From our favourite Hollywood celebrities to fashion influencers, hairstyle experts and more – knot hairstyles have been a common sighting amongst all. They are considered versatile, easy and quick to do during busy schedules, yet deliver sophisticated and chic looks without compromise. Today, we gather the best and latest easy knot hairstyles trending globally. These hairstyles can effortlessly suit women across age groups and instantly deliver you a unique seamless style statement.

You are mistaken if you think all the knot hairstyles look similar or may get boring eventually! We have several variants and makeover options for these looks; today’s session will impress you.

Best and Easy Knot Hairstyles to Check Out:

These hairstyles and hair makeover looks are trending this year, and we can’t wait to show them to you. Let’s check them out together.

1. Double Ponytail with a Knot:

Let us begin with the most common yet timeless knot ponytail hairstyle! The school girl’s favourite double ponytail look can never get old; it looks all-time adorable and pretty cute. This knot ponytail hardly takes any time and gives a seamless pretty, charming vibe to anyone wearing it. Girls with medium-length hair can aptly try this two top knots hairstyle with ponytails.

2. Knot Braids:

The knot braids hairstyle has been the new favourite for the internet; women and girls worldwide seem to be obsessed with the look. They are stunning, graceful and exquisite. We have this celebrity-approved braid knot with a long bob haircut, and we can’t take our eyes off the look. The half knot braids hairstyle here is done on black hair with golden highlights, giving contemporary, edgy and sleek vibes. What do you think about this look?

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3. Bantu Knots:

Talk about knot hairstyles and not discuss Bantu knots? Well, we cannot do that! The Bantu knot hairstyle is immensely popular in the west, mainly because of its unique look and charm. So, we have this trending Bantu knots style blended with box braids, and this is among the show-stopper hairstyle choice for everyone who wants a bold and ultra-modern look! If you love experimenting, this Bantu top knot bun hairstyle is absolutely worth a try – it is time-taking and requires patience and confidence, but it is all worth it!

4. Cornrow Braided Knot:

Did you ever come across a cornrow braid knot hairstyle? If not, this look will mesmerize you. The cornrow braids in themselves are always trendy and unique for their edgy and contemporary sizzling style statement, and adding the knot hairstyle trend to the row only accentuates the glamour. If you have long hair length, the cornrow braid knot hairstyle can be an apt fit for you! Do check it out!

5. Dreadlock Knots:

Dreadlocks are yet another increasingly common and trendy hairstyle variant today. Within this, we have the dreadlock knots hairstyle coming up in recent times, and we cannot keep calm. Fashion experts and influencers and hairstyle professionals are calling this afro knots trend among the most unique and here-to-stay look. This is something exciting, isn’t it! This look will suit you if you have medium-length to long hair.

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6. Knot Twist:

If you are looking for a lesser complicated, simple yet elegant and exquisite look, this twist knot is a perfect choice. It oozes out an incredibly elegant and sophisticated look with grandeur and edgy feels. In addition, the twist knot hairstyle is a perfect choice for women in the younger and middle age group, with medium-length straight or wavy hair. So do check it out, and you will be impressed!

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7. French Knot:

The French knot is arguably among the world’s most famous and trendy hairstyles for women. The look has been in trend for decades and is among women’s most loved classic, timeless looks globally. Finally, we have this French knot hairstyle variant for women that is quick and easy to do. It delivers the edgy elite and plush feel; and gives you a perfect charming feminine style statement for your office, formal and party wear events. Isn’t it exciting?!

8. Chignon Slick Back Knot Bun:

Slick back knot buns are among those hairstyles that give out a neat and dignified style statement. Adding a chignon knot can elevate the edgy feel if you want to accentuate the look higher. Today, we have this perfect hairstyle – blending a chignon knot with a slick back low bun. This hairstyle is an excellent choice to attempt on your busy working days, for it hardly takes time and yet delivers you a beautiful mesmerizing style on the go! Women with shoulder-length to mid-length hair can try it out with any hair texture. This is a perfect choice in knot hairstyles for black hair.

9. Elegant Butterfly Knot:

Are you looking for the best party hairstyle? While a simple bun can definitely get boring, we have a butterfly knots hairstyle makeover idea to share with you. This charming hairstyle is immensely creative and intricate, bringing out feminine and polished royal vibes. It is a good choice for high-end parties, cocktail events and gatherings and will let you style your ensemble in myriad ways by toning it up and giving you ample space for elegance through the hairstyle look. Isn’t it charming?!

10. Simple Celtic Knots:

If you have heard of the Celtic design of art, this Celtic knot hairstyle is the exact replication drawn from the design. The Celtic knot is truly an inspiration for women who believe less is more. The knot design also has immense deep meaning – there is no start and no finish! Besides, it is quick and easy to style and will impress you in accentuating your everyday style statement effortlessly. Isn’t it thrilling? Women with any hair length can try this hairstyle and with any hair texture. It is truly versatile and multipurpose!

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Additional Tips:

Besides learning the edgy and most beautiful knot hairstyle trends, here are some tips and suggestions you should know for healthy hair and hairstyle makeovers.

  • Never sleep with knots and buns. It is always advised to remove the hair knots before you end the day and hit the bed. If not, there is a risk of your hair getting damaged.
  • Add a hair spray touch-up at the end if you wish to stay with the knot hairstyle for longer hours. It helps to let the hair stay in place for a longer time.
  • Do not tie your hair too tight. It can risk hair breakage.
  • Condition your hair well during every hair wash so that it can accentuate the look and give on a glossy, shiny texture.

So, what do you think of these knot hairstyles for women? Aren’t they mesmerizing? They truly deserve all our attention if you have not come across or tried the knot hairstyles and hair makeovers. These looks require less time, are quick to do, yet ooze out elegance, classic, timeless feel and sophisticated, charming vibes. Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you!


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