Our body’s biggest organ, the skin is just a layered covering to the innermost organs which is both delicate and valuable. This skin on a daily basis is exposed to the world full of dust, UV rays, harmful pathogens, extreme sunlight and rough dry winds and many more. This may cause the skin to overreact or cause reaction which then results into reddening of some parts, itching accompanied by flakiness or rashes. This term is then in medical terms known as skin allergies.

When the skin reacts with something that is not compatible with the skin’s cells, it might cause a reaction amongst the two which blooms out in the form of irritations, rashes and dry flaky skin. With that the possibility of itching comes hand in hand. Once the rashes are scratched, a new blister infection takes place which leaves a nasty mark. However different people have different types of skin making the allergies vary from one person to another. For some it may be exposure to sun light for some it may be the case of some food. The most common skin allergies are poison ivy, eczema, hives etc. if treatable this can be readily cured.

Skin Allergy Symptoms And Causes:

This article saying something important about what are the causes and symptoms of skin allergy which would helpful to take care before.

Symptoms Of Skin Allergy:

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of skin allergy to recognize better.

1. Irritation:

Right before the allergy starts, there will be certain parts where the stinging sensation might be louder than on the other parts. On a normal day, the irritation would not persist but if suddenly someday you feel a weird irritation on your skin, it might be because the allergy reaction is starting.

2. Itching:

One of the common symptoms of allergy is itching. An allergy occurs due to the fact that a certain thing on contact has reacted with your skin and your skin is not compatible to react with it naturally, causing excessive itchiness as a sign of on the start of allergic reaction. This is not similar to normal itching, since the constant itch here persists until the skin wears away if it is flaky or dry. There are often certain medications for such heavy itching. For homemade remedies try instantly moisturizing the area and keep your nails away from it.

3. Swell:

When the reaction or allergy has already started, one will notice that particular area or space is a little swollen and out of shape than the other parts. This is yet another symptom to skin allergy. This swelling is often painful in nature and might take some time to go down. The best ailment to this is ice packs or ice gel packs so that the inflammation is contained. One can use kitchen-friendly products like ginger, garlic, onions to turn them into a homemade paste and apply them directly. Their anti-inflammatory properties might help reduce the swell and burn.

4. Instant Rashes:

This may be the reaction that occurs when your skin touches any object that you are not compatible with. For example, if you have an allergy to city gold jewellery, touching or coming in contact with one of them might cause a reaction. The same goes with certain beauty products which don’t suit the skin. the reaction comes out as an instant outbreak of mini red rashes that are clustered in form and pain.

5. Wearing Away:

Allergies usually make the top layer of the skin weak and flaky. When the skin is encrusted with a cluster of itchy rashes, the main fear to it is formation of blisters and infection once the rashes are scratched. This makes the skin prone to weakness causing it to flake peel or wear and tear away. at such times the best way to stop the itching is to use moisturizer and keeping the area hydrated well so that the area does not dry up.

6. Redness:

One of the fast reactions and effects that declares the oncoming of the allergy is the redness around the area that is about to get filled with rash clusters. Once on contact, the area takes color slowly. It may or may not be painful or swelling but the change in color which is not natural might announce the future set of events.

7. Hay Fever:

Want to know about the symptoms of skin allergy? During allergy getting signs of hay fever is pretty common. There is nothing much to worry about it as during this type of fever the body temperature does not rise to a high level. It is just a little over the standard body temperature. Hay fever can also be associated with a little bit of cold and cough.

8. Bleeding:

Bleeding from the skin is one of the most sighted skin allergy symptoms. One’s skin will bleed without any specific reason. This is basically due to allergy. A lot of people find this particular symptom really frustrating. Bleeding from the skin is often accompanied by excessive pain and muscle tissue aches as well.

9. Body Rashes:

If you have skin allergy then body rashes are one of the most sighted skin allergy symptoms. Rashes will appear on the body and this one of the main causes behind the excessive pain that one might be experiencing on the skin layer. This symptom is pretty common in both men and women and there is not particular medicine prescribed by the doctors that will reduce the rashes in this case. They will disappear with time.

10. Red Bumps On The Skin:

A lot of skin allergy victims have experienced this particular symptom. Red bumps have appeared on the skin when one has been infected with a sever allergy. One will easily get affected by this symptom if he or she has a bad skin condition. The symptom is common in women since their skin condition is generally delicate compared to men.

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Skin Allergy Causes:

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of skin allergies. One can have an allergic skin due to various reasons among which the most common ones are discussed below.

1. Beauty Products:

Are you willing to learn about the cause of skin allergy? This particular cause in generally ignored by most people. People use different beauty products and fairness soaps to look being unaware of the harmful effects they might be have on the skin if used beyond a limit.

2. Dyes In Clothing:

It has bee proved to be one of the most possible skin allergy causes. Skin allergies are generally caused due to harmful used while manufacturing clothes. One can easily be a victim of skin allergies by using dye stained clothes.

3. Chemicals In Rubber:

No matter how much we try, we cannot just maintain zero contact with rubber and this is one of the causes of skin allergy. Sometimes the chemical contents in the rubber can be blamed to be responsible for causing skin allergies.

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4. Elastic Materials:

Wearing elastic materials might be the reason behind skin allergies. Elastics contain harmful chemical contents and so does latex which are responsible for the occurrence of skin allergies.

5. Dandruff:

Sometimes dandruff may also be the reason behind skin allergies.

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6. Bug Bites:

If you want to know about the most unknown skin allergy causes, then keep the symptom of bug bites in your head. Bug bites can be said to be really harmful for you.

7. Excessive Medication:

Anything if consumed beyond a certain limit might prove to be harmful for you and so are medicines. Excessive use of medicines might be the reason behind skin allergies.

8. Sunlight:

It is justified to blame the harmful rays of the sun for causing skin allergies.

9. Harmful Drugs:

Some drugs may be harmful side effects and they can range from skin allergies to severe physical fatigue. According to many scientific studies, it has been seen that many drugs have triggered the occurrence of skin allergy.

10. Contact With Poisonous Plants:

There are a lot of plants which contain harmful poisonous materials which might be responsible for causing skin allergies. According to a number of studies done on this subject, it has been declared that poisonous plants are one of the most probable skin allergy causes.


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