Skirts are one such clothing which girls like to wear as a formal or as a casual wear too. The most striking feature is the easiness to wear the skirt and go ahead during a busy weekday. The skirt can be made of the different design which makes a great difference from the usual simple design. To get a wide knowledge about the types of skirts with skirt designs patterns which can be a very useful guide with skirt images and a daily day tip for young girls to ladies!

Best Skirt Designs And Patterns With Images For Women In Different Styles:

Let’s see the top 30 beautiful skirts patterns and images for Women in India.

1. Denim Skirts:

In new skirt designs, denim jeans are one and which are most commonly worn clothing material by girls since the jean material is quite long lasting and durable, women prefer buying them. The length of the skirt dress comes in various fashion, for example, full-length jeans with a slit in behind or a knee-length jean.

2. Pencil Skirt:

Pencil skirt is a figure complementing skirt, which ladies like to wear it commonly as a casual and a formal skirt. In a formal skirt, the pencil line ladies skirts come in Cotton mixed material. For a casual wear Pencil skirt, commonly seen the material is the jersey. Jersey material is easy to carry and stretchable.

3. Broomstick Skirt:

Broomstick skirts for women are very comfortable wear skirts since this type of skirt is not a body-hugging pattern. The length of the skirt is usually till the knee length. The waistline has a broad strip and then the material flares out which looks like a flared broomstick. This kind of skirt patterns goes well with a body-hugging t-shirt since the skirt is not a body fitting pattern, it is good to combine a tight shirt with a flared out skirt.

4. Bubble Skirt:

Bubble skirts are really cute skirts which became fashionable among small kids, later designers brought out the same pattern for modern young girls and ladies. This skirt consists of two material the inner lining and the outer colorful fabric mostly cotton or synthetic mixed material which can hold the skirt well in place around the thigh region. The skirt is made of a waistband to that the skirt material is stitched together, the most prominent part is the lower end of the skirt where the material is stitched inside the lining and the seam will not be visible. When the skirt the outlook will look a bubble. This type of skirt goes well for a party or a casual wear with a t-shirt.

5. Circular Skirt:

Circular skirt became popular from the Hollywood side. During the 70´s Hollywood actress worn it commonly which later became a fashion and the fashion spread along the eastern and western parts of the world. Circular skirts are made of a single fabric which has a thick waistband which is attached to the circular framed skirt material. The circular cut is made using precise measurement which requires a good amount of practice. The skirt goes well as a party wear with a t-shirt and a pair of flat shoes or pumps high heel shoes.

6. Gored Skirt:

In a Gored type of Skirt wherein the upper part of the skirt is body hugging and the lower end of the skirt flares out like frills. This type of skirt is popular among ladies who like to wear body-hugging clothing accessory. The material used in designing this skirt is usually bright synthetic fabric material. This skirt comes with an inner lining in order to hold the outer fabric in place.

7. Dirndl Skirt:

This is one of the famous traditional skirts in European countries, worn during a Beer festival in Germany. Dirndl skirts are usually knee-length skirts fitted around the waist region. It is usually made from a single fabric material and the seam is seen on the side or at the back.

8. Mini Skirt:

Mini Skirts are popularly worn by young to mid age girls and women. This type of skirt suits well for a toned body figure. The skirt has a body fitting stitch which is the important feature for girls to buy. Miniskirts are a definitely a casual party wear skirt. The material used in designing the skirt comes in various designs and pattern.

9. Slit Skirt:

Slit skirts became popular since 80´s and still, it is one of the most loved designs among female. The slit is designed usually on the side of the skirt. The length of the skirt determines the slit length too.

10. Pegged Skirt:

Pegged skirts are those puffy looking skirts which are worn as semi-formal or even as a party wear skirt. The material determines the type and occasion to be worn. The pegged skirt has a tight waistband which follows by a puffy outlook reaching just above the knee level or till the mid-thigh region.

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11. Cowl Skirt:

This type of skirt has become quite famous among young and middle age crowd. The length of the skirt makes it look more attractive and also the cuts of the skirt. The skirt has a tight fit around the waistline and becomes less body-hugging as it runs down.

12. 8-Panel Skirt:

This type of clothing is a casual wear and it can be for party wear if the material is in satin or Jacquard. The design of the skirt is unique and quite simple. The waistband is board along the panel attachment which makes it look like saree pleats.

13. Godet Skirt:

This Godet Skirt design is very popular in the European countries and also in the states, which has now become popular in Asian countries too. The skirt has a body-hugging design seen around the waist and the mid-thigh region later it flares just below the mid-thigh region.

14. Flounce Skirt:

Flounce skirts are quite a popular semi-formal as well as a casual skirt, mostly worn by middle age ladies. This is a knee length skirt which goes well with a pair of the formal blouse and a pair of heels.

