20 Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Hair being one of the vital parts of our body we tend to be very careful about it. We care for it by using a lot of hair care products and also maintain hair care schedule. Besides beautiful skin, beautiful hair helps in intensifying our beauty. Long hair has always been appreciated. And most men even fancy women with long hair. I guess long hair glorifies the feminine traits in women making her look more graceful.

simple hairstyles for long hair

Nothing in the world comes for free. If you are thinking of air and water now then think about pollution too. It is likewise with long hair. Though we look beautiful and graceful, we have to very careful as well. For instance, long hair gets dirty fast, removing tangles in difficult, makes us sweat profusely in summers thus keep it tied all the time, spend more time in the bathroom cleaning (even though baths are one of girls’ favourite beauty care), takes longer to tie and I can continue with the cons of long hair. But in spite of it all, we prefer long hair. It is because sometimes we don’t mind going the hard way to achieve something better.

Simple And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair:

One of the best things about long hair is that we can make any hairstyles with it. Here’s a list of some of the simplest And Easy yet beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

1. Beautiful Shaded Waves Hair Style:

Jet black hair looks pretty but so is coloured hair. If you want to go out on a date or simply on a hangout then this hairstyle is perfect for the occasion and which is very simple for follow also.

2. Simple Braid Long Hairstyle:

This is a very simple hairstyle for any occasion for long hair. All you need to do is make a tiny braid where you would normally tie your ponytail and get a complete different look while keeping it simple.

3. Attractive Buns For Long Hair:

Simple hairstyles for long hair 3

Buns are an age old hairstyles. If you have long hair, it is obvious that you will be able to make pretty alluring buns. Then you can accessorize it a scarf or some hair pins to enhance the look.

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4. Simple Straighten Hairstyle For Long Hair:

Simple Straighten it

If you are thinking of a simple hairstyle for girls then straight hair is one of the many options that you could opt for. Simply straightening your hair and leaving it will also make you look gorgeous.

5. Long And Big Curls:

You can call this hairstyle wavy or just big curl. This is a pretty hairstyle which is easy to do that is perfect for a day out or party or meal. It is one of the best simple hairstyle for long hair that makes your look perfect and an awesome.

6. Keep Your Long Bangs Off:

One of the simplest hairstyle for long hair that you could try is this one. Pin up your bangs neatly and you are ready to go. Now a days most of the college girls are prefer this type of simple bangs for their long hair.

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7. Long Waves Hairstyle For Long Hair:

If you have long hair, you could always wear long waves. Long waves look so pretty. Here this beautiful girl wear simple wavy hairstyle along white dress that look amazing.

8. Traditional Curly Haircuts:

Simple hairstyles for long hair 8

It is very easy to make curls in long hair. It is so because curls require long and voluminous hair. Curls are very pretty and charming hairstyle. One can rock each every haircut with curls and long hair. you can wear this type of hairstyle for parties or any occasions.

9. Braid Your Hair:

Braid your hair

With long hair you could try so many different types of braids such as fishtail braids, waterfall braids, simple braids and more. Braids are beautiful and keep your hair under control. This braided hairstyle for long hair is very simple and easy to wear and looks so beautiful.

10. Simple Twisted Hairstyle:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair10

This is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair and it looks very pretty too. For this you will just need to side part your hair neatly and hen take a little hair from one side of your head and simply twist it and clip it. Let the other side hang loose.

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11. Knotted Ponytail For Long Hair:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair11

What can be better when we are talking about simple hairstyles for long hair and we have the knotted pony tail? This is simply where you take all your hair neatly and then hold it together at the back. Now you will have to take a part of the hair and simply knot it to secure a pony tail.

12. Side Parted Bangs:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair12

This is one of the simple hairstyles for long hair but you can also try it if you have medium length hair. Here you do not have to tie it at all. The hair cut should be neat and a version of the emo cut with bangs on the forehead.

13. Side Twisted Braid:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair13

When we are talking about simple hairstyles for long hair we just cannot miss this kind of hairstyle. It is where you have to take hair from one side and then start braiding in fishtail style and move till the end and then just tie it like that.

14. Braided Hair Band For Long Hair:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair14

This is one of the school girl hairstyle which does feature in all the lists for easy hairstyles for long hair. Here you will have to take hair from somewhere on a side and then start braiding it and then pass it through the middle of some more hair like that. This is one of the simple and easy hairstyles for long hair and which is perfectly suitable for girls.

15. Long Hair Twisted Ponytail:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair15

There can be no other better simple hairstyles for long hair. In this you just need to tie up your hair in a simple ponytail and then leave the rest of the hair like that. Just curl the pony tail gently and get that classic look.

16. Braided Rose Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair16

This looks complicated but is very easy. What you have to do is just take hair from both sides of the ears and start braiding them. When you are done with the two braids just take them to the back and then pin them up like a halo or twist them to make a sweet rose.

17. Crown Hair Band Haircuts:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair17

This is given such a name because in this you make a hair brand with your own braid and that is done on the crown of your head. You simply start braiding your hair from one side and take it over your crown and pin on the other side. Let the rest of the hair hang loose or a bun or a ponytail.

18. Simple Messy Tail Hairstyle For Long Hair:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair18

This is a sweet and romantic look which looks quite casual too. You can flaunt this on a nice day out with friends or to a pool brunch as well. Just curl your hair when they are wet and casually make a side tail without neatly pinning all the hair.

19. Half up- Half Down Hair Cut:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair19

There can be no single list of easy hairstyles for long hair where this classic and evergreen hair style does not feature. This is the easiest and looks very sexy and stylish. Here you can just make the style and pull up some hair to give the crown part some volume.

20. Multiple Braids For Long Hair:

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair20

One more of the easy hairstyles which looks complicated where you just have to take some hair and then braid up and then twist it. Join with another braid of the same style and then repeat the same 3-4 times till the end.

Simplicity is the best policy and simplicity is the best way to enter a man’s heart. So try out these beautiful simple hairstyles and make your prince charming go head over heels all over again.