Hairstyles these days have modified themselves to newer levels now. The same old boring hair would not bother you anymore since the new trend catalogues now sport more than one beautiful hairstyle kind which is easy to opt for and add variety to your look. The busy mornings can never be enough to pamper yourself with a good look but with these fast tricks up your sleeve now you can opt for variety alongside time management. Given here is a list of all the various hairdos that you can opt for to spice up your look. Even a simple knot can look extremely fashionable because of its ability to look simple yet elegant. A simple knot hairstyle comes in several shapes and sizes and this is the best part about a simple knot hairstyle as it has the ability to suit all kinds of hairstyles and face types.

Simple Knot Hairstyles for Ladies:

Given below are the top simple knot hairstyles available around the world.

1. Giant Top Knot:

the giant top bun is a very casual everyday hairstyle that is used almost every day by many women all around the world. It has slowly increased in popularity because of its ability to easily wear this hairstyle to a multitude of events that are both formal and informal.

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2. Twisted Knot:

The twisted knot is another great simple and easy hairstyle for long hair that may look difficult but is extremely easy even with curly hair though the primal requirement is straight hair. The best hairstyle for all ages it looks great with a multitude of attires and goes well with ladies of all ages. You can match it with your looks nicely and can be done on both short and long hair.

3. Celtic Knot:

The Celtic knot is another great simple knot hairstyle for occasions. The Celtic knot can easily be maintained and can be accessorized in a variety of different ways for your discretion so enjoy yourself. Celtic knots are good for ladies of all ages and look great with all kinds of attires. The Celtic knot is an awesome way to look good at any event.

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4. Top Knot:

The top knot is a perfect wedding hairstyle that can be used for any other occasion as well. The top knot can be easily accessorized with a large number of decorations of your choice and on the occasion of your wedding, this is the easiest and fastest hairstyle to achieve in time. And the top knot does not require extreme amounts of product to maintain and looks great for hours on end.

5. Basic Knot:

The basic knot is a perfect representation of the simple knot hairstyle and the best part is that it looks good in every way you wish to make it. And the basic knot looks great when left to fall down and can be easily held up with a pin. The basic knot looks great in both formal and informal attire. You can make this hairstyle easily and in no time.

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6. Woven Knot Half Up Hairstyle:

The woven knot half-up hairstyle is the best hairstyle for teenagers and looks great even when you use it for formal and informal occasions. Woven knot half up hairstyles are in vogue today and are used for a variety of occasions by a variety of ladies all over the world.

7. Triple Knot Accent:

The triple knot accent is a very fashionable hairstyle for ladies of all ages and looks great for both formal and informal events. It’s an easy hairstyle to make and requires just a little bit of product to maintain.

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8. Double Knot:

The double knot works well for both men and women and the picture is a testament to this fact. The double knot is extremely easy and just requires you to have long layered hair.

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