15. Trumpet Skirt:

In the trumpet design which is similar to the flounce skirt design, the only differentiating feature is the baggy cut design seen at the bottom of the skirt. The skirt is designed as a body-hugging fit which falls just above the knee level and flares out. Trumpet skirt is best suited with a pair of boots to give a country wear outlook.

16. Box-Pleated Skirt:

A box-pleated skirt is a typical formal skirt which is made from cotton and linen mixed material. The plaid material is used in making this box-pleated skirt is usually considered as a formal skirt which can be combined with a pair of boots and a casual skirt.

17. Prairie Skirt:

This simple box pleated skirt design is a traditional skirt design which is usually made from firm fabric material with lining inside. The box pleat is quite prominent which makes the skirt look more elegant. The length of the skirt is usually until knee level.

18. Layered Skirt:

It is considered as a casual or party wear. With material like linen, the skirt looks more trendy and semi-casual to wear. This type of skirt can be worn along with a simple blouse and a pair of high heel boots. The layered skirt goes well as a party wear skirt. The layers are formed using cutting the fabric into thin layers and joined together to form a skirt pattern.

19. Tulle Skirt:

The material of the skirt gives a special signature design which gives a royal outlook. The material used to in designing skirt are Net and satin. The net and the satin color is similar which compliments each other very well.

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20. Round Skirt:

The round skirt design requires precise cutting of the material which requires a good amount of practice and patience. The skirt design is unique that this can be worn as a casual as well as a part wear. The round shape of the skirt is achieved due to its circular cut.

21. Handkerchief Skirt:

Handkerchief deigned skirt is very a formal clothing accessory. The cut and the material used is what makes the skirt design very eye catchy. The sides of the skirts drop down like a V-Shape which makes it look a Handkerchief folding.

22. Wrap-Around Skirt:

Wrap around skirt is a very commonly worn skirt type by all women from all age group. The skirt is very simple to wear which can give a comfortable feel throughout the day. The material used in designing the skirt is usually Synthetic and also Suede material.

23. Pareo Skirt:

This type of skirt is commonly worn by Malaysian girls which have also now become famous in other parts of the world. The skirt material is usually Rayon which gives a smooth finish. This type of skirt is a typical beachwear accessory.

24. Straight Slit Skirt:

This type of skirt is very similar to the Pencil skirt, but straight skirts are less tight and fall in the straight line downward, which makes it look loose around the knee region. Straight skirts are fitted at the hip region and fall down loose around the knee making it more comfortable for walking. It is considered as a casual or party wear. With material like linen, it can be used as an official wear. This type of skirt can also be worn by bottom heavy or larger stomach ladies since it is not tight around the waistline.

25. Sarong Skirt:

It’s a sheet of fabric usually synthetic material which does not need any special type of stitching pattern. It is generally wrapped around the waistline and knotted to stabilize. This type of skirt is usually a beachwear.

26. Summer Special Skirt:

This is one is the famous summer skirts in western countries, this is short style in pattern collection of skirts. Girls who are comfortable and easy to manage with skirts in summer season then this one will be good choice always. This skirt can be worn as a casual wear skirt too and just worn during a festive season. This type of skirt goes well with sneakers or with boots too.

27. Bias Cut Maxi Skirt:

Bias cut skirt is similar to the mermaid style which has a body fitting cut from the waist till the knee level and flares out like a frock. This type of skirt goes well with a body fitting shirt. The material used is usually synthetic material. Bias cut skirt goes well with a full sleeve shirt and a pair of flat boots as well as a high heel sandal.

28. Tulip Cut Skirt:

Tulip cut skirt is a trendy skirt design which is similar to the wrap around skirt. The main difference is the center slit seen at the center which gives a wrap-around design. The length of the skirt is usually above knee level.

29. Accordion Skirt:

In the accordion type of skirt, the pleats seen on the skirt makes it different from the other type of skirt design. The material used in designing the skirt is usually synthetic. The skirt is completely designed as a pleated skirt. This type of skirt goes well for tall girls in general to its full-length body fitting feature.

30. Mermaid Skirt:

This type of skirt is a typical wedding or party wear attire. The material used in designing the skirt is chiffon, georgette or any high-quality material. The mermaid skirt goes well for well-toned body figure. The mermaid skirt goes well with a tight fit crop top or a sleeveless body-hugging top.

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Skirts will be always in fashion by retaining as on the most worn clothes and tops the priority list by the ladies for shopping and a place for it in her wardrobe. Since a full-length skirts go well even with a simple top or a sweatshirt with ballets or flat sandals or a mini skirt which goes well with a crop top and a pair of high heel boots, ladies like to wear skirts on a daily basis. The comfortability provided by the skirt is too good that the wearing jeans are considered as a time-consuming task.

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