Jeans have become an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, be it a Kid, Youngster or Adult. Every individual fined themselves comfortable and fit in Jeans. Jeans can be worn anywhere, be it outing, college, office, going for a party or movie with friends, get-to gather, etc. Men can even pair jeans with a formal shirt in a marriage or reception.

There are a wide variety of jeans available in a market but one of them is Slim Fit Jeans. Slim Fit Jeans are like skinny jeans only but not that much tight. Slim Fit Jeans cover the thigh area tightly and gets loose from the knees. It gives an attractive look to Girls who have curvy thighs. It’s available in many colors now-a-days, but Blue and Black have always been hit in the market. You can pair any color and pattern of Top with slim-fit jeans. Even Guys can wear slim-fit jeans to look attractive and handsome. If a guy pairs blue slim-fit jeans with light pink color, they just look awesome. A girl can wear short kurti also with slim fit jeans.

You have to find a right choice of jeans for you and decide a good pair on it. It depends on occasion and event for which you wearing a slim fit jeans. It’s available in so many designs and colors so an even cute top on it enhances the value of slim fit jeans.

Different Types of Slim Fit Jeans:

Now-a-days it’s a trend of wearing colorful slim fit jeans like orange, red, pink in a plain fabric and even printed. As it allows you to give a look of slim figure, it’s much in demand with women.

1. Slim Fit Jeans for Ladies:

It’s just a regular slim fit jean available from long ago. Its look so good on slim body, a much more attractive thus enhancing the beauty of the wearer. You can even pair it with a plain shirt or trendy top.

2. Regular Slim Fit Jeans for Men:

A man just looks awesome with a slim fit jeans pairing with a t-shirt and sports shoes, giving a cool casual look. It goes with any party or occasion. A guy can also wear it with a formal shirt as a office wear.

3. Men’s Shaded Slim Fit Jeans:

It is two shades of same color with a neat finish and comfortable to wear. It gives a different look and all time favorite in the public. It usually comes in Blue and Black color. You cannot wear it in an office or in a meeting. It’s just look good for an outing.

4. Destroyed Slim Fit Jeans Mens:

It’s like a men’s style, apt for summer, giving a hip hop and macho look, prompt for any party or rock music concert. Wearing it, a man gets a rocking feel from inside. Many trendy accessories can be paired with destroyed slim fit jeans. And a leather jacket over the t-shirt is like a WOW.

5. Printed Mens Slim Fit Jeans for Men:

A man just looks hot in white and red printed jeans. A guy who wants to look cool and rocking pair this printed jeans with a loose t-shirt and fancy chain on neck. It’s a new-comer and many guys many not have even tried it.

6. Coated Slim Fit Jeans:

Such jeans have a coating that feels like as if the fabric is waxed. As its black in color, it shines out like a leather pant. It’s sometimes referred to as a “wax jeans”. Bike rider mostly prefer this kind of jeans

7. Stretchable Slim Fit Jeans for Girls:

It possesses a breathable fabric comfortable for heavy body. As it’s printed, it can be paired with plain top or kurti. It is designed for those who want to hide their heavy tummy and give a toned look to low body shape.

8. Womens Low Waist Slim Fit Jeans:

Some girls like to wear jeans below their waist, its apt for those. The decorative and fancy waist belt adds the beauty in the jeans. Girls even wear crop top with low waist jeans to catch the eyes of viewer.

9. Trendy Ankle length Slim Fit Jeans:

It fits little above the ankle, a single ankle in a leg as an accessory can also go well with ankle length jeans. It’s an eye soothing color giving all the most an awesome look with high heels.

10. High Waist Slim Fit Jeans:

High Waist Jeans are designed to fit higher than your belly button. Pairing it with a Floral Blouse or Halter Top can give you a sexier look. Long top goes well with high waist jeans. High Waist Jeans can give a stunning look to girls who have long legs.

11. Colored Pencil Slim Fit Jeans:

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s a brand new color in a market, giving completely a new look to a wearer. It is an eye-catching color, which can make you a centre of attention. It’s just a name for straight leg jeans. It’s designed to hide your big hips and gives a shapy and curvy look.

12. Ripped Jeans Slim Fit:

It’s a medium waist slim fit ripped jeans giving a rocking look to a girl, which she can wear while going for a college or a party. It’s like a tear and wears jeans. Some portion of fabric are intentionally cutted to show-off your cool attitude.

13. Printed Slim Fit Jeans for Women:

It’s like an alternate of Regular Blue jeans. It is designed as a high rise waist, which effortlessly looks good with a black jacket and high heels. Even a plain kurtas can get match with printed slim fit jeans.

14. Khaki Print Jeans:

It shows a Khaki print in a slim fit jean style, featuring a bold army print design. Pairing it with a cute top, blazer and heels will give a stunning look to a beautiful girl.

15. Slim Fit Cowgirl Jeans:

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Girl can feel herself a cowboy by wearing these Cowgirl inspired Jeans. It has a nice Burgundy color and decorative threaded work on the back pockets. Wearing this you will be stand out of the crowd by the amount of attention you get.

Hence there are a wide variety of slim fit jeans available for men and women in a market, in a different design, pattern, style, size and color. It’s upon the wearer to choose the right jeans for themselves. It’s a high quality fabric used in a jean and stitched very well with utmost care. You can pair so many things with slim fit jeans like tops, t-shirt, shirt, jacket, blouse, fancy accessories and fancy footwear.

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