Most often conventionally, we come across the round shape cakes. But did you ever witness many square shape cake designs that still look exotic, beautiful and elegant? We bet not! Square shape cakes do not often show up in many designs, so when we want to try out something new, unique and exciting, they come us a sweet surprise. Today, we have these square cake design ideas to explore with you.

Whether it is a birthday party or anniversary, wedding or any gathering and celebration, we have the lovely latest trending and elegant square shape cake design to share with you. While some may look simple in design, others are charming and unique. So, let us see more about these new-age designs and cake trends today.

Latest and Best Square Cake Design Ideas With Images 2024:

We fell in love with these beautiful and lovely square shape cake designs. This will be exciting if you haven’t come across many such cakes in a square shape. So let us check them out together! Here we go!

1. Engagement Cake In Square Shape Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

This amazing and unique square shape cake design is a perfect choice to add to your engagement party. The vanilla-flavoured cake can be made in different flavours too and comes with the semi fondant design on the top with a ruffled/frills design and floral fondant finishing. The date of engagement and union is marked with cream, and the cake looks stunning and absolutely perfect.

2. Spiderman Cake Design:

We also have a one-of-a-kind Spiderman cake design in a square shape. This colourful cake can be custom ordered in any flavour of your choice, with the Spiderman theme. The cake resembles the Spiderman pose with the web and is a perfect birthday cake for boys and men. If you are searching for exotic and unique square cake designs for birthday events, this is apt, especially suitable for a man.

3. Christmas Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

You can also have a very merry Christmas with this lovely square shape red and white cake design. The cake looks absolutely lovely, with the design resembling the Christmas decorations on the top. It has a fondant finish and comes in flavours as per your choice. You can add this to fulfil your Christmas celebration, and it definitely is going to vibe with your event. Isn’t it gorgeous?

4. Black Forest Square Cake Design:

We all undoubtedly agree that black forest is among the most common and popular choices of cake flavours for many of us. We have a simple yet classic square-shaped cake in black forest flavour. The cake is versatile enough to match many events such as birthdays or any other celebrations and gatherings. It is finished with cream and cherries and looks stunning with the design.

5. 4-Tier Wedding Cake In Square Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Undoubtedly, the white colour is super elegant and classic, and the white cake is no exception. We have a stunning square white cake design for wedding celebrations. The four-tier cake design here is a 5 kg custom order for the celebration and looks exciting and charming. You can also customize this cake in as many layers and tiers as you wish for the gathering. The popular flavours for this cake design are vanilla and white forest. What do you think of it? Isn’t it enthralling?

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6. White Forest Square Cake Design:

Another quite popular flavour in baking is white forest. The white forest cake design in square shape is another perfect classic choice to fill up any celebration or gathering. The cake comes with sprinkled white forest flakes with a cherry and cream topping. It is a classic flavour and can be customized in your required size. The square cake design you see above is half kg.

7. Butterscotch Square Cake Design:

We even have the delicious butterscotch cake in the square design. The cake comes with multiple layers of butterscotch cream and jam filling and is topped with delicious whipped cream and cherries. It is prepared with regular all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, and powdered sugar, besides the other ingredients, yet the difference made in the taste is wholly from the butterscotch cream and jam. The cake is a perfect choice looking elegant and beautiful with the simple design.

8. Unicorn Square Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

You are mistaken if you assume the square cake designs can be boring, especially not attractive for kids. How about a unicorn-themed square cake design for birthday parties? The kids’ cake looks genuinely magical with the unicorn design on the topping. It is finished with creams and gives a colourful look with the unicorn head and eyes design on the side. This square cake design comes in various sizes starting from 2 kg, 3kg and above. What do you think about this cake?

9. Square Cake Design For Anniversary:

Image Source: pinterest

The square shape white cream cake design anniversary is truly ethereal as well as delicious. The cake is prepared in a single-tier design, topped with fondant and a heart-shaped crisscross. Further elegance is added through the heart designs on the side. The cake is made in vanilla flavour and can be customized according to the choice. This anniversary cake design in a square shape is 1 kg.

10. Hello Kitty Square Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We still have another amazing cake design for kids’ birthdays. This pink Hello Kitty-themed square cake design is a perfect choice to upscale any gathering and celebration. The cake comes with a fondant finish, with a Hello Kitty-inspired design on the top. It is made in strawberry flavour and can be customized in vanilla and chocolate.

