The wedding cake is the most prominent part of the celebration. There have been several emerging trends in wedding cake designs around us globally, and each cake design is exceeding expectations with a luxurious, elegant and charming look. So if you have your big day coming up and do not want to compromise on getting a perfectly beautiful marriage cake, our today’s guide on wedding cake designs will definitely assist you.

Are you excited to check them out? So are we! We love these latest and best wedding cake designs and can’t wait to show them to you.

Latest and Best Indian Wedding Cake Designs 2023:

Whether you want a simple yet charming shaadi cake or a perfect high-end luxurious-looking wedding cake design, we have covered you. So continue reading to explore the latest and best wedding cake designs trending in the world. Here we go!

1. Beautiful Red Velvet Wedding Cake Designs:

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The red velvet cake flavour is always exotic, and the cake design looks beautiful. This red velvet cake design for a wedding is a perfect choice if you love simple yet elegant designs. The cake of this flavour in 2 tier design features a gorgeous layered cake with cream and floral additions on the sides. The cake can be designed for 2 kg and above.

2. Minimal Wedding Cake Design:

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Minimal may not be replicating a small or simple cake. Here we have minimally inspired wedding cake designs that look charming and exquisite. The cake is designed with orchids and oozes a beautiful and mesmerizing design. The cake can be made of the flavour of your choice and is topped with orchids and whipped cream. The 3 tier marriage cake design is a perfect choice to enhance your wedding theme beautifully.

3. Small Pink Colour Wedding Cake Designs:

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You may not imagine that a small wedding cake design can as well look this beautiful. This stunning small pink colour 1 layer marriage cake design delivers a beautiful look seamlessly. The lovely cake is finished with whipped cream unevenly, giving out a uniquely elegant design. The florals on the top further add to the elegance. The simple small cake is a perfect choice if you want a 1 kg bridal cake.

4. Blue Square Wedding Cake Designs:

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It is pretty unusual to come across a square wedding cake design. But, it is indeed unique and truly beautiful to explore this option. We have the lovely blue square cake design to check out. The marriage cake oozes out the minimal contemporary design, just designed with the lovely simple fondant and the gold colour chocolate sprinkles added at the sides. This 3-tier bridal cake design is perfect if you prefer a massive 3 kg cake or above.

5. Black Wedding Cake Designs:

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Another super unusual wedding cake design is the black colour cake. This will definitely charm you if you have an eye for such a unique and creative design. The unique wedding cake can be made of the flavour of your choice and comes in jet black, oozing out the bold design. The cake is designed with fondant and is a perfect choice for contemporary and millennial couples.

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6. Beautiful Peach and Maroon Wedding Cake Designs:

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Another perfect and exquisite wedding cake design is here. If you believe minimal design gives the maximum charm, this maroon and peach marriage cake design is the perfect and apt choice for you. The cake resembles the marble design on the sides, prepared with strawberry and vanilla flavours. The 2 tier bridal cake design has floral additions on the side and top to enhance its beautiful look.

7. Golden and White Wedding Cake Designs:

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The golden and white wedding cake designs are nothing new, yet they always remain phenomenal. They indeed have changed the wedding theme and design drastically with their charm and elegance. The 4-tier marriage cake design features the fondant cake with the gold and white floral side topping to enhance its beautiful look. The cake can be prepared with the flavour of your choice, with vanilla being the most popular option.

8. Unique Purple Wedding Cake Designs:

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How about a purple colour wedding cake? We bet most of you may not have come across this charming cake design. The bridal cake design features white fondant with purple floral designs on the side and top to give a unique and trendy look. This 5-tier marriage cake can be customized according to your requirement of size.

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9. Royal Blue and White Swirl Wedding Cake Designs:

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Far away from modern wedding cake designs, this royal blue and white swirl bridal cake is a perfect choice if you prefer a vintage and timeless cake. The vanilla-flavoured marriage cake features a swirl design in blue colour cream with a simple floral theme topping to finish it off. It is unique, elegant, timeless and exquisite.

