Mangalsutra is a symbol, a remembrance that the bride gets a lifelong, is a precious promise made by the bride and groom to each other. In ancient times mangalsutra meant a thread made yellow with turmeric and black beads sewed through. A simple but meaningful ritual of making a promise that the bride is forever the grooms’ and that the mangalsutra will give the assurance of the well being of the groom.

Just as how Christians attach significance to the rings, so is the mangalsutra in Hindu religion. There are several types of mangalsutra designs available in the market, but picking a small mangalsutra design is a good option rather than big one according to current trend.

Designs Of Small Size Mangalsutra:

Today, mangalsutra comes in a range of designs that are designed to make wearing them comfortable. Here we present 15 small mangalsutra designs in gold, silver and diamond for women that you choose.

1. Small Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra were made long in the past 60`s and 70`s, but then a new trend of short mangalsutra took the place. Ladies loved the new look of mangalsutra, as it became comfortable to wear a light weight mangalsutra in everyday life. A simple chain of one or two lines attached to a cute little pendant is the best in the routine life.

2. Small Single Vati Mangalsutra:

Today’s generation truly believes in simplicity. Earlier men preferred long thick mangalsutra for their wife and that in sense showed how wealthy they are. But today a rich in design, a gold pendant with real or either diamonds give a fantastic look to show off. This small mangalsutra design is a testimony to simplicity women like today.

3. Short Mangalsutra With Pink Gem Stone:

Mangalsutra chains are made beautifully by adding gold work in between the two chains of black beads woven with gold. A combination of gold design and black beads portion looks amazing. A beautiful round and small gold mangalsutra pendant with pink diamonds studded, that hangs in the centre is also attractive. This style is classy and traditional.

4. Ganthan Short Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra in the form of necklace is high on demand among brides. It cannot be worn on daily basis but when you attend a wedding ceremony it will definitely be admired by all. Here the black beads are beautifully knotted with gold making a plate-like design. The centre is designed with diamonds studded in gold heart motif with again black beads hanging. The chain is simple and is the most opted small mangalsutra.

5. 15 Inches Small Mangalsutra With Hanging Pendant Enamel:

Mangalsutra with almost more than a half part of it made in gold and rare black beads in between the chain are also one of the most admired designs. Here the mangalsutra is designed with beautiful pendant enamel that resembles a ball with black dots and is a latest preferred style.

6. Single Line Mangalsutra With A Drop Like Pendant:

This small mangalsutra design has black beads attached to the ornament. People today use black objects in lieu of the beads making it give a mangalsutra look. Here long glass beads in rectangular shape are used to signify the black beads meaning. The black beads are attached to gold rings and finally a beautiful bell shape dropping down enamel that looks unique.

7. Delicate Single Line Mangalsutra With Floral Pendant:

A very lightweight and delicate look is definitely adorable. Working ladies who have to wear mangalsutra would love to wear such a design during her working hours. The single line black beaded chain with a simple and sober looking pendant will match any outfit when working at job. It is aimed at making it look simple and attractive.

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8. Lightweight Black Beads Mangalsutra:

Light weight mangalsutra is the new cool. A double lines chain with a combination of gold and black beads portion alternately looks adorable. Here there is a coloured beads pendant in the centre that gives a traditional look.

9. Short Black Beads Necklace Mangalsutra:

Necklaces of mangalsutra are designed very uniquely with the addition of black beads in it. Tiny black beads knotted in gold in quantity are tied together knotting in one singular bead and then attached to white pearls is such a wonderful combination of white gold and black. And a matching pair of earrings is all we want to have in the celebration.

10. Short Rhodium Designer Mangalsutra:

Rhodium is a chemical element largely used in jewellery designing these days. The alloy of rhodium metal is layered with platinum or white gold to give a silvery look to the ornament. The designs made with rhodium look is loved and admired a lot in jewellery fashion. Th piece is inspired to be simple and feature among the small chain mangalsutra design.

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11. Trendy Short Designed Mangalsutra:

If you are looking for small gold mangalsutra designs then this may be apt for you. This is a traditional Maharashtra mangalsutra which has two spherical coins at the centre of it. A short two lined mangalsutra of gold chain and black beaded line gives a traditional look and also a short and lighter look to the jewellery. Here black beads are polished round attached to a gold chain and a beautiful piece of gold art chain held at the ends.

12. Eye Catching Short Mangalsutra:

A chain design necklace looks adorable in the form of mangalsutra. The south jewellery craftsmen have introduced various designs in such a pattern of necklaces serving the mangalsutra part. A golden chain added with golden balls and at the centre a bell-shaped motif joining a bunch of tiny black beads chains is just a wonderful pattern not to be left. This one could be a little heavy but nevertheless is a beautiful small mangalsutra.

13. Steps Chain Black Beads Mangalsutra:

Jewellery designing is not at all a small business these days. The patterns you find in manufacturing a piece of jewellery consists of a variety of designs. Here is a step chain design with gold beads and black beads artistically joined making a step design making a short mangalsutra. This small mangalsutra design will go well on any outfit, on any day.

14. Short Mangalsutra Necklace:

A three chain lined mangalsutra with gold attachments in between gives a heavy look. The mangalsutra with three black beaded gold chains is mostly worn in traditional functions. Try out this traditional style small mangalsutra in gold for a change.

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15. Filigree Work Mangalsutra:

Filigree work is almost used in making of jewellery designs. The work looks very adorable. The mangalsutra here is designed with a chain twisted and crafted in filigree artwork. It is designed to keep it simple and short. If you are looking for small mangalsutra in gold then you can try this.

Mangalsutra the auspicious ornament serving the meaning of the love and togetherness of a husband and wife has been accepted since years ago. The small mangalsutra designs have been transformed into a different form taking into the consideration the modern women and their work and outfits. Indeed, the designs are in the best form. The yellow thread that is meant to protect the couple from bad sights has been replaced with yellow gold and even sometimes with silver, white gold and platinum. But, the black beads are forever used in the making of mangalsutra. More than the design, it’s the cultural value and meaning they carry, that adds to the charm of it.


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