Sleeveless sweaters work perfectly for mild winters when you don’t need to cover up yourself. The sweaters give you warmth and keep your chest from the freezing weather. Therefore wearing sleeveless sweater during the start of the winters and when it is just breezy is always a good idea.

Best Sleeveless Sweaters With Images:

Get this top 9 sleeveless sweaters,

1. Open Knit Sleeveless Sweater:

A sleeveless sweater is a nice way to keep warm during the mild winters. Here the sweater has an open knit pattern that gives a mesh look. This is a stylish sweater with a broad border for the neck and the hem. The sweater vest is a bit long and looks great over jeans.

2. Turtleneck Sleeveless Sweater:

A turtle neck sweater is a classic pattern that most women should have. This sweater for ladies is perfect with the rolled collar. The collar is quite broad and this gives it a falling effect. You can have the sleeveless turtleneck sweater in different colours like grey, black, blue, etc.

3. V Neck Sleeveless Sweater:

Having a great sweater vest for men is one the essentials of winter wear. This  sweater men’s wear is the most famous of the vest patterns. It has a V neck design and can have tiny stripes around the neck, arm holes and hemline. This sweater vest for men is great for formal wear.

4. Cashmere Sleeveless Sweater:

With cashmere sweater you can feel cozy and luxurious at the same time. This wonderful garment is perfect for women to wear for any occasion. The sweater vest women’s sleeveless has a nice cable knit stitch as well. You can wear this for casual as well as formal wear.

5. Asymmetric Hemline Sweater:

Try out this trendy sweater cardigan with an asymmetric hemline. This is now quite a rage and women wear this over any garment. The front open cardigan is perfect for that mild winter and to cover up. Try them in various colour options and feel sexy.

6. Pocket Sleeveless Sweater:

Here is a great looking women’s sweater that has pockets in front. The big size pockets are loose and stylish. The shawl collar of this sweater is another great attraction. Get this in a wonderful light colour like beige or cream and you will surely look like a dream.

7. Tassels Sleeveless Sweater:

Look bohemian in this dashing long sleeveless sweater that has tassels at the end. The long tassels add length to the sweater as well. You can have these in the cardigan design that opens in the front. The sweater can be worn for casual wear and you can go partying in this great piece.

8. Side Button Sleeveless Sweater:

A stylish design take on the sweater is this side button addition. The white sleeveless sweater has wonderful big black buttons on the sides. The open sides are buttoned up and look quite striking. This design element is very impressive and makes quite a statement.

9. Ribbed Sleeveless Sweater:

Get this mixed ribbed sleeveless sweater in a variegated yarn. The sleeveless knit sweater is a perfect winter wear element. The sweater can be hand knitted or machine knitted. The ribbing design is very stylish and along with the variegated yarn, the result is breathtaking. You can style this sweater with any kind of knitting stitch. Even a cable knit will look great on it.

Sleeveless sweaters come in various styles like V neck, round neck, shawl neck, turtleneck, etc. They are perfect for men and women and can also be sweater vests. You can wear them as cardigan or pullovers too.