10. 5 Tier Designer Wedding Cakes:

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Are you looking for a luxurious wedding cake design? This cake erupts nothing less than a charming, modern, contemporary and beautiful exquisite look. The 5-tier marriage cake design oozes out a sophisticated, an ideal choice to match your luxurious wedding theme. It also features a unique design, filled with fondant and a floral theme. This bridal cake design can be custom-made in 5 kg or above.

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11. Pink 2-Tier Wedding Cake Designs:

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This is a perfect 2-tier 2-layer wedding cake design in pink colour. Given the pleasant and feminine nature of the design of the cake, you can even prefer a bridal shower cake design. The cake can be prepared in the flavour of your choice, the most popular options being strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. It is designed with layers of whipped cream and floral design shades on the top.

12. Traditional Couple Marriage Cake Designs:

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This traditional wedding cake featuring a couple of designs on the top is still among the most popular and trendy choices. This marriage cake design features a 3-tier layer with a golden colour design all around. The cake has elegance from its vintage and classic design. It can be prepared in the flavour of your choice and is ideal when customized to 3 kg and above.

13. Modern Wedding Cake Designs:

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This peach-coloured modern and cool wedding cake design is a perfect choice for those searching for a contemporary look. The bridal cake features a 2 tier design with sleek floral additions all around. The cake is prepared with strawberry and vanilla flavours and comes with an elegant appearance. This cake can be customized according to your choice per your requirement.

14. Sponge Wedding Cake Design:

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Are you truly searching for unique and popular wedding cake designs? This is truly special and will blow your mind off. We have the one-of-a-kind sponge-layered marriage cake for you. This is a perfect choice for millennial couples looking to get off the radar with a special bridal cake design. The cake has a layered sponge with cream and jam in between, adding look and flavour. The blooms in abundance all around truly further enhance the design.

15. Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Design:

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This is the lovely Indian wedding cake design choice if you love the most classic options. The simple 3-tier Mr and Mrs wedding cake design can be prepared with vanilla and other flavours of your choice, bringing out a casual yet beautiful look with its appearance. The cake can be topped with fruits and whipped cream for a nice delicious flavour.

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16. Wedding Reception Cake Designs:

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If you are searching for a quirky wedding party and reception cake design, we have got you covered. Add this lovely and unique wedding cake to your party, and you can immediately stun the audience and elevate the entire bash. The black and white wedding cake design features the couple catching each other. The cake also is super delicious, as it comes with layers of flavours. Further, the cake is designed with the couple’s milestones to make it much more memorable. Isn’t it lovely?

17. Ring Wedding Cake Design:

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You can also try this simple 2-layer ring wedding cake design for the bride and groom. The simple cake features fondant and a couple of rings on the top, besides adding the design of a couple dancing on the side of the cake. It also has whipped cream to enhance the delicious taste. This simple marriage cake design looks charming and is a perfect choice for a 2 kg cake and more.

18. Cupcakes Wedding Cake Design:

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Another unique choice in the wedding cake design is here – the all-new and most popular cupcakes wedding cake. This multi-layered cupcake design for a marriage cake looks super classic and modern. The array of cupcakes here are assembled to make this bridal cake and is featured in several flavours such as chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, strawberry and others. The cake is layered with whipped cream to enhance the delicacy further.

19. Bohemian Wedding Cake Design:

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The Bohemian theme is quite trending in wedding celebration themes, and we thought, why not even feature such a bright and lovely cake design? The drip wedding cake design in this theme features a beautiful 3 tier marriage cake with whipped cream, drip chocolate sauce and toppings. The cake can be made in vanilla and chocolate flavour and is filled with layers of cream, giving it a drool-worthy taste.

20. Fondant Icing Wedding Cake:

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This beautiful marble design fondant icing cake in 3 tier design is yet another sweet surprise. The minimalistic-inspired wedding cane design features icing and fondant with a garden-theme topping to give it an elegant and charming look. The cake can be prepared in vanilla flavour, for 3 kg and above requirement.

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How did you enjoy these 20 latest and best wedding cake designs? If you are looking for unique and elegant choices, we hope this trendy custom list helps you. Let us know your favourite option. We love to hear from you.


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