Talk about one such cake flavour that is present everywhere and is a classic choice among many gatherings, and pineapple surely will come into the picture. The pineapple cake designs are among the most popular and loved-after choices for several celebrations and events. The cake is not only delicious and drool-worthy but also can be prepared in myriad ways to enhance its design and bring on uniqueness to the look. Today, we have all-new and beautiful pineapple flavour cake designs to treat you.

If you are bored of the regular pineapple round cakes and are truly looking for quirky choices, you will surely find some happiness here.

Latest and Best Pineapple Cake Design Ideas With Photos 2023:

Continue reading to check out the 20 simple and unique, contemporary and delicious pineapple cake designs. These will truly mesmerize you! Here we go!

1. Pineapple Chocolate Moist Cake Design For Birthdays:

pineapple cake design

Let us start with the bang! This lovely pineapple chocolate moist cake design is nothing but heaven. It will surely touch your heart and fill your taste buds with delicacy! The cake comes with a fresh pineapple filling in addition to the whipped chocolate ganache. The ganache adds to the moist and fresh feel. It is further also topped with silky buttercream, chocolate drip, and pineapple covered with chocolate. This is a lovely special pineapple cake design choice for birthdays, especially for young kids.

2. Pineapple Strawberry Cake Design:

pineapple cake design images

The pineapple strawberry cake design looks lovely and tastes fresh and delicious. The cake is prepared with regular cake ingredients such as all-purpose flour, eggs, butter, baking soda, baking powder, and the strawberry and pineapple flavour added to give the finger-licking delicious taste. It is topped with cream and cherries to enhance its look and design. This is a quick and easy pineapple cake design to check out!

3. Vanilla Pineapple Cake Design:

simple pineapple cake design

It is well known that the vanilla flavour beautifully blends in with the pineapple taste, giving taste buds a lovely delicacy. This vanilla pineapple cake is perfect for those who love both flavours. The cake is topped with fresh-cut pineapple pieces on top, besides also having layers of pineapple chunks inside the cake. Further, the pineapple juice mixed with the cake flour adds to the drool-worthy feel. This cake is a perfect choice for birthdays.

4. Pineapple Doll Cake Design:

unique pineapple cake design

Surprise your little kid’s birthday with this lovely pineapple yellow doll cake design. The cake looks lovely and beautiful in the barbie design, exuding bright and classic hues. The doll cake is made with fondant and is the best choice for celebration for kids and girls of any age group. The cake can be custom prepared for the 1 kg or more requirement.

5. Pineapple Drip Pastry Cake Design:

special pineapple cake design

The simple pineapple drip cake is another cake to check out for any events, such as birthdays. The drip cake gives a lovely look and design with fresh pineapple jam and cream. The cake is topped with whipped cream in a floral design all around the sides to enhance its appearance. The round pineapple pastry cake can be prepared for half kg or 1 kg, as per your requirement.

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6. Pineapple Buttercream Cake Design:

pineapple flavour cake design

Another of our favourite pineapple cake designs is here. This pineapple cake design is truly mesmerizing and unique, be it for birthdays or any celebrations, or even to surprise your kid on their special day. The cake features lemon buttercream and fondant to add to the flavour. The pineapple fresh cream also brings on an authentic fruity flavour to the cake.

7. Pineapple Gel Cake:

pineapple cake new design

Among the most popular and trending pineapple cake varieties, this gel cake is truly an exceptional choice to check out. The pineapple gel cake design is all about the goodness of rich and authentic pineapple gel and jam addition on the top. It enriches the cake with a fruity flavour. The addition of chocolate cream to design the cake enhances the look and blends in well with the flavour. Whipped cream is also used further on the side to create a rose design.

8. Rich Pineapple Cake Design:

pineapple design cake

You can go further creative and check out this unique and one-of-a-kind rich pineapple cake design. The yellow and green cake features a pineapple shape, truly cut and designed in the shape of a pineapple with intricate carvings. The pineapple juice is used with the cream to give a truly delicious flavour, further also adding the green cream on the top to replicate the pineapple head. Isn’t it mesmerizing?

9. Pineapple Cake Design For Men:

cake design pineapple

How about this quirky pineapple cake design for men? This pineapple cake is topped with a lovely glaze and gel prepared with fresh pineapple, and the whipped cream is used to design it to replicate men’s moustaches and eyes. The cake looks simple yet perfect, oozing out unique vibes to suit any celebration for men. You can even surprise this cake on his birthday for a perfect celebration.

