk about the Simhasana yoga performing steps, health benefits, and precautions, along with tips for beginners.

Instructions For Simhasana Steps:

The lion posture is really easy to execute. Despite the fact that there may be various steps, this stance truly requires next to no effort. The lion posture steps are as takes after:

  • Sit with your legs collapsed under you so your toes are indicating straight behind and you are perched on your heels.
  • Keep your spine straight yet as loose as could reasonably be expected.
  • Shut your eyes and look to your third eye. (The third eye is a typical eye in the focal point of the temple. In antiquated India, it was expected that the pituitary organ was spotted here, despite the fact that now we know differently)
  • Shutting your mouth, touch your palette with your tongue.
  • Breathe in full breaths through your nose while your tongue is still touching your palette.
  • Breathe out in one fierce move while standing out your tongue and opening your jaws however much as could be expected. Additionally, your arms ought to be tossed out and extended with your fingers spread.
  • Thunder as loud as possible while breathing out. The thunder ought to be with a “Haa” sound and ought not be a long, drawn-out one. Rather, it ought to be one fierce blast of breath that exhausts your lungs in the briefest time conceivable.
  • Hold this posture for somewhere around 20 and 30 seconds.
  • Don’t breathe in quickly after this stance; breath in after the determined 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Rehearse 5 or 6 times.

Precautions For Simhasana Yoga (Lion Pose):

The Lion Pose is fundamentally an anxiety reliever and could be drilled at whenever and by anyone. There are normally no issues connected with rehearsing this stance on the grounds that it doesn’t oblige any confused moving of the body. Be that as it may, in the event that you experience the ill effects of any perpetual ailments or physical issues, it is best that you have an examination with your specialist before you endeavour any yoga posture.

Beginners Tips For Simhasana Yoga (Lion Pose):

As per yoga, numerous issues that we confront in our everyday lives are because of a putrefying of annoyance and disdain. The Lion Pose successfully provides you with an outlet for this negative vitality. This stance is more a release of negative vitality, which implies that as long as you breathe out viciously, that is all that is needed. The arms and shoulders are tossed outside brutally and inflexibly as an outer indication of the release of the interior antagonism. The posture could be rehashed the same number of times as you wish, in spite of the fact that if legitimately done, 5 to 6 times is sufficient.

Simhasana Yoga (Lion Pose) Benefits:

Physically the lion posture profits the face and the throat, which is not typically profited in other yoga postures. The fierce extension of the muscles of the face and the throat relieve pressure. It is additionally accepted to aid in diminishing any contamination of the throat and the respiratory tract. The tongue likewise gets unaccustomed activity on the grounds that it is extended completely outside the mouth.

Remedial Applications Include:

  • Curing stammers.
  • Curing teeth granulating.
  • Curing grasped jaws.
  • Evacuating wrinkles.
  • Helping in diminished smoldering in eyes.
  • Relieving backache.
  • Unwinding worried neck muscles.
  • Enhancing the tone of the voice.

The yoga Lion pose or Simhasana likewise animates the platysma, which is a flat meager muscle in the front of the throat which pulls down the corners of the mouth and, furthermore, wrinkles the throat. It is accepted that this activity will help to keep the listing of the throat with age. Also, this posture aids in advertising great posture and thusly expands confidence levels.

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Therapeutic Benefits Of Simhasana Yoga (Lion Pose):

While we are already aware of most of the health benefits of Simhasana, we will now discuss a few of the therapeutic advantages of this posture. These are as follows-

1. The practice of Simhasana yoga posture can cure the problem of bad breath. The problem of bad breath can embarrass you in any situation, and then you may have depression when you will want to talk to people. Since, while performing Simhasana, you have to open your mouth, and this is when the breath gets cleared.

2. The Simhasana posture or the lion pose also cures stutters very soon and very well. You will be surprised to see the effects yoga can actually have. The only clause here is that you will have to do it all sincerely and regularly. Also, yoga should be done correctly and not in any way you want to, according to your comfort level. While on the one hand, comfort level is important for a person, doing the posture in the correct way is even more important.

3. There are a lot of people who have a problem with teeth grinding, and this happens mostly in kids. When we see this problem in kids, we probably know that it is because of the heavy number of worms which are present inside the body of kids. If the problem prevails even after you have grown up, then it is surely moving towards some form of ailment, and the practice of the Simhasana yoga pose can cure you absolutely.

4. You must have seen people who have clenched jaws. It is not any disease or ailment but just a structure where the sides of both jaws are clenched together. If this is like a problem to anybody, then you can perform to achieve the Simhasana yoga benefits. This is helpful in this case as well.

5. Wrinkles are usually a problem for older women or women who realize that they are soon ageing. Now age or time cannot really be stopped but what you can do is slow it down by practising Simhasana regularly. The practice of this yoga posture helps to get rid of wrinkles and any fine lines on the face as such. The enhancement in the process of blood circulation makes your skin glow and thus makes you look much younger.

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6. Burning sensation in the eyes can happen due to a lot of reasons, and the two main ones are, of course, any sort of allergy or the fluctuation in the pressure or power in the eyes. The first one needs a doctor immediately, but the second one along with some treatment and power check, can be controlled with the help of Simhasana yoga.

7. When you are performing the lion pose, you have to stretch your back in a very proper way so that you do look like a lion sitting. This stretch is very essential because it is therapeutic for back pains and problems. This stretch helps in relieving any kind of pain or strain in the back and thus relaxes you.

8. After the back comes problems with the neck and the neck muscles. Now Simhasana cures that too, by giving a nice massage to the back and neck as well.

9. The most surprising part is that the lion pose also betters the tone of your voice.

Simhasana yoga is one of the advanced postures of the yoga regime, and performing this carefully and correctly can give you a lot of benefits. Most of them are mentioned above, and you must be motivated after reading all this.


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