Swimwear is evolving ever so often. You can find great designs on the shelves that will make you want to buy all of them. The swimwear that is very pretty and feminine in looks is the skirted swimsuit. The skirted swimsuits can be a two piece set or it can be one piece. You can opt for colours and prints that are bold and beautiful.

Best Skirted Swimsuits For Women:

Here are the 9 best skirted swimsuits for women with images.

1. Skirt Bikini Bottom:

An aqua skirted swimsuit is a lovely bikini to wear when you go to the beach. The colour is cool and blends well with the water and the sun. The skirt bottom of the bikini is simple and stylish. The top is a halter neck design.

2. Swim Skirt:

A tropical print swim skirt is another cool addition to your collection. The swimwear is a one piece that is off shoulder. You can select bright colours for this swimsuit and this can be great for pool parties as well.

3. Halter Skirted Swim Wear:

The halter skirted swimwear is another great design that most girls choose. The floral print of this swimsuit is stylish and chic. You can go in for bright colours as well as pastel shades. The halter neck of this swimsuit is another great design detail. This is easy to wear and carry.

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4. Spaghetti Strap Swim Wear:

A spaghetti strap design is used in many garments including tops and dresses. So the design is perfect for a skirted swimwear. This bathing suit with a skirt is fashionable and classic. The design has a flare at the bottom and looks very pretty.

5. Ruched Swim Wear:

Here is a cool way to look dressed up for the beach. The ruched look is one type of decorative material that is gathered up at the bottom of the garment. The swim skirt bottom is two or three-layered in this case. You can have the swimsuit as a black swim skirt or in any colour as well.

6. Tummy Control Swim Wear:

One great way to look on shape is to wear tummy control garments. These are also seen in swimsuits. This tummy control swimwear can be a long swim skirt or short. The floral print makes the print look busy and hides the flab.

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7. Retro Swim Wear:

One great vintage style is the high waisted swim skirt. This retro look swimwear is perfect for all ages. The top half can be halter neckline or any other style. The skirt is high waist and gives you a good grip at the bottom. A thin flare at the end gives the skirt a pretty look.

8. Ruffle Skirt Swim Wear:

A great skirted two-piece swimsuit is this stunning ruffle skirt swimwear. The swimsuit has a top that is ruffles and has a halter strap. The bottom is ruffle layers in three colours that form an ombre shade. The swimwear is really sexy and you will find this design to be just right for the beach.

9. One Shoulder Skirt Swim Wear:

Check out this ultra cool white swim skirt with a one shoulder design. The skirted swimsuit bottom of this swimwear is just pretty. The off shoulder design is full of bright colours with the base of white. You can have this in solid white shade as well.

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Skirted swimwear is a particularly pretty choice in swimwear that many women prefer. The skirt bottom of the swimsuit is trendy and chic. You can get these in flares, layers, etc. The tops of these swimsuits can also be different kinds like halter neck, deep V, one shoulder, etc.

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