10. Square Pineapple Cake Design:

pineapple cake simple design

A basic yet charming pineapple can design is also a perfect classic choice to check out. This square shape pineapple cake design looks absolutely elegant and delicious. It is prepared with regular cake ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs and baking powder, besides topping off with the yummy pineapple whipped cream and white cream. The chocolate sprinkles and fresh-cut fruits on the top further add to the look.

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11. Heart Shape Pineapple Cake Design:

pineapple cake design simple

The heart shape cake designs truly exude romance and all things beautiful! We have the fresh pineapple cake design in a heart shape, an excellent choice for anniversaries or valentines day. The cake has the goodness of tasty pineapple juice and is topped with red heart shapes to enhance the romantic design further. This small single-layer pineapple cake can be prepared in half kg or 1 kg.

12. 2-Tier Pineapple Cake Design:

cake pineapple design

How about a charming 2 tier pineapple cake design for a birthday or anniversary celebration? This cake can be a perfect choice to scale up your happiness, whether it is for birthdays or romantic anniversary celebrations. The cake is prepared with fresh pineapple cream and is layered with chunks of pineapple, besides topping with the yellow rose design. This pineapple cake design can be prepared in 2 kg and above.

13. Pineapple Tower Cake Design:

design for pineapple cake

The delicious pineapple tower cake design is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a unique design and taste. The cake is infused with fresh pineapples, besides the vanilla sponge and fresh cream. It is topped with further canned pineapple cream and cherries, giving it an authentic flavour and a beautiful design. The single-layer tower cake design can be prepared in 1 kg or above.

14. Pineapple Vanilla Sponge Cake Design:

cake design pineapple flavour

Most of us truly admire and love sponge cakes. The good old sponge cake can never be replaced in taste. We have a similar variant in pineapple flavour, the all-new light vanilla sponge cake with loaded pineapple chunks. The cake is further enhanced with fresh cream and white chocolate layers to deliver a delicious taste and a beautiful design. How do you like this taste? It is a perfect choice for any kind of celebration.

15. Pineapple Cake Design For Girl’s Birthday:

design of pineapple cake

How about a perfect little pineapple flavour cake design for the little girl’s birthday? The white and pink colour cake looks truly mesmerizing and beautiful. The cake is filled with fresh pineapple cake layers and is topped with white and pink cream. The whipped cream gives out a cute look with charm to impress any girls for the celebration.

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16. Pink Pineapple Cream Cake:

new pineapple cake design

You can also try out this yummy pineapple pink cream cake design for any event. From birthdays to any celebration or party, this bright and colourful pineapple cream cake is not only delicious but adds colour to the celebration. The cake is topped with whipped cream and chocolate drip, exuding a lovely look and design. The cake indeed proves this is what the true taste looks like!

17. Pineapple Cheese Cake Design:

best pineapple cake design

If you are truly fond of cheesecakes, this smooth, creamy pineapple cheesecake design also is a good bonus to check out. The cheesecake is topped off with pineapple glaze jam and a few chocolate shades to give it a beautiful design. This small cheesecake in pineapple is a perfect and apt choice to compliment any gathering or small party and occasion. Do you agree?

18. Pineapple Cupcake Design:

Pineapple Cupcake Design Save

The beautiful and cute lovely little cupcakes in the pineapple flavour are a perfect choice to have at any party or celebration or even to compliment any main cake design with little enhancements. We have these delicious cupcakes prepared with fresh pineapple juice, vanilla frosting and yellow cake mix to give a finger-licking flavour as well as design.

19. Pineapple Pinata Cake Design:

elegant pineapple cake design

How about a tasty and fun pinata cake in pineapple flavour? Well, we all definitely agree that the pinata cakes are truly fun to scale up any celebration or birthday bash. So, we have this pineapple pinata cake design, a perfect choice for any celebration. The cake comes with a heart shape and is also placed with chocolate cream and sauce topping too. Isn’t it fun?

20. Pineapple Designer Wedding Cake:

latest pineapple cake design

This gorgeous 4-tier pineapple designer wedding cake is truly one of a kind! The wedding cake design is made with pineapple cream, jam and fresh juice to give it a nice delicious and drool-worthy flavour. The cake is finished off with whipped cream, and the intricate pineapple design on the top. The special cake is perfect if you truly love this fruity flavour and taste. Do you agree?

How did you like these Pineapple cake designs? While the pineapple flavour may be regular and conventional in baking, these cakes’ designs are what sets them apart and make them distinct and beautiful. Did you like any of these cake designs? Which is your favourite choice?


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