Ladies like to collect watch, Sandals and the list goes on, in that list tops the belts collection in their wardrobes. It is the one of the main element usually not given the most priority when it comes to dressing up, but a proper will make a huge difference in any outfit.

Womens Belts Silver Buckle:

So to get that top class look, here top 9 silver belts are brought, which helps to add good collection of belt in ladies goody bags!!

1. Ladies Silver Leather Belts:

A pair of jean with a leather belt of any color and a silver buckle at the centre is always on trend. It is the most seen outfit worn by ladies and young girls. To make the belt more visually pleasant is by having at least 4mm thick and a medium size silver designed or plain buckle at the center. This type of outfit is recommended  formal wear.

2. Elasticated Belt with Silver Buckle:

The most preferred belt for a dress, either casual or party wear is an elasticated belt. This type of belt is more comfortable in wearing and carrying around. Since its elastic, it can be adjusted easily and a cinched look(wide waist elastic belts or narrow when it is for short waist) is created. Silver buckles always go with any color elastic belt. Since it is in silver color it can worn with any color costume ,unlike gold or any other color buckles. The buckles can also be interchangeable.

3. Narrow Silver Belt Womens:

Skinny Silver belts are loved by many young girls and ladies, it brings out an elegant look and it´s interesting to wear over a dress or over a Formals Shirts with a A-line skirt. The skinny belt can be made up of a leather strap with a silver buckle or the whole belt is made up metal with  a center self designed symbol, which can be silver color coated or the center design can be made in silver. which is most commonly worn with a party wear dress This type of skinny belt leather goes well with a small silver buckle at the middle.The buckles are usually simple without any attractive design

4. Silver Buckle Waist Belt in Leather:

A smart waist belt which joins the separate clothes and makes it look a one piece cloth is what women want when she wears a top and a pair of pant. This can be bought out by using a simple waist belt which can a board belt for a narrow waistline or a soft leather belt for wide waistline women which fits in comfortable. The waistline belt is usually made up of leather or for narrow-wasted women can also use metal strap belt with a silver designed buckle at the center.

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5. Silver Hip Belt:

Casual hip wear is on trend and mostly used by young girls for a casual clothing. This kind of belt is worn on top of a t-shirt or a long top with an unbuttoned jacket over it. Hip silver belts are made a wide strip of rexin or leather material with a silver buckle which hangs around the belt. This type of belt goes well for skinny girls since it brings out the attention of their cove-table hips. Apple shaped ladies should look out for styles which have asymmetric or V-shaped buckles and a medium thickened belts. If  girls want to look lengthy then wear a belt which matches the color of the garment worn.

6. Womens Textured Silver Belts:

In this type of textured belt where animal print is used, for environmental protection actual animal skin is not used,instead imprinted skin texture is sold out in markets. Most favorite animal prints are Snake, Zebra or cheetah. A strip of textured belt with a silver buckle is preferred by ladies.

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7. Metallic Silver Belts for Women:

It is one of the reminiscent of 80s style fashion statement. It can be wide or skinny, it brings out life a to a simple plain jeans, outfits which are black in color or a light summer clothes. A shiny metallic strap with a silver simple buckle will highlight the metallic color.

8. Two-toned Silver Belt:

This type of belt makes an outfit a polished outlook,to pull out the perfect fitting requires extract measurement of the waistline. The choosing of two-toned color should be strong to either match one of the colors to the dress worn. Stretching of two colors with a silver buckle usually a simple buckle instead of a fancy designed buckles.

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9. Women’s Silver Chain Belts:

It is one of the most popular traditional accessory worn during Indian festivals. The silver chain belt is not a rigid jewel, instead of a loose chain with a hook which can be adjusted according to the waistline. It is worn on loose fitting traditional wear outfit or a black dress to hold in place around the hip region.

To highlight the waistline of women and to bring out her figure, a belt is a definite accessory and best quality belt is definitely a good investment. Maintaining the silver buckles color and texture for years is a very important point to be considered. Using silver polishing agent and covering the buckle by a cloth to prevent oxidation of the real silver, which helps to retain the silver texture.

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