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11. Red Velvet Square Cake Design:

Red velvet flavour is among the exotic and most trendy cake choices. We have the square shape red velvet cake design here, and it looks nothing less than a wonderful choice. The cake is finished with red velvet shavings and white cream cheese. The white floral-shaped design on the side with cream further adds to the look. This cake comes in a 1 kg size, but it can be customized according to the choice.

12. Pineapple Cake Square Design:

How about a pineapple flavour square cake design? The lovely cake looks beautiful, finished with pineapple glaze cream, chocolate design waffles, white chocolate sprinkles and jam. The pineapple square cake looks pleasing and drool-worthy, matching a perfect fit for those looking for a small-size cake. You can easily get this exotic square design cake in half kg size too.

13. Rasmalai Square Shape Cake Design:

The rasmalai cake has been the talk of the town recently, for its amazing flavour and finger-licking-worthy texture. We have a traditional rasmalai cake design in a square shape too. The rasmalai cake comes filled with cream and rasmalai, with a code added on the top as a finishing. It is a perfect unique dessert to mark on your checklist, especially if you haven’t tasted it yet.

14. Vanilla Chocolate Tiffany Blue Square Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have the yummy vanilla chocolate cake in a square design. However, this is no normal cake but is instead a designer elegant and exotic cake design to check out. The cake comes in Tiffany blue and is finished with white sugar roses, fondant and diamantes. The cake truly looks exquisite, comes in a two-tier square design, and is a perfect choice for any high-end gathering and celebration. Do you agree?

15. Rosy Design Square Cream Cake Design:

How about taking a notch higher with a floral rosy design exotic designer cube cake? The square cake design comes with a white and gold colour cream finish, truly delivering an exotic and ethereal look. The cake definitely is not just tasty but is filled with the authentic vanilla flavour, buttercream and whipped cream finishing. It is perfect for events such as anniversaries or wedding parties. The square cake design is also ideal as a surprise gift for female birthday parties.

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16. Mango Malai Square Cake Design:

Another amazing yet unique flavour in the cake shape design is the mango malai. If you truly love fresh fruit mangos, this square cake design is not only beautiful in design but also finger-licking tasty. The cake is topped with whipped and frosting cream and mango glaze jam and is filled internally with layers of fresh mango flavour. It is indeed a perfect choice to check out if you like this taste.

17. Designer Cube Cake With Buttercream:

Image Source: pinterest

We have a lovely dense and thick cube cake design in this square shape. The cake design in purple is filled with a striking look and the buttercream’s tasty finish. It is decorated with 2D stars all over the sides with drop flours and is made with the goodness of violet butter icing colour, rose icing colour and the usual ingredients. The square shape cake design can be made with the flavour of choice.

18. Blueberry Exquisite Square Cake Design:

The exotic and beautiful blueberry square cake design is another great choice worth checking out. The blueberry cakes definitely add to any party’s luxurious feel and look, and the taste is unmatched and absolutely worth it. The cake here is filled with authentic blueberry flavour and is finished off with a topping of blueberry jam and sprinkles.

19. Cube Cake Design With Pretty Blooms:

Image Source:

We have a fantastic choice for any female liking. This pretty blooms-themed square cake design is a perfect choice to surprise any woman on her birthday. It takes inspiration from the floral theme and is designed with an exotic vanilla flavour with a floral fondant topping. It looks exquisite and brings on beautiful hues. The cake can be made in any flavour of choice and usually comes in the size of 2 kg or more.

20. Birthday Square Cake Design For Men:

Image Source: pinterest

How about another great square shape cake for your man? The birthday cake here resembles a T-shirt with a watch design and looks simple yet exquisite. The cake is a perfect surprise for the celebration, bringing on beautiful design and a tasty, delicious experience. The cake can be custom ordered with the flavour of choice. This square shape cake design for men is unique and is worth trying out.

How did you enjoy exploring these simple square shape cake designs? Most of us often assume that these square cakes come with limited designs and themes. But we now know the several variants and designs possible with delicious flavours. Do you agree? What did you like the most in this list? We love to hear from you!


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