Every day we get up see ourselves in the mirror and feel sad about being fat or healthy. Due to the busy schedules or fast living there remains very less time when we could go and work out in gym.

Doing exercise daily is really very important. Though you are busy like a bee you still need to perform at least 10-20 minutes workout every day!

The question remains the same what to do? When to do? And how to do?

Out of many home based exercise here in this article you will know about a wonderful and super awesome exercise which will blow off your belly fat and also the extra calories that you are carrying on your body.

It’s skipping! Yes, skipping a rope will help you shed off all your belly fat, or any other body fat in very few days. The results brought by skipping a rope are really effective and retains for a long time.

Amazing Skipping To Reduce Belly Fat

There are various methods or styles by which you can skip a rope.

1. Single Jump:

This is the old and the basic jump style. You need to just simply jump over the rope as you do normally without the rope. In this style you need to jump high enough so as to clear the rope.

2. Step Touch:

  • In this hold the handles tied to the rope together and firmly. Now you must swing the skipping rope towards right, thereby tuning it twice in circular motion.
  • No at this time step towards the right and tap left toes towards your right heel.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

3. Running Jump:

  • This style of skipping the rope will require simultaneously running and jumping,
  • This will be done by alternating your feet when you jump high.
  • Run in place with jumps over the rope by using one foot at a time.

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4. Figure Eight:

  • Stand with your feet apart make a distance of hip-width apart
  • Now you must hold the handles of the rope together in front of your body.
  • Trace an imaginary figure of eight in horizontal direction in front of your body
  • Now move hands from left shoulder to right hip and the same from right shoulder to left hip.
  • Also transfer your weigh from left to right.

5. Double Jump:

  • This type of skipping is an advanced level jump and this requires you to jump really high and also swing the rope really fast so that the rope passes twice under your feet before you hit the floor again.
  • This is quite difficult to start up initially in skipping so it is better that you start up with single jumps, until you are able to do double jumps.

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6. Slalom Jump:

  • In this you will be skiing but with a rope.
  • As you jump over the rope, you will have to alternatively land between left and right.
  • So you need to jump about 6 inches high to the left side and then one jump of 6 inches high to the right side on the next jump then continue to alternate.
  • Keep your feet together as you jump and land on both feet together.

7. Combo Jump:

  • This style of skipping is like a combination of the running, jumping and single jumps in a single stretch.
  • Do about 10 turns of the rope one after another then do the running and jumping after it
  • After this do about 10 turns of the rope and do the single jumps.

By performing any of the above mentioned style of skipping daily you will be able to reduce 1000-1500 calories in just 7 days.

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