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18 Popular Slicked Back Hairstyles You Should Try at Least Once

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Want to try a slicked back hairstyle? But confused regarding which one to do? No more worries. This hairstyle will look you sleek and classic at the same time, and still looking stylish. That is all very features to achieve in a just a small way. That’s why this list of ideas will help you in choosing what is best for you and for your hair. Let’s find out.

Best Slicked Back Hairstyles With Images:

Here is the list of most popular 18 slicked back hairstyles for men and women in 2018. Try these trendy and classic touch hairstyles that can completely changes your looks.

1. Classic Slick Back:

Classic Slick Back

If you want a slick back hairstyle, then look into this haircut. This is a very simple, classic and timeless style. To get this look, you might need a wet look gel as well, with a shiny look. Combing hair repeatedly and thoroughly will help a lot. Don’t let the hair fall flat and this will make your hair look thicker.

2. Slick Back with Beard:

Slick Back with Beard

If you want slick back hair fade type of style, then this might suit you. This type of hair cut will be complemented by the beard very highly. Light beard or even dense beard will do. Face shape and proportions will also matter. Facial beard will indeed help in increasing the gorgeous factor.

3. Slick Back Waves:

Slick Back Waves

If slick back hair undercut is your type, then look no further than this. This type of wavy hair is very gentleman like. This is a great style for natural hair. Using a slick back hair product like lighter mousse will give it more flexibility to the curls. It is advised to opt for a messier look as it gives a very natural volume.

4. Side Part Slick Back:

Side Part Slick Back

This is one of 50’s slicked back hairstyles for guys. This haircut gives a more sleekness to your looks and makes you look sharp nonetheless. You can also change the styling by changing the side of the fold of the hair, so that you may look better.

5. Man Bun Slick Back:

Man Bun Slick Back

This slick back haircut includes a man bun. If this style is done right, it will work just fantastic. If done wrong can look very disappointing. Works great with facial hair, and it suggested that you also try on a few ways of styling your own so that the man bun goes particularly well with it.

6. Slick Back Pompadour:

Slick Back Pompadour

If you use gel for slicked back hair, then try this haircut. This pompadour is a very normal hairstyle that has again gained momentum in these last years. This is great being classic as well being a popular trend. In order to get this look, you need to have a smooth back hair that has high volume. So, it needs products that boost its volume and also blow drying the hair roots upwards.

7. Long Slicked Back Hair:

Long Slicked Back Hair

If you like slicked back hair women’s type haircut, the get this long hair style. Great look for formal functions and such, and gives a nice look as well. It is said to comb the hair and keep it behind the ears. Flexible hairspray can also be used if required. A lot of weight is not required as the hair being long, will automatically keep its place.

8. Slick Back Undercut:

Slick Back Undercut

This type of men’s slicked back hair is slowly gaining popularity nowadays. This style has an undercut, and the look features a short back and sides, with the top longer and both great for formal and casual times. The length and its shape make it easy to style very simply and elegantly.

9. Slick Back With Volume:

Slick Back With Volume

In order to gain one of the best men’s slicked back hairstyles like this, you will need a good hair volume increasing product, for example a mousse. It will give a huge depth to the hair, and make it look very different. Also, give it a shiny and wet look.

10. Salt & Pepper Slick Back:

Salt & Pepper Slick Back

Looking for a back hairstyle for man? Get this one. This one has shaved sides with the top hair longer. The back side shows the cropped portion and also its textures. This is perfect back hairstyle for men’s who like to keep all the attention on their.

11. Smoldering and striking:

Smoldering and striking

Going for a men’s haircut back side? Look no further. This haircut is all about contrast and looks which brings balance. The beard fades into the hair, and the combed hair looks very beautiful and unique.

12. Vintage Taper:

Vintage Taper

This is nice back side hairstyle for man, anyway you look at it. It looks very chic, and stylish. Gives you that tough look and still gives that formal office look. This one is a great for both creative surroundings as well as casual business environment.

13. Back on Fine Hair:

Back on Fine Hair

If you’re looking for hairstyles for men back of head type haircuts, then you might like this. This is great simple and precise style. This style can be made on thin hair too. You will need a good hairstylist and good hairstyling tools too.

14. Perfect Pretty Boy Haircut:

Perfect Pretty Boy Haircut

This is a beautiful hairstyle for man back side type. It looks very conservative and great for office formal look as well. This is also can work for weddings and engagements as well. Looks great with a trimmed beard and will appeal to anyone.

15. Dark and Dangerous:

Dark and Dangerous

This a nice little back hairstyle for boy who is of less age. Looks great with tattoos and will also cost more together. This haircut will show your neck tattoos and everything, including your face. It looks better when the back is cropped.

16. Seasoned and Sophisticated:

Seasoned and Sophisticated

This is one of those back hairstyle images that will take you aback. This style is perfect for people who want to look great at certain ages. This one is looks good with a summer outfit or an overcoat in the winter.

17. Bold and Beared:

Bold and Beared

This is a great boys back hairstyle to get. Having a thick black hair will help you more. This is drying the hair while wet will give you a smooth and straight look, with nice volume and shape. This one is a great look to have though.

18. Long Slicked Back Hair:

Long Slicked Back Hair

This simple back head hairstyle is great to own. Quite relaxed style to pull off, and will need some hair get to keep in place. This gives the hair flatness, and still keeps it simple.

It’s not easy to get a slicked back hairstyle. You will a good stylist, good products and a good idea about how things work. Luckily, with this list of suggestions, you will get an overall idea on regarding how to do a slicked hair and how to maintain it so that you will always able to flaunt that new look of yours.